Election Day 2020

Astrologers always get asked about elections and their predictions for the outcome of the same. This year has been particularly charged in relation to the choices being made in the US election. Biden or Trump: who will prevail? Well, there is more to a presidential election that choosing between presidential candidates – much more. There are also elections for state governors, local officials and members of Congress. As it stands, this election is a whopper of a choice, the Presidential race being the least of it, and the astrology for the US shows the same. It is one of the most charged astrological figures for the US I have seen for some time. We’ll have a look at that here and what we can most likely expect as to the outcome of Election 2020. Continue reading “Election Day 2020”

The Aries ingress of the Sun 2020

Easter comes early this year, taking place on 12 April 2020. It is always the first Sunday after the full moon of Aries, which itself takes place on 8 April 20. With the Easter festival at the full moon of Aries, we begin the three great spiritual festivals of every year – Aries (Easter), Taurus (Wesak) and Gemini (Goodwill). In connection with those festivals, it is important to take note of what the Aries ingress of the Sun indicates, because in effect, that marks the start of the spiritual year and sets the spiritual tone for the year. The Aries ingress of the Sun occurs on 20 Mar 20 at 03:50 UT. Continue reading “The Aries ingress of the Sun 2020”

Trump and the 2020 election

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. Reading a chart is like reading a road map when it comes to forecasting. Road signs carry information, about road conditions ahead, warnings, directions, regulations and so forth. Transits, progressions and directions in astrology do likewise in the context of a person’s chart and the prevailing environing conditions. I have been seeing predictions already about the upcoming US election in 2020, and though it is very early to be doing so, I decided to have a look. There are warning signs ahead. Continue reading “Trump and the 2020 election”