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This was an early article on a specific Chinese star name in the constellation of Ursa Major, which in Chinese occultism is called "...Ssu Chung (the Controller of the Center)." This last star--the Controller of the Center--is the Imperial Astrologer, Prognosticator and Interpreter of Strange Events" There is an excerpt below. To read the full article, go to the 'Download' button above. Enjoy!

Greetings Everyone,

Description: http://www.cultural-china.com/chinaWH/images/exbig_images/6f3d2a317420d150f7144d272df110fb.jpgThis letter is a bit of a departure from my usual reporting on events celestial. I have decided to slip this one in before the next full moon email, which is due out toward the end of next week. What follows is a brief exposition on a topic that has been percolating around in my mind for the past little while, and it is the sort of thing that will not leave me alone. So, I feel obliged to send this out. There is something here for everyone--astrologer, astronomer, esotericist, occultist, people just generally interested and even for historians-- for this letter concerns something which has been dear to me for a while and which has its origins in ancient days--the Imperial Astrologer of Chinese occultism. But, this is not a personage: It is a star, an oracle, a sacred covenant among the astrologers of ancient China and a mystery as well...