Ixion: divine comedy, Greek tragedy or just plain madness?

Part of my work in recent years has involved tracking the newly-discovered dwarf planets through the horoscope and seeing what meanings they carry for us. The last article on Ceres follows on from that work. All of the other dwarf planets, at least to our current understanding of them, lie outside the orbit of Neptune. And as it turns out, a great many of them are related to Neptune via their orbits by their orbital resonance with Neptune.

Pluto is one such dwarf planet that ‘resonates’ with Neptune, and Ixion is another. In fact, there are at least eight planets of the small variety (some people don’t like the term ‘dwarf’) that fall into the same category as Pluto. I call them ‘plutinos’. Continue reading “Ixion: divine comedy, Greek tragedy or just plain madness?”