The Saigon moment v 2.0

Def: Epic fail – Slang: a spectacularly embarrassing or humorous mistake, humiliating situation, etc., that is subject to ridicule and given a greatly exaggerated importance.

The entire world is now riveted on the news coming out of Afghanistan. The Taliban, in a few short weeks, have taken over all but the whole of the country after a 20-year occupation by American and NATO forces. Fingers are pointing everywhere: How could this have happened? Who is to blame for this disaster? How could we abandon Afghanistan like this? If we had just waited a few more weeks Afghanistan could have been saved…and so on. Some commenters are calling this Biden’s ‘Saigon moment’, and people are wringing their hands about the plight of women in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. What is the truth, why has this happened and what does the astrology of Afghanistan say? Read on to find out… Continue reading “The Saigon moment v 2.0”

After the Saigon moment v 2.0, what now?

Now that the dust is beginning to settle a little after these historic few days in Afghanistan, we begin this post paraphrasing the immortal words of Roger Daltrey: “Meet the new boss. He’s not the same as the old boss.” Western media is in full flight at the moment with disaster porn, frightening pictures of people falling from airplanes as they try to flee Afghanistan, sensational pictures of mobs scrambling to get on those planes, claims of people fearing for their lives under the Taliban, and on and on. To hear the media tell it, Afghanistan is facing dystopia and regression into a new Dark Ages. What is the truth on the ground there now, though? We’ll explore that here in this second part along with the astrology of the event. But we can be sure that recriminations will resound in the NATO halls of power for years to come over what was clearly an epic fail in intelligence, among other epic fails. Continue reading “After the Saigon moment v 2.0, what now?”