What follows is both an introductory article on Chinese fate calculation, and also an example from the tutorial section of The Imperial Astrologer. The text is my own, the program is Esotech’s.

© Malvin Artley and Esoteric Technologies

“What’s your animal sign?”
 When we hear the words “Chinese astrology” we automatically think of the animal that describes the Chinese year in which a person is born. We think with amusement that we might be a Rat, a Dog, a Pig, a Horse or even a Dragon. However, there is much more to Chinese astrology than the twelve animal signs one finds on the place mats in Chinese restaurants. Chinese astrology is actually an ancient, august system of divination that has evolved quite independently from the rest of the world and is, in fact, the sister system to the astrology we know in the West, giving us the missing pages of a long-sought chapter on the mysteries of astrological art and practice...[Read the full article at the 'Download' button above.