The Mansions of the Green Dragon
Eastern Palace

XIU 1, THE HORN:  Zodiacal longitude: 23Lib54—4Sco34 (17-29 Oct)
Chinese Name   Chio
Element  Wood
Planet  Jupiter
Animal  Scaly Dragon/Crocodile (Associated with rains and floods)
Deity  A genie that can transfix serpents with his gaze
Determining Star Spica (α Virginis)
Comments  The days influenced by this constellation are excellent for construction or buying land. All who marry on this day gain great credit and standing. Calamities and epidemics in the family within 3 years if funerals are planned on this day. If the Moon occults Spica at a key event, one should hold grave fears.

XIU 2, THE NECK:  Zodiacal longitude: 4Sco34—15Sco05 (29 Oct-8 Nov)
Chinese Name   Kang
Element  Water/Metal 
Planet  Mercury/Venus
Animal  Smooth Dragon/Sky Dragon
Deity  Patron deity of alchemy.
Determining Star  κ Virginis
Comments  It presides over judgments and punishments, as well as the release of prisoners and animals. It is also the constellation of illness. Unlucky to undertake construction on this day. Combats result in disaster. No marriages or funerals. It presages extremes in weather conditions. This mansion has also been called The Outer Temple.
Auspice  Lucky

XIU 3, THE BASE:  Zodiacal longitude: 15Sco05—3Sag00 (8 -24 Nov)
Chinese Name   Ti
Element  Earth
Planet  Saturn
Animal  Marten
Deity  Has the power to fly through the air and has the secrets of magic recipes.
Determining Star  α Libra
Comments  Regarded as bringing both sweetness and illness (through damp). Calamities through this mansion are said to be due to failure to observe proper rites. It brings storms.
Auspice  Unlucky

XIU 4, THE ROOM:  Zodiacal longitude: 3Sag00—9Sag50(?)  (24 Nov-1 Dec)
Chinese Name   Fang
Element  Varies
Planet  Sun
Animal  Rabbit
Deity   None
Determining Star  π Libra
Comments  The opener of that which is closed. Sacrifices and burnt offerings. Building today is very lucky. Luxuries, happiness, longevity and health. Official recognition for the family. General material increase.
Moon: When the Moon is 2-5 degrees below the ecliptic in this mansion., there is calm and peace. When it is north of this, there are many events connected with the yin principle. When it is south of 5 degrees, there  is drought and mourning.
Auspice  Lucky

Chinese Name  Hsin
Element  Varies
Planet  Moon
Animal  Fox
Deity  Sits in the clouds and has the ability to transform peas into soldiers [A great enemy, indeed!] and it is associated with extremely swift movements.
Determining Star  σ Scorpionis (Al Niyat)
Comments  This is a day of great misfortune and portends disasters and losses. Afflicted children are born to marriages conducted on this day. It indicates property will have to be sold if real estate is bought or addressed on this day. This constellation is the symbol of the Emperor, because man is the heart of Heaven and Earth and the Emperor is the master of man.
Auspice  Unlucky

Chinese Name  Wei
Element  Fire
Planet  Mars
Animal  Tiger
Determining Star  μ Scorpionis
Comments  This is a fortunate day for building and negotiating marriages (which resulted in rich descendants). It denotes the finding of hidden treasure and promotion to high office. Succession, inheritances, the heir-apparent and the women’s apartments where he is brought up. That which separates wood from water.
Auspice  Lucky

Chinese Name  Chi
Element  Water
Planet  Mercury
Animal  Leopard
Deity  Probably a fertility deity.
Determining Star  γ Sagittarii
Comments  There is good fortune for all who take on new projects today. Great rewards ensue. Official honors come from tasks well presented and carried forward. There will be extraordinary demonstrations of favor. The dead may also be interred with impunity. [Note: The old auspices were unlucky and denoted malicious gossip, harlotry and adultery, slander and malicious rumors.]
Auspice  Lucky

The Lunar Mansions of the Dark Warrior/Tortoise
Northern Palace

XIU 8, THE LADLE: Zodiacal Longitude: 11 Cap-3 Aqr (1-22 Jan)
Chinese Name Tou
Element Wood
Planet Jupiter
Animal Unicorn/Griffon [Its diet includes fire, for which it has a great appetite, sometimes so much so it gorges itself to destruction.]
Deity This is a deity that holds the sword of judgment. It rewards the good and destroys the wicked.
Determining Star φ Sagitarii
Comments The head of the Tortoise. [The Tortoise is the Palace of recompense, satisfaction and completion; filling up, finishing, and rewards for tasks that have been fulfilled.] Tou indicates every type of good fortune. This is a good day for opening trenches and work of heavy physical labor.
Auspice Lucky

XIU 9, THE OX: Zodiacal Longitude: 3-10 Aqr (23-29 Jan)
Chinese Name Niu
Element Metal
Planet Venus
Animal Ox
Deity The patron deity of roads, paths and barriers.
Determining Star β Capricorn
Comments Discord, broken marriages, loss of provisions. [The Ox Boy, forever separated from his love in the heavens.] In the old days this was an admonition not to leave doors open (lest the animals escape), and the advent of sickness and starvation for animals.
Auspice Unlucky

XIU 10, THE MAIDEN: Zodiacal Longitude: 10-20 Aqr. (30 Jan-9 Feb)
Chinese Name
Element Earth
Planet Saturn
Animal Bat
Deity Patron deity of music and harmony.
Determining Star  ε Capricorn
Comments Disputes and quarrels within the family. Fights disturbing the peace. Epidemics and illnesses, particularly of the bowel, will follow a funeral injudiciously arranged on this day.
Auspice Unlucky



XIU 11, THE VOID: Zodiacal Longitude: 10-28 Aqr (10-17 Feb)
Chinese Name Hsü
Element Varies
Planet Sun
Animal Rat
Deity The patron deity of sextons and cemeteries.
Determining Star β Aquarii
Comments Presages domestic quarrels. Ill luck awaits those who dig trenches or raise buildings on this day. Tigers will snatch up infants and devour them. Tears will stain the graves of the newly buried. Children born to marriages on this day will conduct themselves badly. Illnesses will afflict the family for 3 or even 5 years. The family will be plunged into ruin.
Auspice Unlucky

XIU 12, DANGER:   Zodiacal Longitude 30 Aq-15 Pi (18 Feb-6 Mar)
Chinese name  Wei
Element  Varies
Planet  Moon
Animal  Swallow
Determining Star  α Pisces
Comments  This asterism is shaped like a rooftop. It is a sign of fortification and earthworks, building, property and construction. The dangers portended are to travelers over land or water. Moving on this day is inauspicious.  Travelers on land are in danger of attack, whereas travelers by water are in danger of the ship foundering. This is a favorable day for renovations and repairs, though.
Auspice  Unlucky

XIU 13, THE HOUSE:   Zodiacal Longitude 15 Pi-3Ar (6-24 Mar)
Chinese name  Shih
Element  Fire
Planet  Mars
Animal  Pig
Determining Star  α Pegasus
Comments  This asterism is said to denote a ceremonial pyre in which victims are immolated, or else a temple where a sacrificial flame burned. It seems to suggest a house where various sacrificial offerings are stored. Al building on this day will be beneficial. All kinds of good fortune accrue to the instigator of schemes on this day. Favors are bestowed by officials for work done. The family will attain riches and there will be peace and concord. Heaven will shower its bounteous gifts on the person designated by this sign.
Auspice  Lucky

XIU 14, THE WALL:  Zodiacal Longitude 4-13Ar (25 Mar-3 Apr)
Chinese name  Pi
Element  Water
Planet  Mercury
Animal  Porcupine/Hedgehog
Determining Star  γ Pegasus
Comments  This asterism originally denoted archives of some sort, or a treasury. It is said to be the house of exalted virtue and presides over literature. There is ample space for digging or extensions on buildings today. Opening doors will bring great wealth to one’s family. By respecting one’s ancestors, one can gain riches and official recognition. Children born on this day will be very accomplished and will bring honor to their parents. It is an indicator of fine arts and scholarship, but also of lies and slander.
Auspice  Lucky

Lunar Mansions of the White Tiger Palace
Western Palace


XIU 15, ASTRIDE: Zodiacal Longitude 14 Ar-1 Ta (4-21 Apr)
Chinese Name  Kuei
Element  Wood
Planet  Jupiter
Animal  Wolf
Deity  This is a deity that holds the keys to balance in all things. Very strong.
Determining Star  ζ Pisces
Comments  Represents a man with his legs astride. This was said to be the arsenal of the Emperor. There are general admonishments to wash old clothes and to double the thickness of the quilting to protect against winter. It was generally said to be an unlucky day. No construction work on this day or riches would leave the household. Digging would be followed by a series of misfortunes. There is a likelihood of family quarrels and discord among acquaintances. Lawsuits are lost. Sickness takes a firm grip. This Xiu rules arms, preparation for military action, canals, garments, footwear, textiles industry and laundry.
Auspice  Unlucky

XIU 16, MOUND:  Zodiacal Longitude 2-13 Ta (22 Apr-4 May)
Chinese Name  Lou
Element  Metal
Planet  Venus
Animal  Dog
Deity This deity holds the key to the medicine that confers longevity.
A keeper of time. A dark angel that remains hidden.
Determining Star  β Aries
Comments  The rites and sacrifices of harvest. A general theme of thanksgiving. This Xiu governs harvest, feasting, gatherings, choirs and orchestras. It is a good day for feasting and gatherings, construction, the digging of trenches, opening of water courses, and unveiling monuments. Weddings arranged on this day will produce children that will fill the family coffers with silver and gold coins. Men and women will spend their time in joyous abandon. There will be many pleasant hours of family accord.
Auspice  Lucky


XIU 17, STOMACH: Zodiacal Longitude 14-28 Ta (5-19 May)
Chinese Name  Wei
Element  Earth
Planet  Saturn
Animal  Pheasant
Deity  This is a deity that confers acute awareness.
Determining Star  35 Aries
Comments The celestial granary. This Xiu governs the accumulation of wealth and storing, prisons, punishment, execution, sea walls, reservoirs and canals. This is a good day for making investments, tending to savings and banking. Everything involving earth is favored today, such as digging and funerals. Children of a marriage contracted on this day will be familiars with the Emperor.
Auspice  Lucky

XIU 18, PLEIADES: Zodiacal Longitude 28 Ta-8 Ge (19-29 May)
Chinese Name  Mao
Element  Variable
Planet  Sun
Animal  Rooster
Determining Star  Pleiades cluster
Comments  The Chinese character for this mansion is a closed door surmounted by the Sun. The ancients maintained that when the Pleiades flickered, it presaged invasion by barbarians. The Pleiades were regarded as the ears and eyes of Heaven. For this reason they were said to preside over the end of criminal hearings or judicial proceedings. This is the determining constellation of the Western Palace. It is said to presage lawsuits and deaths in the family. This mansion governs invasion, judgment and punishment. This is generally an unfavorable day for most things. The result of misjudged actions is regarded as heralding unhappiness. Marriages end with the separation of the partners. Newborn children are as old men with white beards near to the grave.
Auspice  Unlucky

XIU 19, NET:  Zodiacal Longitude 9-24 Ge (30 May-14 Jun)
Chinese Name  Pi
Element  Varies
Planet  Moon
Animal  Crow
Determining Star  ε Taurus
Comments  The Net includes Aldeberan and the Hyades cluster. Both the Hyades and the Pleiades were regarded as the mesh of a hunting net. Hunting forays in the old days of China were used as much for military exercises and training as they were to rid the land of vermin or to gather food. Hence, this mansion governs hunting, wealth (as a result of a good hunt), outlaws, deserters and traitors as well as trouble at the frontiers (border disputes and the like). It is a good day for construction, funerals and weddings. Burials on this day confer honor to the deceased. Building brings fortune. Children born of a marriage performed on this day will live to 100 years.
Auspice  Lucky

XIU 20, BEAK: Zodiacal Longitude 24-25 Ge (15 Jun)

Chinese Name  Tsui
Element  Fire
Planet  Mars
Animal  Monkey
Determining Star  40 π² Orion
Comments This mansion is at the head of Orion and is actually a tiny asterism consisting of 3 minor stars. It is said to be the beak of a turtle - not to be confused with the Dark Tortoise Palace. Rather than being a fate accompli, any act that draws harsh consequences under this mansion can be avoided. It is thus to be taken as a stern warning. This mansion governs herd animals, people under protection and punishment. On this day the admonishment is to “play by the rules”. It is said to be quite unlucky for those who don’t, necessitating the enforced selling of property, arraignment on murder charges, punishments and exile.
Auspice  Unlucky

XIU 21, ORION: Zodiacal Longitude 26 Ge-06 Can (16-26 Jun)

Chinese Name  Shen
Element  Water
Planet  Mercury
Animal  Ape
Determining Star  δ Orion
Comments This mansion governs frontiers and literature. It is a good day for constructions, all kinds of new projects, labor relations and industry. Industry is the key note. It also governs executions, murders, sudden death, fortresses and decapitations, depending upon where it is found in the horoscope. Closing projects, marriage contracts, weddings and funerals all bring misfortune on this day, though. The fates vary according to one’s actions, as in the previous mansion.
Auspice  Variable

Lunar Mansions of the Red Phoenix Palace
Southern Palace


XIU 22, THE WELL: Zodiacal Longitude 6 Can-6 Leo (27 Jun-28 Jul)
Chinese Name  Qing
Element  Water
Planet  Jupiter
Animal  Wild Dog/Tapir
Determining Star  μ Gemini
Comments This is the head of the Phoenix. It presides over water, cleaning, ablutions, repairs and refurbishments. Because of the association of cleanliness with Godliness (virtue), this mansion also presides over law and order, moral uprightness and cleansing of moral wrongs. The luck in this mansion is said to vary because of the conflict of the elements involved. This is a good day for taking exams, tending to herbivorous animals and all types of industriousness. It is a very good day for gardening. It is also an auspicious days for widows. It is not a good day for funerals because of the risk of epidemics and sudden death, though, and all projects in progress should be worked on instead of being put aside.
Auspice  Varies

XIU 23, GHOSTS:  Zodiacal Longitude 6 Leo (29 Jul)
Chinese Name  Kuei
Element  Metal
Planet  Venus
Animal  Sheep
Determining Star  θ Cancer
Comments This is the Praesepe Nebula. This mansion governs departed spirits, cemeteries, places where people were killed and buried treasures. Making an enclosre on this day will presage the death of a little girl. Obsequies to the dead will bring unexpected honors to oneself and to one’s children, though.  This is an auspicious day for memorial services and visiting graves. It is unfavorable for beginning new projects, marriage and anything new.
Auspice  Unlucky

XIU 24, WILLOW: Zodiacal Longitude  7-19 Leo(30 Jul-11 Aug)
Chinese Name  Liu
Element  Earth
Planet  Saturn
Animal  Stag/Buck
Determining Star  δ Hydra
Comments This mansion governs tears and vegetation. It is unfavorable for everything.
Auspice  Unlucky

XIU 25, STAR: Zodiacal Longitude  20-26 Leo (12-18 Aug)
Chinese Name  Xing
Element  Varies
Planet  Sun
Animal  Horse
Determining Star  α Hydra
CommentsThis mansion governs highway robbery, bridges, fords, piracy, kidnapping, textile dying, clothing and pigments. It is a good day for constructions of all types. It is unfavorable for funerals and weddings. There are deaths and separations for those who bury on this day. The wife of a marriage performed on this day may fall into the hands of a ravisher.
Auspice  Fair

XIU 26, THE BOW: Zodiacal Longitude 26 Leo-13 Vir (19 Aug-5 Sep)
Chinese Name Chang
Element Varies
Planet Moon
Animal Deer
Determining Star  : υ Hydra
Comments The name of this constellation is taken to mean “spreading”, like a net. This is a constellation denoting festivities, such as after a good hunt (game collected for a feast). As t was customary to bring presents on such occasions, this mansion indicated gifts/presents. Right conduct is rewarded. The portents are for rewards due to industriousness. It is a sign of happy and harmonious relationships and the acquiring of new property. It also presages the sickness of the authority figure.
Auspice Lucky

XIU 27, WINGS:  Zodiacal Longitude 14 Vir-3 Lib (6-27 Sep)
Chinese Name I
Element Fire
Planet Mars
Animal Snake
Determining Star α Crater
Comments This is the wing of the Phoenix. This mansion coincided with the time of the Grand Assembly, when the Emperor customarily gave speeches and praise, followed by a Grand Concert. This mansion is thus associated with music. Modern portents are very gloomy, though. The modern auspices are chronic illnesses and calamities befalling both spouses of marriages on this day. Those who take on outside work come home to find themselves cuckolded. It presages a child having to leave the country. It is inauspicious fro paying homage to one’s ancestors. It is a mansion denoting pomp and official ceremony.
Auspice  Unlucky

XIU 28, THE CARRIAGE: Zodiacal Longitude  4-23 Lib (28 Sep-16 Oct)

Chinese Name Chen
Element Water
Planet Mercury
Animal Worm    
Determining Star γ Corvus
Comments This is the celestial Carriage and it represents the transport of tributes from foreign lands to the Emperor, thus the accumulation of wealth. It also presides over travel of all kinds and vehicles. It also presaged favorable winds and an end to storms. Events in business bring great profit on this day. Everything done today heralds fortunate returns. Paying homage to ancestors on this day will honor one with a “Dragon Child”. It is also a great day for marriages.
Auspice Lucky

  • NOTES:
  • This compilation is drawn from several sources, most notably The Complete Guide to Chinese Astrology, by Derek Walters, Richard Hinckley Allen’s Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning, my own investigations and findings of participants in my Chinese astrology classes. Most of what is given here is from Walter’s book.
  •  The Green Dragon image was taken by me at the Lao Tzu Temple in Chengdu, China and adapted. The remaining images of the four heraldic creatures are from the internet. The asterism bitmaps are adapted from a Tang Dynasty star chart and checked against my own records. (My own chart is too annotated by me to use).

  • As time goes by this list will be added to and occasionally deleted from as investigations progress. Anything new that is added will be under a new heading under the appropriate lunar mansion.
  •  This compilation is meant for informational, educational and research purposes only.