The changing fortunes of No. 10

There have been some goings-on at No. 10 in London over the past days. Cain and Cummings have ‘resigned’ – actually have been summarily dismissed. That’s ‘Dom’ Cummings and Lee Cain, the dynamic duo of Brexit and the fingernails-on-blackboards for Ministers and journalists alike. Apparently, not too many people are sad to see them go. Regarding their departure, as a friend of mine used to say, “Glad to see your back!” In other words, good riddance. Then, to top it off, Boris is self-isolating again, something about exposure to a mild flu virus. ‘Where’s Boris?’ is trending again on Twitter. We’ll look at the astrology of all that here and what it means. Continue reading “The changing fortunes of No. 10”

The US and COVID-19

This post is actually an update on the progress of the coronavirus pandemic, now called COVID-19. Here in Italy we have been in lockdown nationwide since March 10, which is the proper way to handle such an outbreak. We will get to why in due course. But, the particular focus here will be on the United States and its handling of this crisis, which will be reflected in the UK, too. It has yet to really affect the US. But it will, and hard, and that will affect the election and policy into the future, like the need for universal healthcare, for instance. We will examine that, too, and why, as I have many friends and all of my blood relatives in the US. What happens there will be particularly relevant to the world at large. COVID-19, as we have gradually found out, is anything but a ‘mild flu’, as many of our American leaders have tried to paint it. Continue reading “The US and COVID-19”

Boris has lost his gamble

On 24 Sep 2019 the High Court of the UK ruled that Boris Johnson’s proroguing of Parliament on 28 Aug 19 was illegal, by unanimous vote of the 11 sitting justices. It was a stinging blow to the government and a shock decision to many. Since then there have been calls for Boris’ resignation as well as Jacob Rees Mogg, and for the firing of Dominic Cummings, the probable mastermind of the plan. This has made for a classic case study in legal astrology, which we will get to here. It is also a pivotal moment in the Brexit debates. The Parliament reconvenes on the 25th, with the Speaker, John Bercow, having called for it to do so. Continue reading “Boris has lost his gamble”

British democracy in action, or a study in transits and midpoints

Since the proroguing of the Parliament on the 28th of August and the public outcry resulting, politics in the UK have been more than a little interesting. As the solar arc of Pluto to the UK Ascendant comes to exactitude at the Libra solar ingress (equinox) this week, there are also other factors being activated. Since that direction came within orb a year ago, it has also activated certain midpoints, resulting in the nation, “…coming under the spell or influence of another person. – Exciting or upsetting experiences shared together with other people,” for example. We will look at those factors here, as it makes for a good study of transits, directions, midpoints and national charts in general. Continue reading “British democracy in action, or a study in transits and midpoints”

Boris, Pt II.

Boris Johnson met with the Queen to receive his invitation to form government at 3:34 this afternoon (24 July) in London, after Theresa May tendered her resignation. Now the Queen can go on her vacation to Balmoral. Boris faces a very busy and tense schedule when he enters #10. He has given his first speech upon his arrival at #10 to a rowdy crowd in attendance, promising steadfastly to leave the EU on Halloween day, along with a raft of other promises, as all politicians do. Now that we have a time for the start of his government we can see what is more likely to play out in the months ahead. Continue reading “Boris, Pt II.”

The UK’s new PM, Pt I

The UK has a new PM, having been selected as Leader of the Conservative Party. As of tomorrow (24 Jul 19) – one Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson – otherwise known as Boris, will be sworn in as PM. Democracy in action. Oh wait…he wasn’t elected by the British people. He was selected by the Conservatives to head their Party. I forget that, as in Australia, people elect the political party, not the PM. So, what will this mean for the UK, Brexit and so forth? He says he is going to energize the UK. I expect he will, in more ways than one, if the featured pic is any indication. Continue reading “The UK’s new PM, Pt I”