The Stars of the Four Pillars (BaZI Sen Sha — a reference)

What follows is an extended list of the ‘stars’ to be found in Four Pillars BaZi charts, keeping in mind that the term ‘stars’ here has no relation to actual stars. This document can be used and is intended as such for quick reference if one has their Four Pillars chart in front of them. There is a brief description of the main stars at the end of the document. The primary focus here is upon the relation of the Day Pillar and Day Master in particular to the other three Pillars, but other relations are included. It should be noted that some of these stars are simply different names for the same thing, with slightly different meanings: Day Breaker and Age Clasher; General Star and Gold Safe; Funeral Gate and Separate Edge. They are listed here together for people of differing exposure for ease of reference. As with all such influences, the meanings should be read allegorically, although they can produce the literal results! Also as with all astrology, there is a spiritual and a material interpretation for each of the stars, and they have to be read in context with the other Pillars and with a person’s innate inclinations. Never read them in isolation! Stressful stars can often lead to people becoming very successful in life if combined with other stars, too.

Day Branch to the Other Branches

Rat: with Rat, Gold Safe/General Star, Déjà Vu
Ox: none listed
Tiger: Funeral Gate/Separate Edge, Travelling Horse, Solitary Star
Rabbit: Red Phoenix, Hook Edge, Six Adversities
Dragon: Five Ghosts, Imperial Canopy
Snake: Tragic Robbery
Horse: Shatter, Major Squander/Age Clasher, Tragic Disaster, Day Breaker
Sheep: Dragon Virtue
Monkey: White Tiger
Rooster: Heavenly Joy, Fortune Virtue, Peach Blossom
Dog: Heaven Dog, Blood Edge, Widow Lodge
Pig: Deceased God/Official Charm

Rat: Six Adversities
Ox: Déjà Vu, Imperial Canopy
Tiger: Red Phoenix, Tragic Robbery
Rabbit: Tragic Disaster, Funeral Gate/Separate Edge, Solitary Star
Dragon: Hook Edge
Snake: Five Ghosts
Horse: Peach Blossom
Sheep: Shatter, Major Squander/Age Clasher/Day Breaker
Monkey: Heavenly Joy, Dragon Virtue, Deceased God/Official Charm
Rooster: Gold Safe/General Star, Blood Edge, White Tiger
Dog: Fortune Virtue, Widow Lodge
Pig: Heaven Dog, Travelling Horse

Rat: Heaven Dog, Tragic Disaster
Ox: Red Phoenix, Widow Lodge
Tiger: Déjà Vu
Rabbit: Peach Blossom
Dragon: Funeral Gate/Separate Edge
Snake: Hook Edge, Deceased God/Official Charm, Solitary Star
Horse: Gold Safe/General Star, Five Ghosts
Sheep: Heavenly Joy
Monkey: Shatter/Major Squander/Age Clasher/Day Breaker, Blood Edge, Travelling Horse
Rooster: Dragon Virtue, Six Adversities
Dog: White Tiger, Imperial Canopy
Pig: Tragic Robbery, Fortune Virtue

Rat: Red Phoenix, Fortune Virtue, Peach Blossom
Ox: Heaven Dog, Widow Lodge
Tiger: Deceased God/Official Charm
Rabbit: Déjà Vu, Gold Safe/General Star
Snake: Funeral Gate/Separate Edge, Travelling Horse, Solitary Star
Horse: Heavenly Joy, Hook Edge, Six Adversities
Sheep: Five Ghosts, Blood Edge, Imperial Canopy
Monkey: Tragic Robbery
Rooster: Shatter/Major Squander/Age Clasher/Day Breaker, Tragic Disaster
Dog: Dragon Virtue
Pig: White Tiger

Rat: General Star/Gold Safe, White Tiger
Ox: Widow Lodge, Fortune Virtue
Tiger: Travelling Horse, Heaven Dog
Rabbit: Six Adversities
Dragon: Imperial Canopy, Déjà Vu
Snake: Solitary Star, Heavenly Joy, Tragic Robbery
Horse: Separate Edge/Funeral Gate, Blood Edge, Tragic Disaster
Sheep: Hook Edge
Monkey: Five Ghosts
Rooster: Peach Blossom
Dog: Day Breaker/Shatter/Major Squander/Age Clasher
Pig: Deceased God/Official Charm, Red Phoenix, Dragon Virtue

Rat: Dragon Virtue, Six Adversities
Ox: White Tiger, Imperial Canopy
Tiger: Tragic Robbery, Fortune Virtue
Rabbit: Heaven Dog, Tragic Disaster
Dragon: Heavenly Joy, Widow Lodge
Snake: Blood Edge, Déjà Vu
Horse: Peach Blossom
Sheep: Funeral Gate/Separate Edge
Monkey: Hook Edge, Deceased God/Official Charm, Solitary Star
Rooster: Gold Safe/General Star, Five Ghosts
Dog: Red Phoenix
Pig: Shatter/Major Squander/Age Clasher/Day Breaker, Travelling Horse

Rat: Shatter/Major Squander/Age Clasher/Day Breaker, Tragic Disaster
Ox: Dragon Virtue
Tiger: White Tiger
Rabbit: Heavenly Joy, Fortune Virtue, Peach Blossom
Dragon: Heaven Dog, Blood Edge, Widow Lodge
Snake: Deceased God/Official Charm
Horse: Gold Safe, Déjà Vu, General Star
Monkey: Funeral Gate/Separate Edge, Travelling Horse, Solitary Star
Rooster: Six Adversities, Hook Edge, Red Phoenix
Dog: Five Ghosts, Imperial Canopy
Pig: Tragic Robbery

Rat: Peach Blossom
Ox: Day Breaker/Shatter/Major Squander/Age Clasher
Tiger: Deceased God/Official Charm, Heavenly Joy, Dragon Virtue
Rabbit: General Star/Gold Safe, White Tiger, Blood Edge
Dragon: Widow Lodge, Fortune Virtue
Snake: Travelling Horse, Heaven Dog
Horse: Six Adversities
Sheep: Imperial Canopy, Déjà Vu
Monkey: Solitary Star, Tragic Robbery, Red Phoenix
Rooster: Separate Edge, Tragic Disaster
Dog: Hook Edge
Pig: Five Ghosts

Rat: Gold Safe/General Star, Five Ghosts
Ox: Heavenly Joy
Tiger: Shatter/Major Squander/Age Clasher/ Day Breaker, Blood Edge, Travelling Horse
Rabbit: Dragon Virtue, Six Adversities
Dragon: White Tiger, Imperial Canopy
Snake: Fortune Virtue, Tragic Robbery
Horse: Heavenly Dog, Tragic Disaster
Sheep: Red Phoenix, Widow Lodge
Monkey: Déjà Vu
Rooster: Peach Blossom
Dog: Funeral Gate/Separate Edge
Pig: Hook Edge, Deceased God/Official Charm, Solitary Star

Rat: Heavenly Joy, Hook Edge, Six Adversities
Ox: Five Ghosts, Blood Edge, Imperial Canopy
Tiger: Tragic Robbery
Rabbit: Shatter/Major Squander/Age Clasher/Day Breaker, Tragic Disaster
Dragon: Dragon Virtue
Snake: White Tiger
Horse: Red Phoenix, Fortune Virtue, Peach Blossom
Sheep: Heaven Dog, Widow Lodge
Monkey: Deceased God/Official Charm
Rooster: Déjà Vu, Gold Safe/General Star
Pig: Funeral Gate/Separate Edge, Travelling Horse, Solitary Star

Rat: Funeral Gate/Separate Edge, Blood Edge, Tragic Disaster
Ox: Hook Edge
Tiger: Five Ghosts
Rabbit: Peach Blossom
Dragon: Shatter/Major Squander/Age Clasher/Day Breaker
Snake: Red Phoenix, Dragon Virtue, Deceased God/Official Charm
Horse: Gold Safe/General Star, White Tiger
Sheep: Fortune Virtue, Widow Lodge
Monkey: Heaven Dog, Travelling Horse
Rooster: Six Adversities
Dog: Déjà Vu, Imperial Canopy
Pig: Tragic Robbery, Heavenly Joy, Solitary Star

Rat: Peach Blossom
Ox: Funeral Gate/Separate Edge
Tiger: Hook Edge, Deceased God/Official Charm, Solitary Star
Rabbit: Gold Safe/General Star, Five Ghosts
Dragon: Red Phoenix
Snake: Shatter/Major Squander/Age Clasher/ Day Breaker, Travelling Horse
Horse: Dragon Virtue, Six Adversities
Sheep: White Tiger, Imperial Canopy
Monkey: Tragic Robbery, Fortune Virtue
Rooster: Tragic Disaster
Dog: Heavenly Joy, Widow Lodge
Pig: Déjà Vu, Blood Edge

Stem/Branch Relations

Yang Wood:
Rat: Bath
Ox: Heavenly Noble
Tiger: Fortune Star
Rabbit: Goat Blade
Dragon: Golden Carriage
Snake: Literary
Horse: Red Envy
Sheep: Heavenly Noble, Tomb Storage
Rooster: Flying Dagger, Red Clouds
Pig: Learning Hall

Yin Wood:
Rat: Heavenly Noble
Rabbit: Fortune Star
Dragon: Goat Blade
Snake: Bath, Golden Carriage
Horse: Literary, Learning Hall
Monkey: Heavenly Noble, Red Envy
Dog: Flying Dagger. Tomb Storage, Red Clouds

Yang Fire:
Rat: Flying Dagger
Tiger: Learning Hall, Red Envy
Rabbit: Bath
Snake: Fortune Star
Horse: Goat Blade
Sheep: Red Clouds, Golden Carriage
Monkey: Literary
Rooster: Heavenly Noble
Dog: Tomb Storage
Pig: Heavenly Noble

Yin Fire:
Ox: Flying Dagger, Tomb Storage
Horse: Fortune Star
Sheep: Red Envy, Goat Blade
Monkey: Golden Carriage, Bath, Red Clouds
Rooster: Heavenly Noble, Literary, Learning Hall
Pig: Heavenly Noble

Yang Earth:
Rat: Flying Dagger
Ox: Heavenly Noble
Tiger: Learning Hall,
Rabbit: Bath
Dragon: Red Envy
Snake: Fortune Star, Red Clouds
Horse: Goat Blade
Sheep: Heavenly Noble, Golden Carriage
Monkey: Literary
Dog: Tomb Storage

Yin Earth:
Rat: Heavenly Noble
Ox: Flying Dagger, Tomb Storage
Dragon: Red Envy
Horse: Red Clouds, Fortune Star
Sheep: Goat Blade
Monkey: Heavenly Noble, Golden Carriage, Bath
Rooster: Literary, Learning Hall

Yang Metal:
Ox: Heavenly Noble, Tomb Storage
Rabbit: Flying Dagger
Dragon: Red Clouds
Snake: Learning Hall
Horse: Bath
Sheep: Heavenly Noble
Monkey: Fortune Star
Rooster: Goat Blade
Dog: Red Envy, Golden Carriage
Pig: Literary

Yin Metal:
Rat: Literary, Learning Hall
Tiger: Heavenly Noble
Rabbit: Red Clouds
Dragon: Flying Dagger, Tomb Storage
Horse: Heavenly Noble
Rooster: Fortune Star, Red Envy
Dog: Goat Blade
Pig: Golden Carriage, Bath

Yang Water:
Rat: Red Envy, Goat Blade
Ox: Golden carriage
Tiger: Literary, Red Clouds
Rabbit: Heavenly Noble
Dragon:  Tomb Storage
Snake: Heavenly Noble
Horse: Flying Dagger
Monkey: Learning Hall
Rooster: Bath
Pig: Fortune Star

Yin Water:
Rat: Fortune Star
Ox: Goat Blade
Tiger: Golden Carriage, Bath
Rabbit: Heavenly Noble, Literary, Learning Hall
Snake: Heavenly Noble
Sheep: Flying Dagger, Tomb Storage
Monkey: Red Envy
Pig: Red Clouds

Season’s Reference to the Other Three Pillars:

Heaven Noble Virtue: Snake
Heaven Peace Virtue: Monkey
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Water
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Fire
Season Breaker: Horse

Heaven Noble Virtue: Yang Metal
Heaven Peace Virtue: Yin Wood
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Metal
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Wood
Season Breaker: Sheep

Heaven Noble Virtue: Yin Fire
Heaven Peace Virtue: Yang Water
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Fire
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Metal
Season Breaker: Monkey

Heaven Noble Virtue: Monkey
Heaven Peace Virtue: Snake
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Wood
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Earth
Season Breaker: Rooster

Heaven Noble Virtue: Yang Water
Heaven Peace Virtue: Yin Fire
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Water
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Fire
Season Breaker: Dog

Heaven Noble Virtue: Yin Metal
Heaven Peace Virtue: Yang Fire
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Metal
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Wood
Season Breaker: Pig

Heaven Noble Virtue: Pig
Heaven Peace Virtue: Tiger
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Fire
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Metal
Season Breaker: Rat

Heaven Noble Virtue: Yang Wood
Heaven Peace Virtue: Yin Earth
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Wood
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Earth
Season Breaker: Ox

Heaven Noble Virtue: Yin Water
Heaven Peace Virtue: Yang Earth
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Water
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Fire
Season Breaker: Tiger

Heaven Noble Virtue: Tiger
Heaven Peace Virtue: Pig
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Metal
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Wood
Season Breaker: Rabbit

Heaven Noble Virtue: Yang Fire
Heaven Peace Virtue: Yin Metal
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Fire
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Metal
Season Breaker: Dragon

Heaven Noble Virtue: Yin Wood
Heaven Peace Virtue: Yang Metal
Season Noble Virtue: Yang Wood
Season Peace Virtue: Yin Earth
Season Breaker: Snake

Special Considerations

External Peach Blossom: (Day Branch relation to Hour Branch)
Tiger, Horse, Dog=Rabbit
Monkey, Rat, Dragon=Rooster
Snake, Rooster, Ox=Horse
Pig, Rabbit, Sheep=Rat
This relation gives a propensity towards lust, “wine, women and song”, dissolute romantic behavior, a materialistic personality, squandering of money and lay-about behavior.

Heaven Doctor: The Branch that precedes the Month Branch. Ex:  Ox preceding Tiger, if Tiger is the Month Branch.
The Heaven Doctor is specifically connected with disease. This is the ‘healing star’, i.e., it has the capacity to balance and bring strength to the Month Branch. It also gives talent for medical studies and ease with one’s work in general. It is good for the study of metaphysics, philosophy, psychology and all types of scientific studies. It is a ‘five arts’ star.

The Three Marvels: if any three of the four stems are as follows, they are known as the ‘Three Marvels’:
Heaven Marvel: Yang Wood, Yang Earth and Yang Metal
Earth Marvel: Yin Wood, Yang and Yin Fire
Man Marvel: Yang and Yin Water, Yin metal
Symbolizes wealth, good fortune, longevity and vitality. These people are knowledgeable, capable, very ambitions, broad-minded, accomplished and achieve fame. They come under the Noble or Virtue stars.

The Six Elegant Day Masters:
Fire Horse, Fire Sheep, Earth Rat, Earth Ox, Earth Horse, Earth Sheep
These people are clever and talented, They are able to achieve fame and fortune.

God Leader Star: applies to any of the Four Pillars
Earth Dog, Metal Dog, Water Dragon, Earth Dragon
People with these combinations are strong leaders – bold, upright, outspoken, decisive, with strong leadership qualities, many ups and downs in life, but resilient, positive and hard-working. Makes for beautiful women, but strong. In essence, tough, persevering, resilient people.

Heavenly Amnesty Noble: For people born in these months and having the following Day Pillar
Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon=Earth Tiger
Snake, Horse, Sheep=Wood Horse
Monkey, Rooster, Dog=Earth Monkey
Pig, Rat, Ox=Wood Rat
This is a combination capable of turning adversity into opportunity. It gives amnesty from difficult circumstances. Blessings in disguise. Can become rich and high-ranking officials. Life will be worry-free. If the star is weak, the benefit will be reduced to half.

Three Stages Nobility: if the following three Branches are found in the Four Pillars w/o conflict
Tiger, Dragon, Monkey
Rabbit, Snake, Horse
Pig, Rat, Rooster
These people will be blessed with authority and high position

Fortune Noble Star: found solely in the Day Pillar
Wood Tiger, Wood Ox, Wood Pig, Fire Rat, Fire Dog, Fire Rooster, Earth Monkey, Earth Sheep, Metal Horse, Metal Snake, Water Dragon, Water Rabbit
This is a wealth star and removes financial worry. Luck will come your way and fame is well-received. Produces erudite people and longevity. Revered by others.

Ten Spirit or Intelligence Stars: Day Pillar only
Wood Dragon, Wood Pig, Fire Dragon, Fire Rooster, Earth Horse, Metal Dog, Metal Tiger, Metal Pig, Water Tiger, Water Sheep
Marks a person who is versatile and clever, able to achieve fame readily, high reputation and erudite wit.

Day Master Virtue Stars:
Wood Tiger, Fire Dragon, Earth Dragon, Metal Dragon, Water Dog
Marks people who are compassionate and charitable, steady, will be blessed with good fortune, blessings in disguise

Day Master Noble Star:
Fire Rooster, Fire Pig, Water Rabbit, Water Snake
Virtuous and moral, beautiful features and modest, kind. If Direct Wealth, Eating or Resource Stars fall into the same category or support the Day Noble, then these will instill nobility and fortune.

Day Master Advancement Star:
Wood Rat, Wood Horse, Earth Rabbit, Earth Rooster
Fast fortune, great beauty of appearance, radiant personality. Decisive, positive, independent. Achieves results at work and will focus on R&D. The Peach Blossom Star ruins this placement through womanizing (man) or troublesome relationships (women).

Day Master Retreat Star:
Fire Ox, Fire Sheep, Water Dragon, Water Dog
More difficulty in succeeding in life. Pay cuts, loss of employment, always lazy and behind the times. Tardiness. Being conservative here is more favorable than putting up a strong front, as the latter will bring failure even faster.

A note about the Water Dragon: One of the sites that lists this combination lists it in two way – one positive and one negative. The listing above for the Retreat Star would appear to be in error. Other information I have seen equate this star more with the God Leader/Fortune Noble type of reading. My advice: Take the above with a grain of salt.

Solitary Phoenix Star:
Wood Tiger, Wood Snake, Fire Horse, Fire Snake, Earth Horse, Earth Monkey, Metal Pig, Water Rat, Water Snake
These are the most difficult placements for relationships. Unhappy sex life, and easily commit Peach Blossom activities.

Relations Between the Master Elements:

Rob Wealth: The name is misleading. Assets must be shared. Unequal sharing. Sales commissions, etc. The yin or yang complement of the same element Ex: Yin Fire, Yang Fire, etc. Investing into parts rather than trying to have the whole. Describes opposite gender relations.
Wood: More advantageous to Yang in the beginning. Yin shields the Yang and permits growth. Yang Wood should always seek out Yin Wood at the beginning of an enterprise.
Fire: Must learn the cycle of bright and dark. Yin Fire is slightly disadvantaged. Often must run in tandem. One of the more difficult combinations. Yin works better in darker periods, when it is not out-shone by Yang.
Earth: One of the best of such combinations. They work well together, and are rarely seen apart.
Metal: These do not work well together. The Yin will use the Yang to achieve brilliance and then leave without so much as a thank you.
Water: These two are similar to Earth, always together. Firm contracts are needed to achieve separation of interests. But, they help each other, dependent upon the heat of a situation.

Eating God: Created element drains creating element, or draining (eating) Element is created by the creating Element. Ex: wood drains water, water creates wood. Depends on the strength of the creating element. Creativity, eccentricity, perfectionism, as in a great chef. Fantasizing, daydreaming, often indicates and introverted personality. Often of high IQ. The ability to use knowledge advantageously. Creative genius.
Wood: Variety is the spice of life. Branching out. One idea leads to the next.
Fire: The refreshing taste of the new idea. Provocative and original. Inventors.
Earth: The same boring fare, but building with slowness and surety.
Metal: The clean, crisp taste. Infinitely practical. No Fluff. Straight to the point.
Water: Nouvelle Cuisine, the fringe thinker, avant garde artist, but often impractical. Fluid and unbounded. Best friend of the unknown. Fantasy writers.

Hurting Officer: Created element drains opposite polarity creating element: Ex: yin earth drains yang fire. The loudspeaker. Attracting attention to oneself. Very good with speech. Thinking out loud. The need to challenge the established authority. Best approach is to let them speak. Best in brainstorming sessions. Good in sales. Not good in executive groups.
Water draining Wood: the unending idea They start small and slowly overwhelm you.
Fire draining Wood: A placement for con-men, often alluring, who sell you a future you do not see. These people are on a timetable.
Earth draining Fire: The nostalgic historian. “You remember when…” stories. Constantly reliving past successes and failures. They record everything you do.
Metal draining Earth:  This is the most profound of the group. A gem is hidden in the earth, and revealed as a surprise by the Metal person.
Water draining Metal: The person into refinement. Works slowly, like water polishing a precious metal.

Indirect Wealth: The value detector. These people see value in things that others do not. The Element that controls the same polarity of the controlled Element. Ex: Yin Fire, Yin Metal The key with this placement is to survive the lean times.

Wood, Earth: Patience is virtue. One of the most relaxed money combinations. Able to wait for Earth to break. The key is to ensure survival while waiting.
Fire, Metal: Change for the better. The futurist. These are the people who see what they can be, not what they are. Investment profiles are about transformation.
Earth, Water: Build it and they will come. Uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. Money just seems to happen to them. Laying the trap and then waiting.
Metal, Wood: Delicate tendering. Care must be taken not to go too quickly, or resources will quickly disappear. This is a balancing act.
Water, Fire: Timing is of the essence. This is one of the most formidable of the wealth combinations. Wealth is mostly predictable. Able to see the changing seasons.

Direct Wealth: The element that controls the opposite polarity of the controlled element. Ex: Yang Water, Yin Fire. The thing that is needed is consistent, directed effort. Strong Direct Wealth makes one work harder. A most practical placement.
Yang Water, Yin Fire: Endless wealth. This is the richest combination.
Yang Metal, Yin Wood: Harvest. The quickest of all the combinations. These are the people who seize opportunity and work quickly until it is finished. Then they move on.
Yang Fire, Yin Metal: Transformation. These are the people who change the playing field. What is raw and of no considered value is slowly shaped into a magnificent tool.
Yang Wood, Yin Earth: Longevity. Large family fortunes passed down through generations. Wood’s roots go deep and slowly consume Earth.
Yang Earth, Yin Water: Strategy. These are the people who see the result far ahead and simply practice patience once plans are put in place.

Direct Officer: The star that controls the Day Master with the opposite polarities, such as Yin Water to Yang Fire. One of the best to have in the Four Pillars, because it minimizes efforts, but be careful about the authority one follows, and never follow blindly.
Wood to Earth: They take their time, but their control is permanent once established.
Fire to Metal: Very showy, will make an example out of you. “You will comply!” “Do as I say, not as I do.”
Earth to Water: The most stubborn of the five. Take it or leave it. Known for ultimatums. The law without exceptions.
Metal to Wood: The most gracious of the five. Look at my masterpiece! If no compliance, they will cut you to pieces. This one takes its time and works carefully.
Water to Fire: Go with the flow. These people either blow things out of proportion or completely shut them down. One of the masters in leveraging situations. They reign in full control.

Killing: element that controls the day master of the same polarity. Ex: Yin Water to Yin Fire. This is the inner warrior. Aggressive and non-sentimental. This is never good, as it always has the capacity to take out (kill) the Day Master. It is a game to these people and they will employ every means to win. Natural lawbreakers. Revolutionaries. Managers of large corporations. Take no prisoners. Needed to get things done. A double-edged sword and has to be used with care. Often used in death prediction.
Wood to Earth: Slow and steady conversion. Waiting patiently. Permanent solutions.
Fire to Metal: Intense level of destruction. Total change, but the Metal person must not be reduced to a useless lump of metal. Unrecognizable after transformation.
Earth to Water: Control valve to the raging energy. A delay in the inevitable. Directed aggression, rather than destroying everything in its path.
Metal to Wood: Judgement is swift and clean. Very determined and not often veering from the chosen path.
Water to Fire: No discussion or bargaining. No choice other than to follow the flow. Tsunami sweeping you away.

Direct Resource: In creating cycle, Yang creating Yin and vice-versa. Ex: Yang Wood to Yin Fire. The librarian. The embodiment of knowledge. Natural observers with a strong Direct Resource. Steadily ingesting knowledge. Very good at pattern recognition.
Wood to Fire: Connecting the dots. Great detectives.
Fire to Earth: Love to push things to the end. Conspiracy theorists. One-pointed to the exclusion of all else.
Earth to Metal: The keeper of a secret. Seeking to understand the past. The archaeologist and genealogist. Staying in one spot and quietly digging.
Metal to Water: Connecting cause and effect. Looking for the one thing that explains it all.
Water to Wood: The big picture people.  What is most common to all. If it is too strong it will cause laziness; too weak and there will be no support. Controlling element of the Day Master or the Resource Master is the key here, to either generate the Resource element or to control the Resource Element, respectively.

For excessive Resource Element:
Wood to Fire: Causes overconsumption, can lead to fanaticism, stopping just short of goals because of burnout. Take care not to burn bridges and use all one’s favors.
Fire to Earth: The biggest problem here is stubbornness manifesting out of the relation. The Fire will change the Earth beyond recognition. Water is the remedy.
Earth to Metal: Biggest problem is sloth – dragging one’s feet. Earth is too slow to generate support. Becoming muddled and holding back constantly.
Metal to Water: Emotional instability and in extremes, mental illness. Transparency from Fire heals the situation. Need to talk things out, psychotherapy, etc.
Water to Wood: People who are too smart for their own good. A great tendency to drift and change constantly, creating undependability.

Indirect Resource: Yin element creating yin element. Ex: yin fire creates yin earth. Vice-versa for Yang creation cycle. The twilight zone. Eccentric and heretical. Over-reliance on gut feelings. More willing to try the unconventional. Very thin veil between the unconscious and conscious. Needs serious self-control
Wood to Fire: major sacrifice. Chasing the idea to the end. Conspiracy theorist.
Fire to Earth: The “Eureka!” person. Bright and sudden bursts that do not last long. The wasted good idea that falls on fallow ground.
Earth to Metal: Hidden treasure. Digging is required. Secret knowledge, privileged to the few. Courage required to get at the truth.
Metal to Water: The jewel in the sea bed. Beautiful, but unattainable. Great dreams and hopes that people love, but impossible of attainment.
Water to Wood: Sensual calmness. Touchy-feely. Too much causes these people to go adrift. Lends emotional support or can cause neediness.

Death and Emptiness Stars: A little more complex, but the main gist is as follows: There are six ‘streams’ in BaZi, in the order – Water, Earth, Metal, Fire, Earth and Wood. The Stems that do not naturally pair with the Elements in that stream are ‘left out’, i.e., they are termed death and Emptiness. Death refers to the Yang Stem, and Emptiness to the Yin, as follows:

Stream 1, 1I, 2II, 3III, 4IV, 5V, 6VI, 7VII, 8VIII, 9IX, 10X: Death = XI, Emptiness = XII

Stream 2, 1XI, 2XII, 3I, 4II, 5III, 6IV, 7V, 8VI, 9VII, 10VIII: Death = IX, Emptiness = X

Stream 3, 1IX, 2X, 3XI, 4XII, 5I, 6II, 7III, 8IV, 9V, 10VI: Death = VII, Emptiness = VIII

Stream 4, 1VII, 2VIII, 3IX, 4X, 5XI, 6XII, 7I, 8II, 9III, 10IV: Death = V, Emptiness = VI

Stream 5, 1V, 2VI, 3VII, 4VIII, 5IX, 6X, 7XI, 8XII, 9I, 10II: Death = III, Emptiness = IV

Stream 6, 1III, 2IV, 3V, 4VI, 5VII, 6VIII, 7IX, 8X, 9XI, 10XII: Death = I, Emptiness = II

The procedure is as follows: The Death and Emptiness always refer to the Day Pillar, although they can refer to other Pillars as well. So, find your day Pillar in one of the Streams, from above, and then see if one of the Death or Emptiness Branches are in that stream. That will tell you if there is Death or Emptiness in your BaZi. For example, if one’s Day Pillar is the Wood Dog (1XI), then this is Stream 2. The Death and Emptiness Pillars are then IX and X, or Monkey and Rooster. The meanings are not necessarily bad/difficult: Death and Emptiness mean that the Branch is not able to support the Stem. However, if the Branch is an inimical placement (a Stressful Star) to begin with, then the influence is negated, which helps a person and releases one from its negative effects. The opposite is also true, and the overall effect is like the Pillar with the Death or Emptiness Branch has taken a holiday, as an analogy, and is of no use. As for the individual elements:
Wood: This is more difficult. Wood needs support to survive, and it withers and dies without it. It is an image of loneliness, like a piece of driftwood on the ocean. If found in the Month Pillar it can indicate separation from family, in the Year, ostracism from society or ancestral inheritance, if in the Hour, a person alone with their thoughts, finding it difficult to connect with people at that level, or instead can indicate a person who works in solitude, but is well-received through their work.
Fire: This is actually helpful, as Fire does not need support to be noticed, like a star on a moonless, cloudless night. Fire’s function is to illuminate, so this is actually a help.
Earth: This causes a scattering effect, and gives a lesson of detachment in life. Scattered earth cannot support anything.
Metal: This gives unrestricted sounding, and is good for speaking professions. Sound is unhindered and travels far and wide, like a ringing bell.
Water: This gives clear thinking. It removes all contamination. Since thoughts are not muddled with other people’s concerns, decision-making is clear.

The Fortunate Stars

Dragon Virtue: One of the best stars to have in your BaZi. It brings ease and great luck. Clashes and combinations may remove the auspiciousness.

Fortune Noble Star: These people act in a more proactive and positive manner. Very energetic in doing things, positive in action, with a comfortable life, a smooth sailing life and positive money flow.

Fortune Virtue: This star gives a lifetime of fortune, and fulfilment of every desire. It enhances every auspicious situation. Clashes and combinations will remove the auspiciousness.

General Star: People who have the General Star will have outstanding leadership ability and authority. This star dislikes sitting beside or combining with Clash or evil stars! If this happens, the General Star will become a fierce star, and will encourage power combined with wicked and wild behavior. The star is also a wealth star, and these people will be in charge of finances and sit in official positions.

Golden Carriage: People with Golden Carriage will have a happy match with a partner or have a spouse that brings wealth. They will care for their siblings, and can become rich. It gives good relationships. Both men and women look gentle, and have kind words and deeds, leading to a  happy life, with strong family bonding

Gold Safe: These people have outstanding talent, ability and strong financial and management abilities, which commonly leads to leadership and executive positions. Clashes and combinations will remove the auspiciousness.

Heavenly Joy: Creates a fine and upstanding character with fine features. It is generally very lucky.

Heavenly Noble: Gives encounters with helpful and sympathetic people. It is especially helpful in difficult times, as in when there are clashes otherwise because it brings in help and guidance when needed the most. Instrumental in helping you achieve your goals in life. This is one of the most fortunate stars to have in the BaZi chart.

Learning Hall: aka the Academic Star. Gives higher than average intelligence, facility with academic studies, a person who excels at learning, facility with words and an ability to turn difficult situations to one’s advantage. It gives the ability to ‘think outside the box’.

Literary: This is a blessing star, and can turn bad into good. Clever and intelligent, very versatile in thought and actions. Good with words and writing. Pleasant personality. Attention to details and very instrumental.

Red Phoenix: Men and women with this placement are generally charming and beautiful. It aids in seeking financial benefit, and also helps in attracting auspicious events. If it appears on the stem it is better. Clashes and combinations will reduce auspiciousness.

The Stressful Stars

Bath: This is another type of Peach Blossom. It is mostly related to relationship disputes.

Blood Edge: Prone to accidents and injury, bleeding, surgery due to things such as sharp objects: knives, weapons and other such items. This person is more sensitive than usual, and should be careful when handling such objects.

Day Breaker: Life for the Day Breaker personality is very unstable. They do not like restrictions and they feel restless at home. The spouse will have poor health or the relationship will end in divorce or it will result in quarrels between husband and wife; or they will find it difficult to get along with their children, or the children will have poor health.

Deceased God/ Official Charm, also known as the Death Star: This star has a mixed influence, depending on other factors. Well-placed, it is known as Official Charm. If it is so, the person will have power and authority, making them good with strategic planning, with sophisticated plans, a go-getter, but shallow of heart and calculating, petty and impatient. It is also one of the placements that gives a love of ‘wine, women (or men) and song’. If the same chart with an ominous star, its ominous nature is more to the fore, giving frivolous lawsuits, and causing one to lose ground.

Déjà vu: Déjà vu means the duplication of a pillar. Represents pain, depression, or even bankruptcy, as well as personal damage, such as self-harming or addictions. The position of the other Pillar will indicate the direction of the harming causation.

Five Ghosts: This is a particularly harmful star. It tends to give pitfalls in life, such as lawsuits, litigation, vulnerability to thieves or accidents. These people must be vigilant and careful at all times, speak the truth always and be modest in their behavior and speech.

Flying Dagger: As the name suggests, this star can result in injuries from criminal behavior, bloodletting, or bankruptcy. It is unique in that it can produce traffic accidents due to behavioral problems.

Funeral Gate: It is said that people with this star offend the evil spirits if one attends funerals or visits gravesites. It is detrimental to financial issues when it appears in the year (progressed Pillar or the Year Pillar).

Goat Blade: Like the Flying Dagger, this star tends toward wounds, but without the criminal element. It is a star of power. This is a bravery star and is resilient. The personality is impatient, gives emotional entanglements and intensity of actions. It is not a good match for siblings, in that they will constantly daring each other to do and say things. In careers it tends toward the military, , the judiciary, police, surgeons or technical trades, where skill and daring are required.

Heaven Dog: Another star of criminal injury, and being accident-prone. It is a star that can produce disfigurement. Be particularly careful when it appears in the Luck Pillars (progresses Pillars). Damage through villainy or disease can arise then.

Hook Edge: It is very easy to get into trouble with this star, with a lifetime of gossiping and trouble. People with this placement should think before talking and should mind their own business. Can indicate the occurrence of litigation.

Imperial Canopy: This is a star that gives unique ideas, talents, skills, artistry, musical ability, and ability in design and aesthetics. This is a very talented person – smart, philosophical, with an interest in metaphysics, religion, knowledgeable, and producing a psychic nature. These people can live up to their highest potential to reach their goals. With an attitude toward loneliness, they can do without much help from siblings and relatives. Imperial Canopy,  Resource or Officer stars in the same Pillar and will indicate a person who is highly respected in society and it gives achievements in official circles. If Imperial Canopy falls into empty placements, it will be good for religious life or a solitary progress. If the Imperial Canopy falls into death placements, Clash or Control, Sickness and Disaster stars, it will be difficult to raise children. In such case as the latter, the life path will not smooth sailing.

Major Squander/Age Clasher: Wasted time and many twists and turns in life. Prevention is the best cure here, as is a careful and steady outlook. It gives a greater chance of monetary loss, and generally tends toward anxiety and poor health.

Peach Blossom: Peach Blossom is a mixed influence, good or bad depending on the other influences. It must be judged with reference to the five elements and the good and bad Shensha. If  appearing at the Year or Month, it will be categorized as ‘inside Peach Blossom’, which gives blessings within relationships. If appearing at the Day or Hour, it will be categorized as ‘outside Peach Blossom’, which tends toward extramarital affairs. If more than three Beach Blossoms appear at the Branch of either the Rat, the Horse, the Rabbit or the Rooster, it would mean Peach Blossom everywhere! Peach Blossom produces charming men and beautiful women, great popularity, passionate, and sometimes greedy people. However, it also tends to produce people who are more emotionally unstable, with disorderly conduct, and big-time spenders – and very worldly-wise as a result!

Red Clouds: This is one of the disaster stars and tends toward accident-prone people. It is also what might be called a ‘bloody star’, in that it tends toward bloody traumas, such as abortion, major surgeries, and miscarriage – sometimes even death.

Red Envy ( Friend of the Peach Blossom ) Produces a lovable character, passionate and desirable, romantic and sentimental, handsome looks for man and beautiful women. Affairs are often indicated for people in relationships.

Separate Edge: Life with the Separate Edge star gives pitfalls, frivolous lawsuits or jail time. Experience has shown that life with Separate Edge is not necessarily the main cause of imprisonment or lawsuits. It can mean outstation or overseas assignments. Otherwise, it is hard to get out of difficult circumstances.

Solitary Star and Widow Lodge: This can give a solitary life, is characteristic of loneliness, and is not good for siblings and relatives. If it receives supporting stars, these can take away the solitary nature. If it is found with death stars, it will not be good. Good fortune is not realized in a timely manner. If the Day Pillar is the Solitary Star, The person will have no affinity with the spouse and children. The Solitary Star at Year Pillar is better for getting a foster parent, because it could harm the biological parent. For a man with the Solitary Star, and with the Direct and Indirect Wealth falling into death star placements, it means that married life is not accommodating. Woman with Widow Lodge, and with Officer and Killing stars falling in death star placements, this also means that married life is not accommodating. Great effort should be put into communication skills with partners and children in such cases.

Six Adversities: A lifetime of difficulties, worries and hardships. If there are fortunate stars to help, they can reverse the effects.

Tomb Storage: This gives introverted and stubborn people, who always like to hide the truth. It also indicates hidden talents. It tends toward an argumentative nature, negative thoughts and emotions and mental disturbances. In health, it tends toward a weak constitution.

Tragic Disaster: The main indicator here is for fire and water disasters. If a fortune star helps, it will become very powerful.

Tragic Robbery: This gives an impatient personality, a lifetime of being the brunt of gossip, bankruptcy and misfortune. It gives problems related to ear, nose, throat and  intestinal disease. If it can be used constructively, it will produce a competitive person with the courage to act and serve. If the person is a jealous, it indicates sexual violence, vulnerability to unexpected disasters. If found in the Year Pillar or the Luck Pillar, beware of bankruptcy, being framed and hurt by friends, extortion and other such unhappiness.

Travelling Horse: The Travelling Horse is a busy, outgoing, emphasis. It gives an unstable mindset, but is perfect for self-development abroad, and it gives many changes in career. Suitable for careers such as diplomatic work, foreign affairs, actors, drivers, restauranteurs, writers, tourism, travel workers, and traveling salespeople.

White Tiger: This is the star of criminal injury. It makes it easier to get into lawsuits and makes a person prone to bodily injury. There can be accidents or even bankruptcy, and there can be traffic accidents. Females with this star produce a staunch and decisive personality.

Widow Lodge: see Separate Edge



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