Tracking the special relationship

It has been stated in the past that the United States and the UK have a special relationship. The first most well-known reference to said relation was uttered in a speech by Winston Churchill in 1946, but there has been reference to the same since the 19th century. Many of us have heard the term ‘six degrees of separation’, referring to how we are all related to one another after some fashion by a string of six relations or acquaintances. There is an astrological measure that also refers to six degrees of separation between the US and UK, which is the subject of this post, among other measures. And there is one factor in particular, in evidence now, that is tracking both nations very closely, and which will signify very significant changes to come in both nations. Continue reading “Tracking the special relationship”

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction and the shape of things to come

Recent events have brought up consideration of a rare conjunction of two of the ‘heavy hitters’ in astrology and planetary lore – Saturn and Pluto. OK, so the conjunction of the two is not rare at all, taking place roughly every thirty years, but their conjunction in Capricorn only takes place centuries apart, hence its rarity. So, with the first conjunction coming at the start of next year, it will mark big and fundamental shifts in the world, as we will see in the paragraphs to follow. Continue reading “The Saturn/Pluto conjunction and the shape of things to come”