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This was the third Chinese New Year letter and one that began to approach what was a true forecast, one more in line with my current New Year letters:

"...In this letter we will look at the year that was in the Chinese sense, and then go into a full description of the year to come. If we want to get a real peek at what is going on subjectively in a given time period, then the Chinese charts say more about the subjective side of things than Western charts do. The Western chart for the start of 2006 in the West will apply from a mundane perspective. With the Chinese chart, however, we will be able to get a glimpse of the higher energies that will be conditioning us in the year to come—a look at what is going on behind the veil, so-to-speak"


A look back
The Plum Blossom oracle
The Dog in general
The Sleeping Dog
The year through the Pillars
Famous Dogs
The coming year in brief