Roe vs. Wade revisited

Few issues in American society have given rise to such heated and passionate debate as that of abortion. It is an issue about which most people have strong opinions, for or against and entrenched. There appears to be no middle ground, at least in the US, where abortion is seen as murder by opponents and a woman’s sacred right to choose for its adherents. Roe vs. Wade was the landmark decision that decided in favor of women’s rights in 1973. Now, in a recently leaked draft decision circulated among the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) justices, Roe vs. Wade looks set to be overturned. The battle for hearts and minds regarding abortion is on once again. But what is this really all about? Perhaps the US chart can give us some clues. Continue reading “Roe vs. Wade revisited”

Election Day 2020

Astrologers always get asked about elections and their predictions for the outcome of the same. This year has been particularly charged in relation to the choices being made in the US election. Biden or Trump: who will prevail? Well, there is more to a presidential election that choosing between presidential candidates – much more. There are also elections for state governors, local officials and members of Congress. As it stands, this election is a whopper of a choice, the Presidential race being the least of it, and the astrology for the US shows the same. It is one of the most charged astrological figures for the US I have seen for some time. We’ll have a look at that here and what we can most likely expect as to the outcome of Election 2020. Continue reading “Election Day 2020”