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This was an article I wrote when I delved into Buddhist philosophy some time ago. It is quite pertinent to systems of Eastern astrology and also to esoteric astrology because Buddhism spread throughout Asia in the first millennium CE and heavily influenced Oriental systems of occultism.


"There is an astrology virtually unknown to Westerners that holds the keys to much of the occultism that we have been given in the Trans-Himalayan wisdom teachings. When the Tibetan Master Djwal Khul dictated his magnum opus Esoteric Astrology to the Western world in 1951, he revealed much to us about the inner workings of astrology as we understand it in the West. Yet, there was entire realm of astrological thought and practice that he left unaddressed - a type of astrology that he would have studied extensively throughout many centuries in his Eastern incarnations. The astrological systems which are referred to here are Chinese astrology, along with the Kalachakra Tantra from India. These systems that are not mentioned in Esoteric Astrology are an integral part of an astrology that has guided the lives of countless people throughout the centuries in the Orient..." 



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