The 30 April 2022 partial solar eclipse

On 30 April 2022 there will be a partial solar eclipse at the 11th degree of Taurus. It will be followed two weeks later by a total lunar eclipse at the full moon of Taurus, the Wesak moon. The latter will be a blood moon eclipse, as well as being a particularly powerful eclipse. The current eclipse will be covered here as the precursor to the Wesak moon. These two eclipses also fit into the larger picture of the astrological forecast for the Aries-to-Cancer quarter for this year, described in a previous post. With these points in mind, we begin our investigation.

As stated, the eclipse takes place on 30 April 2022. The maximum eclipse will be at 20:43 UT, occurring between Cape Horn and the Antarctic Peninsula. The eclipse path will strike an arc starting from the Pacific coast of Antarctica up through the Andes in Chile. So, essentially the eclipse will only be visible in Antarctica and South America.

This eclipse is the 66th out of 71 eclipses in the solar Saros 119 series. The featured pic for this post shows a total eclipse, but in this one the moon covers only just over ½ of the solar disc, and the central axis of the eclipse does not even fall on the Earth. In terms of the series, this is a partial eclipse, one of the last in the waning series. All eclipses in that series are of the north node variety, showing the influence of new relations or adjustment of past circumstances along renewed lines. The current one has Uranus as lord of the eclipse, meaning change and unexpected events will be the order of the day. The eclipse chart is below (bigger):

The main feature of the eclipse is the conjunction of the Sun, Moon and Uranus, all sextile to Mars, and trine Orcus. The eclipse axis also forms a midpoint: Sun/Moon=Sat/Plu. In all, this will be a brilliant eclipse for hard, sustained and occult work. It is a figure that points to penetrating efforts, ‘controlled demolition’ of old and outdated mental constructs, deep inner work, but also the revelation of hidden elements. With the involvement of Orcus there is also a strong emphasis on the rule of law, in distinction to the ‘rules-based order’. The eclipse will likely also presage the re-examination of the sanctions regime against Russia by the West, with countermoves by the East, along with a more concerted look by Russian authorities at what is being discovered in the ongoing conflict.

The Sun/Moon/Uranus conjunction points to independent actions, separations, sudden insights, unexpected moves by parties in any situation, and political upsets. We would naturally expect such upsets to come in Ukraine and in Europe, as well as the US with upcoming activations. The eclipse takes place just after the runoff in the French elections, with the Sun within orb of Uranus on the 24th when the runoff took place. Some pundits were predicting an upset by Le Pen against Macron, but the result was rather predictable given the money and influence behind Macron and the fear of a Le Pen presidency among the French elites and bourgeoisie. However, subsequent activations will likely bring surprises.

Looking ahead, the eclipse does not affect Le Pen, but the axis is on Macron’s Uranus, spelling changes for him with the activations of the eclipse. There were simultaneous protests in French cities immediately after Macron was declared victor, if that gives us any insight as to what is to become of Macron. We have little if any information on what happened with Macron the last time an eclipse took place on his Uranus, which would give an idea of how the current eclipse will affect him now. The last eclipse we had near that degree was on 19 Apr 2004 at the 15th degree of Taurus.

Along with the just-mentioned conjunction, the sextile by Mars adds positively for the potential for change represented by the conjunction. It would also be a good eclipse to pursue inventive activities, especially mechanical inventiveness. The Sabian symbol for the degree of the eclipse point is as follows:

      • A woman watering flowers in her garden (10° – 11° Taurus)

That symbol points to the Taurean idea of maintaining momentum for the growth of ideas and initiatives, with this particular eclipse bringing unexpected and useful results. The symbol speaks of nurturing, of providing the necessities and life-giving activities that bring one’s initiatives to flower, and eventually to fruit.

As with any lunation, the midpoints to the Sun and Moon add importance and underpin the other indications to the Sun and Moon. The Saturn/Pluto midpoint is important here, provides a needed perspective not indicated by the aspects, and describes the following:

+ Hard struggling for success, the participation in achievements brought about by large groups or masses of people, the pursuit of difficult work or of painstaking and thorough research in seclusion, the process of growing spiritually and mentally, silent activity.

– The pursuit of purely egoistic aims, a person who is prevented by others from reaping the success due to him or her as the result of hard work. The application of force or of compulsion, self-destructive energy. The loss of one’s fortune or possessions.

All the midpoints can act in several ways. The Sun and the Moon at the Saturn/Pluto midpoint speak of hard work and possible separations:

Sun: Physical toil and over-exertion, sparing no pains in one’s work. – Renunciation, privation, a physical separation.

Moon: A melancholy person, a coldness of feeling or frigidity, abstemiousness. – The tragic destiny of a woman.

However, given the Sun and Moon interpretations with this midpoint, we must keep in mind they are a conjunction, and a new moon at that.

New moon (solar) eclipses are commonly associated with leadership. One particular leader of note this eclipse will affect is Zelenskyy of Ukraine, who will have this eclipse on his Vertex, the latter marking a ‘doorway into another reality’, which the Vertex can represent. We won’t say more here, but the end of May is going to mark a particularly eventful time for him.

The culmination line for this eclipse (below, bigger) runs right through the border between Ukraine and Russia, along with the Uranus culmination line. We can expect a breakthrough with the conflict in Ukraine to accompany this eclipse – either a decisive military victory by the Russians or a sudden change of tune by the regime in Kiev. There are already noises out of Washington saying Ukrainian neutrality is now a possibility.

As to other world leaders, we could only speculate on Putin, as his chart and even his date of birth is generally in dispute. Biden is not affected by this eclipse. Olaf Scholz is affected by this eclipse, which falls on his Venus. Germany is a key player in what will befall the EU in the months ahead. We might expect regime change in Germany.

The first exact activation of the eclipse comes on 20 July this year by Mars. On 1 Aug this year transiting Mars and Uranus will be conjunct at 18° of Taurus. On 7 Jul 23 Jupiter will make its exact transit over the eclipse point. After that there will only be transits of the Sun and Mars activating the eclipse. The most powerful activation will be that of Mars this July and then Jupiter next year. The first Mars transit will be of particular interest.

Of topical interest and in keeping with recent events, in terms of the present conflict in Ukraine this eclipse does not activate anything of note in the national charts of Russia, the Ukraine, or the US. It will affect the EU, taking place across from the EU Sun. This is of particular importance, given the Ukrainian conflict. In addition, Saturn is at the bending of the nodal axis in the eclipse figure, marking a more sober analysis of intra-European relations.

At the time of the eclipse the Russians will be fully engaged in Phase II of their Special Military Operation, to goal being to finish up the remnants of the Ukrainian forces in the Donbas, one way or another, and to push south toward Odessa, completing the land bridge to Transnistria. This eclipse will signal deep anxiety in European capitals as the Russians will then be pushing forward in a more forceful and quicker manner than has been the case thus far in the conflict.

The reality of the sanctions imposed by EU leaders in lockstep with Washington is becoming painfully clearer by the day. The reality of the Ukrainian defeat will be clear by then, too, as well as the sobering realization that NATO members will either have to put up or shut up when it comes to Russia – as in facing Russia directly militarily. It is already clear the sanctions are not working. If NATO (meaning also the EU) is going to do nothing aside from supplying weapons to Ukraine, then the relevance of both organizations – NATO and EU – will be increasingly called into question. This eclipse will be a catalyst for shifts and changes within the EU and NATO, starting on the day of the eclipse and then with the subsequent activations. It can be seen in the nature of lancing a boil that has festered for years under the surface in the EU.

The EU aside, this eclipse gives more of a general international inclination, especially related to finance. What the eclipse is also likely to signal is the deepest part of the divide that is taking place between the West and Russia, as well as the concerted efforts to institute new systems of financial exchange, to be covered elsewhere. However there is a matter of interest regarding financial affairs.

In the post on the planetary indicators for the year mention was made of a financial reset in the latter part of this year. Since this eclipse takes place in Taurus and is conjunct Uranus, the Mars transit just mentioned will likely signal the main financial changes taking place. From that post, there was the following, regarding the formation of the midpoint Pluto=Jupiter/Uranus::

Jupiter/Uranus: (sudden changes in circumstance, sudden changes in financial circumstances): Pluto [forms the midpoint] (mid-June to mid-October)

The Mars activation of the eclipse takes place during the formation of that midpoint. Mars passes over that midpoint at the end of June, thus setting the scene for the financial adjustment. We already see Russia acting asymmetrically to the sanctions with the ruble-for-oil payments and the gold-backed ruble, along with the BRICS nations moving rapidly toward bypassing the SWIFT system entirely. We might expect that new system to come fully online from June through October this year. The second half of this year looks to be a fascinating turning point in the world’s financial system. This being a north node eclipse, a new financial system is not out of the realm of possibility, especially being a Taurean eclipse.

In all, though this is a minor eclipse, it will serve as a clarifier – a ‘glamour-buster’, if you will – about the state of world affairs. It will also signal the financial changes that will reshape the world’s geopolitical relations over the next few years and onwards. And then, in closing, it leads us in to the more powerful Wesak eclipse this year, the latter bringing with it more profound changes and indications for the international order. Otherwise, if you live in the south of South America or have a holiday home in Antarctica, enjoy the eclipse!

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  1. during this astrological interpretative event are there any indicators as to what China, et al in that region may portend?

  2. There is nothing in particular related to China and that region with this eclipse. However, Taiwan is on Washington’s radar. It will be interesting to watch. Washington had hoped the war in Ukraine would weaken Russia, which would have softened China regarding Taiwan. Now China sees an opening should Washington decide to provoke some sort of incident with Taiwan. The Chinese would be fairly confident of success in a war over Taiwan. The main indicators for the region are economic, in that the BRICS nations will implement their alternative to the SWIFT system.

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