The 25 Oct 2022 partial solar eclipse

As the title of this post indicates, there will be a partial solar eclipse on the 25th of October 2022. It comes at a time of tumultuous developments in the world, very fitting for Scorpio, the sign in which it occurs. Scorpio is the sign of the victorious warrior, having claimed victory over the inner demons, illusions, glamours and maya that have beset humanity since there has been a humanity on this planet. There is more about victory scattered about in this post, too. For more, read on…

The eclipse takes place at 11:01 UT at the maximum eclipse, 11:00 for the new moon. The Sun/Moon conjunction is at the 3rd degree of Scorpio. The chart for the eclipse is below (bigger):

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the new moon/eclipse is as follows:

      • A house-raising party in a small village enlists the neighbors’ cooperation

In addition to the Sun and Moon we find a small stellium formed with a partile conjunction of the two with Venus, and an out-of-sign conjunction with the dwarf planet Haumea, the latter at the last degree of Libra. We will come back to Haumea in a bit.

Mars went out-of-bounds a few days before the eclipse, raising the temperature of events that will be signalled by this eclipse and its subsequent activations, with the median dates of those as follows:

        • The Sun: 22 Apr 2023
        • Jupiter/NN: 26 May 2023
        • Mars: 15 Oct 2023
        • Solar return: 25 Oct 2023

This eclipse is the 55th of 73 eclipses in the Solar Saros series 124. It is thus a waning series. To get an idea of what we might expect with this one, the most recent eclipses in the series were as follows, along with major events that happened on the eclipse date and their subsequent activations:

  • 14 Oct 2004: Partial (21 Lib) A team of explorers reach the bottom of Krubera Cave, the world’s deepest cave, ‘W’ is re-elected President
  • 3 Oct 1986: Hybrid (10 Lib) nothing of great note by activation. On the date of the eclipse the TASCC cyclotron was fired up. Fox News was born six days later.
  • 22 Sep 1968: Total (30 Vir) Tet Offensive ends, 60 Minutes airs for the first time, Nixon defeats Humphrey and George Wallace, Yale University admits women
  • 12 Sep 1950: Total (19 Vir) Battle of Inchon (Korean War), Woodbridge train derailment, the New Zealand waterfront dispute
  • 31 Aug 1932: Total (8 Vir) Soviet famine of ’32, ’33. Ghandi’s hunger strike in India
  • 21 Aug 1914: Total (28 Leo) Armenian genocide, roughly decided at the 1st Mars activation.

What we see looking back over a century, starting in 1914, is that each subsequent eclipse in the series produced fewer violent events. Instead as the eclipse series progressed past the totality phase, the events appear to become more creative and exploratory rather than violent or tragic. The most recent eclipse in this series was the first partial eclipse after the totality phase of the series. This brings up the Haumean influence in this eclipse.

Haumea was a creation deity in Hawaiian mythology. There is not a post on it here yet, but briefly we have the following info on her:

“Haumea is the guardian goddess of the island of Hawaiʻi. She is identified with Papa, the goddess of the earth and wife of Wākea (space). She is also the goddess of fertility and childbirth, and the mother of Pele, a popular goddess in the Hawaiian mythology.

Myths told of Haumea center about themes concerned with food supply for the life of humanity and marriage and birth for the increase of the family stock. By rebirths she changes herself from age to youth and returns [reincarnates] to marry her children and grandchildren. She lives as a woman in Kalihi valley and transforms herself into a growing tree in which she conceals her husband from those who are leading him away to sacrifice. She secures for a chiefess a painless delivery in childbirth and receives in reward “the tree of changing leaves” out of which gods are made…”

The preceding info indicates a subtext for this lunation, one of multifaceted creativity. There is also a reincarnation theme, and that relates to the south node, which is near the lunation. This eclipse series is a south node series overall, denoting events of long standing looking for resolution. The eclipse on the 25th has Venus as lord of the eclipse, pointing to justice, easing of relations, contracts and dialog.

Events are definitely heating up, in Ukraine, around Taiwan, in the UK and Europe, in the US and so on. But the heat will produce ‘the conflicts that lead to resolution’. The major world powers all need a ‘win’ – a victory, as each side sees its struggle against its opponents as being existential. In several cases, the struggle is indeed existention, for both NATO and Russia, for instance. The chart is a figure that shows something being born from darkness. If one has followed the military aspect of the Ukrainian civil war, the meaning will be clear enough. The final major battles of that war will begin shortly after the eclipse, after which a new security structure for Europe will have to be agreed upon. China is making its position toward the West known, too, with Washington trying to up the pressure on Beijing, which will probably go about as well as the economic war the West tried to wage upon Russia – in other words, such a policy will be a disaster for Washington.

Europe is going to have to come to terms with its alliance with the US and either disintegrate as a union, reorganize itself or go all-in with the US. The former is already taking shape. There are more frequent, but still small protests against NATO in France, Italy and Germany, as well as larger protests against EU economic policies, amid calls for dropping the sanctions against Russia. We expect an eventual victory for the people in Italy, Germany, France and the UK, along with the US a little later, and that in thr immediate years ahead. The first step is to overcome the fog of propaganda that blankets the West, all very ‘Scorpionic’.

BRICS is about to expand to include Gulf monarchies, which will further strain their relations with the West. Indonesia is said to be considering the union, too, which will have as one of its major initiatives that of dropping the US dollar as the reserve currency. Perhaps we will see the evolution of a ‘BRICS-MINT‘ soon. This eclipse takes place during the meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club, titled, “A Post-Hegemonic World: Justice and Security for Everyone”. Victory over the West’s economic hegemony looms large.

In terms of the Sabian symbol, we have a most interesting situation developing among the so-called ‘3rd world – they are having a ‘home-raising party’ among themselves, each contributing their own resources, sometimes in defiance of Western powers, but mostly in line with win-win cooperation, with whomever they can find it. China is the biggest trading partner for 140 nations of the world, if that gives one any idea of scale. And in all that we see the influence of the Sun/Moon/Venus/Haumea stellium. This brings us to the eclipse path and the culmination lines.

The eclipse path is shown below. The eclipse itself will be visible over all of Europe and Africa, eastern-most South America and as far east as western-most China. The eclipse starts at the southern tip of Greenland and progresses westward, with the maximum eclipse over Russia at 82% occultation of the Sun, in the West Siberian Plain near Nizhnevartovsk. The path strikes an arc over the Arctic and down to the tip of India.

The culmination lines for this eclipse are of particular interest. The main eclipse culmination line runs from Scandinavia through Italy in Europe then onward through Libya, Nigeria and points south in Africa, shown below (bigger):

Europe is where we are likely to see the biggest changes to come from this eclipse, mostly next year. The Mercury culmination line runs directly through Paris, where Macron is in trouble and protests are rising. The French do know how to throw a good protest party. That line also serves as a messenger to the UK, too, where their very governance is up in the air, unlikely to change in the coming months. There are large strikes beginning in both nations.

The Saturn culmination line runs right beside Taiwan, where an old split in the Chinese society will soon be resolved and an old score settled – ‘soon’ as in the immediate years ahead. There is little doubt mainland China will be victorious on that front, ‘with Chinese characteristics’. That line also runs through the Philippines, Indonesia and Western Australia, all areas where the US vies with China for influence.

And then there is the Mars line running through Canada and the US. That will be interesting. The US is about to go to battle with the midterms, early next month. That will either change the dynamic regarding Ukraine and Taiwan, or there will be doubling down on both, depending on who rises victorious in the Congressional races. Whoever wins, economic policy is probably going to be just as poor, if not worse than it is already. Inflation is set to increase still further in the US, with doomsaying about the coming financial crash, giving rise to further restiveness, reflective of the Martian influence. And there is the little matter of all that money being poured into the Ukraine sinkhole and Taiwan, which could do a lot to alleviate American austerity policies for the public.

For nations with planets within a few degrees of the 3rd degree of Scorpio, the nations concerned are as follows:

  • Haiti (Jupiter), 7th house. A NATO invasion force is gathering to intervene in the unrest there as of this writing. The US Marines are already there.
  • Pakistan and India: (Chiron) With the rapid consolidation of the pan-Eurasian bloc (for the moment minus Western Europe), it is time for those two nations to put their old wounds aside ad move into greater prosperity and cooperation. They were founded on the same day at the partition. Therein also lies their problem.
  • Syria: (Venus) We can probably expect another Russian intervention there in the coming months. Restiveness from Israel and Turkey there are on the upswing.
  • Turkey: (Sun) This one bears close attention. NATO (Washington) is unhappy with Turkish moves ‘East’. The economy in in shambles. There is talk of a joint Turko-Russian gas hub to supply Mediterranean Europe.
  • South Africa: (Saturn) BRICS+ ‘The Empire’ is not happy with the idea of a new currency not tied to the US dollar, nor with SA’s non-aligned status and cooperation with Russia/China.
  • Cuba: (North Node) Closer cooperation with China’s BRI, BRICS+, and in general with Russia and China and the non-aligned nations. The neighbor to the North is watching…
  • French 5th Republic (the present one): (Neptune/Jupiter) France is the bellwether for the neoliberal leadership EU. As goes France, so goes Brussels. Very interesting collaborations between left and right wing factions are emerging there. In short, the working class is unifying.
  • EU Parliament: (Neptune/Node) Old illusions die hard. The illusion of EU leadership is cracking quickly
  • Egypt: (Ascendant) Egypt is eyeing joining BRICS+
  • Spain: (Uranus) Unrest is growing in Spain, too. Then, there is always Catalonia
  • Hungary: (Sun) Meloni is said to be pals with Orban and Orban is on the nose with Brussels, blocking EU plans for price caps and sanctions on energy
  • Ukraine: (Ceres) It’s surrender or lights out. The eclipse will activate a turning point there.
  • Belarus: (Ceres) There are serious troop build-ups there now, on both sides of their borders. We will probably see a turning point in Belarus in the coming months, unfavourable for the Western powers.
  • The EU (Brussels): (IC/MC) Fractures are on the cards. Internal divisions are on the rise, with certain states beginning to chafe at Ursula and Co.

We see many countries will be affected by this eclipse, in various ways. The EU, BRICS+ nations, Turkey, Haiti and Belarus all look primed for some significant events, should this eclipse signal them. The times and world situation would tend to support the necessity of change, hopefully along positive lines. In all, this looks like it is going to be a significant eclipse, especially during the activations next year, which will be a week on either side of the median dates listed.

How this eclipse will signal changes for individuals depends upon the planets or angles upon which it falls in one’s chart. If you have such at or within a few degrees of the 3rd degree of Scorpio or Taurus you will probably note some effects from this eclipse. The same goes for any eclipse, depending upon the degree of the eclipse. The nature of the planet or angle denotes the effects, along with the activating transiting planet. Stay tuned in and aware!

Featured pic from NBC News

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