The George Floyd riots: A closer look (Updated 4 June at end)

On the 25th of May this year in a suburb of Minneapolis, George Perry Floyd was murdered by a policeman during a routine callout. That is the public perception (see update at end for more details). He wasn’t shot trying to flee. He apparently wasn’t even resisting arrest. He was instead pinned to the ground by three police officers because he was afraid and claustrophobic, pinned to the point that he was suffocated and later died of a heart attack, according to the autopsy report. And yes, he was black. It was a strange thing to have happened, though, for several reasons. The arrest and pinning, with his loss of consciousness, was recorded for posterity on two cell phones and a security camera and soon went viral. The police seemed nonchalant. The nation exploded in protests and riots as a result. The world stood in solidarity with the protests. But why has this event caused such an outpouring when people die at the hands of police nearly every day in the United States? We’ll look at why here. Continue reading “The George Floyd riots: A closer look (Updated 4 June at end)”

Update on Hong Kong

Given recent news out of Hong Kong and given also we are approaching the Year of the White Rat, we will have a closer look at Hong Kong and what is likely to transpire there in the next few years. These are uncertain times for the island, and the violence we are seeing there, unfortunately, is part and parcel of the astrology of the autonomous region. As of this writing, there is a siege at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and violence on the island has escalated sharply in the past few days. It puts one in mind of the Greek Polytechnic uprising 46 years ago, to the day. In this article we look a little deeper into Hong Kong and what lies ahead. Continue reading “Update on Hong Kong”

What’s up with China?: Hong Kong

Given the unrest in Hong Kong, which is ongoing, and past attempts to destabilize China, along with the current trade war which shows no signs of abating, there is plenty to examine with the pressures on China, internal and otherwise. Continuing on from the first article on China, we move now to our present circumstances, with the focus the West is placing on that nation, especially Washington. With the G20 nations just finished, it will be helpful to look at China’s astrology now to see what might eventuate, and also where relations are headed. Continue reading “What’s up with China?: Hong Kong”