Russia-gate V 2.0: “Ukraine-gate”

On August 12 a supposed whistleblower (we don’t know this person’s identity yet) leaked information about a phone call between Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president Zelensky, with the former asking Zelensky to investigate matters in relation to Joe Biden, Biden’s son and the DNC before and during the 2016 presidential campaign. The accusation is that Trump pressured Zelensky ‘mafioso style’ to do so in order to gain enough dirt on Biden to scuttle his 2020 campaign. There is a further accusation that the White House tried to cover it up. We are told by Trump detractors that this is the one, the ‘smoking gun’, the thing we have been waiting for, that will finally bring an end to the Trump presidency. So, here we go again in the US, with yet another attempt to remove Trump from office.

This latest installment has similarities with the first such installment from 2016 – ‘Russia-gate’. People during the entire Russian interference saga hung on every word, every hope, that the latest ‘bombshell’ announcement would bring down Donald Trump. The liberal press was beside themselves. It never happened. Trump was cleared of culpability. On the surface, what we appear to have with the current installment is a case of blow-back on the Democrats who sought to have Trump removed. And in much the same way, Trump can be seen to be seeking to derail Biden’s presidential bid, by digging up dirt on Biden using a foreign actor. It is pure American political theater. But what does it really indicate? The following points may or may not be involved, be real or manifest, and I have read these points in various sources, some linked:

  1. An attempt to remove Trump from office
  2. An attempt to scuttle Biden’s presidential bid
  3. An attempt to derail investigations into Washington’s collusion with the Ukraine in the 2014 Maidan coup.
  4. An attempt by the DNC to derail Biden, as they did with Sanders in 2016
  5. An attempt to prevent rapprochement between Zelensky and Russia, and thus end the war in the Donbass region of the Ukraine
  6. An attempt to further sour relations between the West and Russia
  7. An attempt to prevent the reelection of Trump. (Since this latest version has broken, the infamous ‘pee tape’ has received some attention. It first appeared on 4chan around Jan 15 when the Dems took over the House and the government was in shutdown. If you go to the link, be warned. It is an article, but it can be disturbing in multiple ways.)
  8. An attempt to distract the American public from (take your pick) Epstein, war with Iran, focus on Trump’s business dealings and tax returns, corruption in American politics, the true state of the American economy, etc., etc.
  9. An attempt to distract the public from the diplomatic demarche by half of the world’s nations against Israel at the UN General Assembly leveled against Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and the genocide of the Palestinians
  10. A really ingenious plot by Trump to provoke draining of the swamp
  11. It could be a bona fide complaint by a concerned citizen
  12. Another installment of the continuing attempt at a corporate coup over the office of the presidency (Note: This refers to the office and not the occupant of it.)

Since this bombshell was dropped on 24 Sep, (the complaint document was uploaded that day at 4:25 PM) there have been calls for Trump to be impeached, and the House has actually initiated the investigations that could lead to that. The problem is that because of the Russia-gate scandal, people do not trust that this investigation will lead anywhere, although it does have Trump’s detractors quite excited. But, what we have about the allegations are quotes and statements from unnamed sources (sound familiar?) that are supposedly so damaging that it is virtually guaranteed that Trump will fall. Both sides of the political aisle are calling for blood – Trump supporters for Clinton and Biden, and Trump detractors for Trump himself.

As an example of the type of posts on the side of Trump supporters, there is a post going around on social media, supposedly from some PhD in political science, telling what would happen if Trump were to be impeached. It is one of those “Trump is a 4D chess grandmaster” pieces, raising hopes among his supporters that this would then enable Trump to finally ‘drain the swamp’, that the present actions of the Democrats have been egged on by Trump, that prominent Democrats would go to jail. So the thinking goes. It’s a hoax, more ‘hope porn’ for Trump supporters, the same as Russia-gate was for his detractors. There are a few truths in that post, but it, like so many other such posts, is misleading and meant to stir his voter base. Do we see a pattern here? Let’s take a closer look at what is really taking place here, though, and perhaps a clearer picture emerges.

The whistleblower has since been tentatively outed as a CIA officer. We still don’t know who this person is. Names, please. The complaint was too neatly written, like the person had a lot of help. And then there was the redacted transcript of the call, which was far from damning ‘evidence’ of wrongdoing, which Trump rushed to release the day the accusations were made. The fact that this was a supposed CIA whistleblower should automatically raise suspicions, and probably rule out point #11, above.

One of the chief tools of the CIA for fomenting its operations is that of disinformation. Added to that is the fact that the requirements for whistleblowers on the form have since been relaxed, to the point that complaints can be based entirely upon hearsay instead of firsthand testimony. This was done in August, after the Mueller report in July exonerated Trump. What we will likely have now is a coming spate of complaints stating ‘I/We have reason to believe…’, or ‘It is highly likely that…’, such as allegations of Russian involvement in the Skripal case or the levelling of accusations against Iran for the strikes on Abqaiq without any convincing evidence. Suspicion apparently now equals truth in our post-fact world.

Which of the above numbered points are then the most likely motivators to this event? Two sets stand out. But firstly, we can eliminate #10, for reasons about which we will examine in the first of the year. Points 1, 2, 4 and 7 can likely be eliminated also, because of the following considerations.

If we take the current state of US/UK/Russian elections into account, then the fact that in the phone call between Trump and Zelensky, Trump was soliciting help from Zelensky, which the latter agreed to do, then point #3 stands out as a likely candidate for motive, which falls in also with points #5 and #6. Russia is seen as one of the key threats to the Western neoliberal order and is actively advocating the demise of the dollar as the world reserve currency.

Then, given the current state of relations between the US and Israel – or we should say between the Zionists in the US and Israel and Western corporate energy interests – then points #9 and #12 stand out. Point #12 goes right into the realm of conspiracy talk. But is it, really?

Since the financial collapse of 2008 the drive to remove the last regulations and restrictions of corporate power have gone into full swing. Since then we have seen the Arab Spring revolutions (coups) and a concerted effort to remove any hint of socialized government worldwide. Think this is crazy? Have a look at whom we (in English-speaking nations) are calling enemies and adversaries and then ask why. And Obama was just as demonized by the ‘right’ as Trump is now by the ‘left’.

This brings us to the astrology of this ‘whistleblower’s’ complaint. The chart is below (bigger):

The two immediate things that stand out are the Uranus square to the Horizon from the 3rd house (an upsetting or destabilizing communication, in one sense) and the wide Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 12th house (intelligence community, spies, hidden enemies of the state), with Saturn ruling that house. Pluto rules the 10th house (the leader, the sitting government), showing the action against the President, the attempt against his administration from otherwise hidden sources. That is reinforced by the Saturn/South Node conjunction in the 12th. The CIA is ruled by the 12th house.

The Meridian axis is quite important here as it shows the effect on the public. The Sabian symbol for that degree is “An x-ray photograph” (25 Scorpio), indicating the intense scrutiny this episode will bring to bear on the presidential office – not just this one but past ones, too, because the 10th house also represents a nation’s standing and prestige.

As to the midpoints, they are fairly self-explanatory and are shown on the chart. The most indicative one is the Midheaven=Ascendant/Neptune, which speaks of being led astray and corrupted by others. Then there is Ascendant=Jupiter/Neptune, with the inclination to live in an unreal world, and then Uranus=Jupiter/Neptune, showing the contrast between fantasy and reality, and the sudden realization of difficulties. The other midpoints point to the success of the effort thus far on the part of the CIA.

Where this will lead is anyone’s guess at this point. But speculation by some astrologers is headed in the direction of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the first of the year possibly indicating the end of the Trump presidency. Even there, a rush to judgement should be tempered with the reality that there are some powerful interests here on both sides who would prefer that certain matters be left covered up, especially regarding the Ukraine. Further, any impeachment investigation is going to take months at least, well past the first of the year. That conjunction is probably indicative of other geopolitical matters. However, since the fingers are being pointed at Trump, we’ll have a look at his astrology in this latest episode in the next article.

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