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What follows are references pulled from works regarding the twenty-eight animals of the Chinese lunar mansions, in order, with the number of their corresponding mansion (Xiu in Chinese). These are used for the daily indicators and in the monthly cycle and are somewhat like a deity  or totem for the day.

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1) SCALY DRAGON: This is the Imperial Dragon. Also called a crocodile, or earth dragon. Exotic, flamboyant, extroverted.  Elegant and trendy, always at the forefront of fashion.  Extraordinarily fertile imagination.  Dreaming and scheming-impractical.  Mercurial.  Strong and decisive, resolute but undependable.  Great interest in the supernatural and occult.  Narcissistic.  Ideally suited to stage and acting.  Public life. Astrologically auspicious. Glory and prosperity to all who build on this day. Men of letters are able to approach the Emperor. Marriage produces large numbers of children. Funerals and tombs should be avoided, though, bringing only grief...

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