General astrological indicators for 2020

This song will pretty much summarize what is to come in 2020:

If you want to know what the indicators are, read on…

The year 2020 will start on a restive note. This was already foreshadowed by the terrible bombing in Mogadishu on the 28th of December, with Mars completing the Pluto=Mars/Neptune midpoint, active until the 10 Jan eclipse. There are also provocations in Iraq for war in the Middle East. In addition, the year starts with a moon wobble and with both Mercury and Ceres out-of-bounds. January will set the general tone for the year, more so than usual, with many events taking place that will shape the geopolitical footprint for the immediate years to come. In all, the first quarter (Capricorn to Aries) will be the most dynamic, or restive, depending on how one views it. There is quite a bit of midpoint activity in that regard, with some quite revolutionary activity indicated throughout the year, beginning from the start of the year. Those are listed below.

There are six eclipses in 2020, none of them total. This is the most one will commonly find in one year, the usual being four. Rarely, one will find a year where there are seven eclipses. The six eclipses for 2020 are as follows:

      • 10 Jan: 20 Capricorn, solar annular. This is the much-vaunted ‘Saturn/Pluto eclipse’.
      • 5 Jun: full moon, lunar partial at 15 Sag/Gem
      • 21 Jun: solar partial at 0° Cancer. This is an Aries point/world view eclipse. Along with the first eclipse of the year, this one is the most important.
      • 5 Jul: full moon, lunar partial at 14 Cap/Can
      • 30 Nov: full moon, lunar partial at 7 Gem/Sag
      • 14 Dec: solar total at 23 Sagittarius.

Regarding the 21 June eclipse, this one reminds us of the total solar eclipse of 21 Jun 2001, the ‘9/11 eclipse’. It receives no activations aside from the Sun until the 2nd half of April 2021, when Mars makes its first contact with the eclipse point.

The overall picture for the year is one of dynamic and revolutionary change, which will force decisions on all sides and in every department of life. What those will entail will depend on the mundane and one’s personal charts. The events that result from the indicators below will represent opportunities to shape the future of our international and personal order in a way not seen in recent years. There will be no turning back from the decisions taken, so it is beholden on all of us to choose wisely! The astrological indicators are listed as follows, in order for ease of reference as the year unfolds. In bocca al lupo è Buona fortuna! (Break a leg, and best of luck!):

Out of bounds planets:

  • Mercury  starts the year out of bounds (OOB), where it will be until the January full moon on the 13th. Mercury goes OOB again 16 May, staying there until 10 June. It is OOB again and for the last time this year on 12 December, where it will finish out the year, back in bounds on 5 January.
  • Venus passes OOB on 9 April, staying there until 2 June. It is the only time Venus is OOB in 2020.
  • Mars goes OOB on 9 Feb, staying there until 5 March, a short time OOB for Mars. It is the only time Mars is OOB this year
  • Ceres is also OOB at the start of the year, staying there for longer than Mercury, until 20 February. It goes OOB again on 26 August, staying there until 4 November

Moon wobbles (median dates):

  • We start 2020 with a moon wobble, with the Sun on the south node in Capricorn.
  • 24 March, Sun square the nodes in Aries
  • 20 Jun, essentially making the Cancer solar eclipse a moon wobble as well.
  • 17 Sep, the Sun squares the nodes at 24 Virgo, which is also the Virgo new moon.

Planetary events:

      • 12 Jan: Saturn/Pluto conjunction
      • 13 Jan: Mercury/Ceres/Saturn conjunction
      • 16 Jan: Saturn Eris square
      • 28 Jan: Moon/Venus/Neptune conjunction square Mars, 17 Sag/Pis
      • 25 Feb: Mars conjunct south node
      • 18 Mar: Moon/Mars/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, 21 – 25 Cap, square Eris
      • 20 Mar: Aries ingress
      • 22 Mar: Saturn ingress to Aquarius
      • 31 Mar: Mars conjunct Saturn
      • 8 Apr: Christ Festival/Easter, full moon of Aries
      • 13 Apr: Sun conjunct Eris, square Jupiter/Pluto
      • 7 May: Wesak
      • 18 May: Sun conjunct Sedna
      • 6 Jun: Goodwill festival
      • 20 Jun: Cancer ingress, solar eclipse
      • 15 Jul: T-square formed: Sun opposite Jup/Plu base, Eris apex
      • 17 Aug: Mars conjunct Eris
      • 23 Sep: Libra ingress
      • 14 Oct: T-square formed with Sun opposite Mars/Eris, Jup/Plu/Sat apex
      • 12 Nov: Jupiter/Pluto conjunction
      • 11 Dec: Pluto/Eris square, 23 Ar/Cap 23
      • 17 Dec: Saturn renters Aquarius
      • 20 Dec: Jupiter ingress to Aquarius
      • 21 Dec : Jupiter/Saturn conjunction
      • 22 Dec: Capricorn ingress

        Stations and retrogrades:

        • 11 Jan: Uranus and Eris direct stations, 2 Ta 38 and 23 Ar 13 resp.
        • 9 Feb: Sedna direct station, 26 Ta 55
        • 26 Apr: Pluto retro station, 24 Cap 59/Sun conjunct Uranus
        • 11 May: Saturn retro station, 1 Aq 57
        • 15 May: Jupiter retro station, 27 Cap 14
        • 23 Jun: Neptune retro station, 20 Pi 57
        • 2 Jul: Jupiter re-enters Capricorn, retro
        • 7 Jul: Ceres retro station, 12 Pi 49
        • 12 Jul: Chiron retro station, 9 Ar 26
        • 21 Jul: Eris retro station, 24 Ar 33
        • 10 Sep: Mars retro station, 28 Ar 08
        • 13 Sep: Jupiter direct station, 17 Cap 24
        • 30 Sep: Saturn direct station, 25 Cap 20
        • 5 Oct: Pluto direct station, 22 Cap 29
        • 19 Oct: Ceres direct station, 28 Aq 36
        • 14 Nov: Mars direct station, 15 Ar 14
        • 29 Nov: Neptune direct station, 18 Pi 09
        • 16 Dec: Chiron direct station, 4 Ar 56

          Important midpoint activations (90° modulus) [car=cardinals, fix= fixed, mut= mutables]

          • Sun/Uranus: Mars: 8 – 28 Feb [25 mut – 8 car]; Pluto: 30 Mar – 4 Apr [25 car], 25 – 30 Sep [23 car]; Mars: 30 Sep – 2 Oct retro [25 car]; Neptune: 21 – 25 Jul [21 mut]
          • Sun/Pluto: Uranus: 30 Jan – 5 Feb [3 fix]; 19 – 22 Aug [11 fix]
          • Uranus/Pluto: (12.5 – 16.8 mut for entire year) Mars: 19 – 23 Jan; Mars: 6, 7 Jun [17 mut]
          • Saturn/Uranus: Mars: 10 – 14 Jun; Neptune: 7 Mar – eoy [18 mut]
          • Saturn/Neptune: (19 – fix) Mars: 5 – 10 May [25 – 28 fix]
          • Saturn/Pluto: Mars: 26 – 29 Mar [28 Cap 40]; Mars: 15 – 22 Aug [23 – 26 car]; Mars: 2 – 7 Oct retro [23 car]; Mars; 28 – 31 Dec [27 car]
          • Mars/Saturn: Pluto: 10 – 17 Mar [25 car]; Uranus: 8 Apr – 3 May [6 fix]
          • Mars/Uranus: Neptune: 31 Mar – 6 Apr [19.5 mut]; Sun 20 – 22 Oct [1 fix]; Saturn: 21 Jul – 1 Aug [28 car retro]; Pluto: 9 – 13 Jul [24 car]
          • Mars/Neptune: Uranus: 25 Jan – 4 Feb [3 fix]; Pluto: 28 Dec 19 – 5 Jan 20 [22 car]
          • Mars/Pluto: Uranus: 7 Apr – 3 May [6,7 fix]

          Active eclipse axes (updated later)

            • 9 Ge/Sa (30 Nov 20)
            • 15 Sa/Ge (5 Jun 20)
            • 23 Sa/Ge (14 Dec 20)
            • 0 Can/Cap (Jun 20 of 20)
            • 4 Cap/Can
            • 11 Can/Cap
            • 14 Cap/Can (5 Jul 20)
            • 15 Cap/Can
            • 20 Cap/Can (10 Jan 20)
            • 21 Can/Cap: Pluto activations have ceased. Subsequent activations will be by Mars and the 10 Jan eclipse this year.
            • 24 Cap/Can: Saturn/Pluto activations begin 8 Jan. Saturn exact 28 Jan. Pluto exact 7 Feb.
            • 1 Le/Aq
            • 4 Aq/Le
            • 12 Le/Aq
            • 19 Le/Aq
            • 23 Le/Aq
            • 24 Le/Aq
            • 27 Aq/Le
            • 30 Le/Aq
            • 8 Vi/Pi
            • 9 Vi/Pi
            • 19 Pi/Vi
            • 24 Pi/Vi
            • 3 Ar/Li

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  1. Thank you Malvin for this perspective on 2020. I have included a quote of your commentary on Soleimani about those events. This will be “A period of great introspection for the US, and that will start this year, also a blessing for the world at large. That will not be easy. Regarding the Solar Eclicpse you write. 10 Jan: 20 Capricorn, solar annular eclipse, This is the much-vaunted ‘Saturn/Pluto eclipse’. Big times are at hand. A time to change the pattern for greater justice in the world for the next 40 years and beyond.

    Barry Goddard , in his Astrotabletalk blog, writes about the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction as follows. ”On 12th January Saturn, the worldly taskmaster, and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, will line up in the sky. This happens once every 40 years and begins a whole new cycle for the world. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are, each in their own way, that bigger something that we cannot control, that is more powerful than this puny self that likes to think it is in charge. Life works when we yield to, and co-operate with, these outer planets. Saturn allows events to happen, in fact he demands that they do so. And Pluto is the raw power of new life wanting to emerge, and destroying whatever stands in the way of that. He is not ‘good’ or ‘bad’, nor is not the job of the astrologer to judge in this way. Pluto describes survival, and what we need to survive. He therefore describes, amongst other things, the economy. In Roman times, he was a god of wealth.The last conjunction of Saturn and Pluto was in 1982. It is like a deep seed being planted, and takes some years to be visible. One meaning of this conjunction was the new era of free market economics. The conjunction occurred in the sign of Libra, a sign that concerns balance. The world economy had, in a way, been balanced since the 1930s, when the Glass-Steagall Act was introduced to stop further crashes and depressions. This balance was torn up under the new Saturn-Pluto alignment. As the economist Ha Joon Chang has shown, these ‘free-market economics’ have, since the 80s, led to more boom and busts, less overall growth, and eventually resulted in the crash of 2008.

    So this era, with the new Saturn-Pluto conjunction upon us, is coming to an end. The coming conjunction is in the sign of Capricorn, a sign ruled by Saturn that describes the establishment, government, institutions and big business. Exactly what will happen is beyond my ken. But maybe something about the shape of it isn’t. One theme will be the power of the multinational corporations. …I think Saturn-Pluto also describes the new world order that is coming into being, a world of 2 economic and military superpowers instead of one, the US and China. The last time Saturn and Pluto lined up in the sign of Capricorn was in 1518, 3 months after Martin Luther nailed his theses to the church door at Wittenberg and began the Protestant Revolution against the pan-European power of the day, the Catholic Church. This is fascinating and spooky in the light of Brexit. ”

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