Tracking the wreckage of the Kavanaugh Express

Saturday, October 6 was a bad day for America. By ‘America’, I mean the majority of the American people. It was a great day for Republican operatives and hard right conservatives, and anyone who just wanted to stick it to Democrats and ‘liberals’. I put liberals in quotes because what is called the liberal left in the US is really neither, but that’s a topic for another discussion. Why I say it was a bad day for America is because of the vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) seat and his consequent installation in the SCOTUS. I had seen it coming, like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I just didn’t want to say at the time because of the sentiments I was seeing all over social media, from all sides. We’ll get to why I think the vote was against the American people in a bit, but first to the astrology to tell why I thought he would be confirmed. His hypothetical chart with transits is below (bigger), even though the time of day for his birth doesn’t matter much in this instance: Continue reading “Tracking the wreckage of the Kavanaugh Express”

What they don’t tell you about Brett Kavanaugh

If you are American or live in the US, then you have no doubt heard of Brett Kavanaugh, and also with little doubt, have heard quite enough about him. If you have not heard of Brett Kavanaugh, then this will fill you in on what has been a heated debate in the US for weeks now. You see, Brett is Donald Trump’s pick to fill the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) seat vacated by the retirement of judge Anthony Kennedy. Kavanaugh was nominated for the post on July the 9th this year, when Saturn was opposite the US Venus/Jupiter conjunction. It was a sobering day for progressives and women. Controversy has surround his ascension to the higher courts of the land since the Bush days, and this time is no different. Kavanaugh is conservative, Catholic, Republican, Yale educated, from a privileged upbringing (his grandfather also went to Yale) and his parents are both attorneys. Public hearings on his confirmation started on Sept. 4th. Since then, accusations of sexual assault have been leveled against him by three women, and his character has been called into question. The question arises, though, are these accusations where the real focus of attention should be directed at Kavanaugh – many would say yes – or should there be something deeper at the heart of the hearings, something that the press is either not covering or covering up? Let’s see what the astrology says about the man and the nation. Continue reading “What they don’t tell you about Brett Kavanaugh”