The Aries solar ingress 2023

The Sun entered Aries on 20 March 2023, marking the Easter equinox for the Christian world, spring for the northern hemisphere and autumn for the southern hemisphere. The Aries equinox also marks the start of the spiritual New Year for the West. This year the Aries equinox has also marked a real turning point in world affairs. Many scores will be settled this quarter, with a new sense of direction for the world at large opening out before us. For more, read on… Continue reading “The Aries solar ingress 2023”

The Silicon Valley Bank collapse: the beginning of the end?

In the space of just a few days two major US banks collapsed and were shuttered, sowing panic and uncertainty in the financial markets. The first bank was the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), the 2nd-largest bank failure in US history, and the 2nd bank failure was that of Signature Bank. Other regional banks have since also closed. Was it poor judgement on the part of the banks or is this the start of an engineered failure of the banking system in the West? These events are not isolated, but instead have broader implications. This is an evolving story. We will have a look at the reasons for the failure of SVB here and what lies ahead for the West’s banking systems in the immediate future. Continue reading “The Silicon Valley Bank collapse: the beginning of the end?”

23 March 2020, the day the fiat died

Fiat cars are an iconic Italian brand. They are known primarily for their economy-class small cars, though they do produce vans and larger cars. We’re not talking about an Italian car here, though. We’re talking green, as in greenbacks, and all the other paper – fiat – money in the world. The 23rd of March of this year in the US marked the day that killed the US dollar, though few would people know it yet. It was a day like any other in COVID country. People were enjoying their time at home, having their needs catered to them, and most of all, having an extended vacation from work so they could spend quality time with their families. And in other fairy tales, it was the day that helicopters started being used to spread financial joy to the billionaires people. Yes, a day like any other in the good ‘ol U.S. of A. Sharing the love, it’s called. Continue reading “23 March 2020, the day the fiat died”