The Aries ingress 2022

The Sun entered Aries on the 20th of March this year, marking the northern spring equinox, or the southern autumnal equinox. This equinox is marked by a period of great geopolitical upheaval and international anxiety, in what is essentially a reorganization of the world financial and geopolitical order. We will have a look at the ingress figure first and then look for what it will mean for us in this quarter.

To get straight to the ingress figure, the Sun entered Aries at 15:33 UT on the 20th of March 2022. The figure is below (bigger):

On the whole the chart appears to be rather positive, with the Sun sextile Pluto and in a wide conjunction with Neptune out-of-sign. It would suggest the resolution of conflicts, the outing of hidden elements and an easier quarter than the one we just had. And seen from a larger perspective that would be true, especially the financial/economic world order. We are starting to see the return of economic sovereignty to the world’s nations, starting with the BRICS nations.

The preceding is further supported by the stellium of Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is especially indicative of idealism, dreamers, salvation, successful speculations and so forth. The partile conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter further supports such interpretations. And we note those are the more positive interpretations of the stellium. Then we begin to dig a little deeper.

Starting with the square between the Sun and Ixion, though a minor note, it is also significant. Ixion is in Capricorn, a placement that addresses an old established order. From the preceding link we have the following interpretations of Ixion:

  • “Feelings of hopelessness, of worthlessness, of, “What’s the use?”
  • Addressing feelings of revenge, ingratitude, lust, murderous rage, etc.
  • Overcoming self-inflicted mental torment
  • Teaching gratitude for help, benefactors and what one has

There is always a touch of madness with Ixion. This especially shows through in event charts…”

The above interpretations apply especially to the leadership in Ukraine, addressing a current topic dominating the news feed. Ixion in Capricorn will be showing us the undercurrents of the oligarch class, which exists across the world. It will also address corruption in high places. As a topical example, Ukraine is the most corrupt nation in Europe and it is ruled by oligarch clans. Zelenskyy himself was groomed, installed as president and dances to the tune of one Igor Kolomoisky, who controls the Ukrainian economy and media.

We won’t address it here, as an aside, but if people knew the truth of the Zelenskyy regime and what is coming out from the people who have managed to escape from the fighting (confirmed across many sources) in Mariupol and other villages and towns which have been under control of the various Ukrainian battalions in eastern Ukraine, the Western public would not be talking about those fascist battalions (for that is what they are) as the ‘valiant defenders of Ukraine’. We won’t hear a word of it in Western media, instead being told every tragic event is a ‘Russian atrocity’.

The point to the mention of Ukraine and Zelenskyy is that in the fog of war, which the Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune stellium can represent, we are all so bombarded by our Western propaganda it is useful to remember there are always at least two sides to a story.

There is always a kind of madness that sweeps across nations in times of war, wrought by the propaganda being pushed on all sides, reinforcing people’s beliefs, pro and con, seeking control of narrative streams in public opinion. It is very difficult to be certain of anything one hears in times of war, especially when news sources are being heavily censored, the news is very one-sided, independent journalism is being deplatformed and dissent is actively and sometimes violently suppressed.

The preceding describes the negative expression of the Mercury/Jupiter/Neptune stellium outlined above, especially since it is in Pisces – failures through dishonesty, negligence or clumsiness, fraud, scandals caused through one’s own instability, losses, and political conflicts. All aspects of various conflicts become clear once the fighting is finished and people’s emotions have calmed, allowing more reasoned analysis and evidence to emerge.

Returning to Ixion, its transit through Capricorn started in the very last days of 2020, where the corruption in Western nations – the US and UK especially – is starting to be more actively investigated and public sentiment toward governments like the ones just mentioned is turning especially sour. The transit of Ixion through Capricorn will last until 2039. Then, there are the midpoints in the chart, which are particularly restive for this quarter.

The midpoints to the Sun are of special emphasis in any solar ingress chart. Midpoints were studied especially in relation to mundane charts, and most pointedly were initially evolved to predict bombardments and war events. Their usage in any type of chart evolved from those initial investigations. There is a midpoint structure in the present ingress chart involving the Sun:

Sun=Sat/Ura: Physical exposure to severe tests of strength, the power of resistance, rebellion, inflexibility. – Separation.

Regarding present events, that description is not difficult to see, but the point here is that it applies to the entire quarter. And it is worth keeping in mind this involves every nation in the world. The conflict in Ukraine is not limited to Ukraine, but involves the entire world in one way or another. This midpoint can be seen in many respects of world events today – the war in Yemen, the conflict in Ukraine, the financial rearrangements taking place, and in people’s daily lives regarding making ends meet, supply shortages, rising prices, etc. Then, there are other very potent midpoints, as follows:

Mars=Sat/Plu: Brutality, assault or violence, ruthlessness. – The necessity to fight for one’s existence or life, maltreatment

Ura=Sat/Plu: A person unafraid of danger, the ability to make sudden decisions in the most difficult situations. – Sudden acts of violence

So, to see what may be in store for the coming quarter, there were several points of note forecast for the Capricorn quarter:

      • gaslighting, persuasive speech and writing, a drain on nervous energy through overzealousness, and overall, excessive use of propaganda [as in the lead-up to the present conflict]
      • having to adjust one’s thinking to new circumstances, a reorientation of thinking based on surprising turns of events or even destiny, and in the worst case, tragic realizations. [like the Russian intervention in Ukraine]
      • sudden or unexpected shifts in alliances, partnerships, diplomacy and power bases, much as we saw with the last quarter [Cancer ingress]

And further:

      • An attempt to provoke a conflict, which will quickly be squashed [the Russians pre-empted a Ukrainian invasion of the Donbas].
      • An economic shock, perhaps (though I don’t expect one), that causes a major reassessment of priorities, though that would be a long shot. [missed that one by a few months]
      • Further firming of ties within the Russia/China/Iran triangle and more foot-stamping in Washington. [That is definitely the case now.]
      • Splits emerging in the EU with Germany about to enter a very interesting period of inner questioning…”

This quarter is going to be particularly important for what is to eventuate going forward, and it ties in with an eclipse activation that was in effect at the start of the Russian intervention. Referring back to the planetary indicators for 2022, we see that Mars had been exact on the 10 Jun 2020 eclipse axis in the few days before the intervention – the eclipse that signalled the beginning of the pandemic. On the day of the intervention (24 Feb), transiting Mars was on the position of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in that eclipse chart, with Mars still activating the eclipse axis. That activation is described in the Mars=Sat/Plu midpoint outlined above.

Mars had activated that axis once before, in late May and early June of last year. At that activation there was a coup in Mali which ousted French influence, the Ryanair incident in Belarus, a ceasefire between Gaza and Israel, and Bibi Netanyahu was ousted from power. The first Mars activation of that eclipse marked the start of the lockdowns for the COVID pandemic across the West. Every eclipse has a story or theme which tends to repeat with successive activations, depending on the activating planet. That would make quite an interesting and valuable study.

What can we look forward to in this quarter, then? Well, to start there is the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which will probably go on for another month or two. The Russians are in no hurry. The military campaign is completely misrepresented or misunderstood in the West, yet another example of the ‘fog of war’. We will not cover it here.

Regarding the last bullet point, above, Germany is in a precarious position with its energy supply along with other EU nations. Protests are rising in Germany over fuel costs and the public is not too happy about sending weapons to Ukraine. Since EU sanctions must be unanimously approved, it is unlikely the EU will be imposing further massive sanctions due to opposition by Hungary, Italy, France and other nations dependent on Russian business, especially on oil and gas. French companies continue to operate in Russia, with no intention of leaving. Europe still sends Russia around €500 million/day for Russian oil and gas, even while the conflict wears on. It will be interesting to see what happens now that some nations refuse to pay for gas with rubles.

Probably in this quarter we will begin to see the Russians begin their counter-sanctions. There again, they are not in a hurry. But those countersanctions will bite, and they will cause crises in the financial sector. One of the main reasons energy prices are so high is not because of shortages, but because of speculation, allowed by poor planning and policy. Such speculation is part and parcel of the financialized economic system of the West. That sort of speculation was a big factor in the financial crash that led to the Great Depression.

Then, there is the Middle East, now known as West Asia. There we see significant shifts in the interplay between nations around the Persian Gulf. Assad just visited the UAE, for the first time in 11 years. Saudi Arabia is seeking a way to pay for its oil to China in yuan. The Saudis are seeing their facilities under threat by the Houthis again. America seems to be losing West Asia, though there have been articles saying as much for several years now. But when the Saudis and Emiratis refuse Biden’s phone calls, we know something is up. They are also refusing to raise production quotas in order to lower fuel prices, instead sticking to gradual monthly increases.

But the main story for this quarter will remain the conflict in Ukraine, especially as to what comes after. Will Zelenskyy still be with us? Will Ukraine survive as a state? What about all the Ukrainian refugees? And the new Iron Curtain? Who can say? The ingress figure shows very significant instability for the entire quarter. That is the one thing we can predict for certain for this quarter. And the following would appear to be givens from what we see thus far:

      • Very marked changes in the Russian financial system, tending toward greater sovereignty and distancing from the West across Russian society
      • The West Asian nations turning toward Russia and China
      • Many secrets from Ukraine coming out as a result of the intervention, which will not cast a good light on the government, nor on the Western powers involved there since 2014, not to mention the Western media story lines.
      • Instability within the EU, with increasing disagreements between member states due to several factors – refugees, energy, financial pressures, rising discontent among the populations, etc.
      • Ever-increasing cooperation between Asian nations and Russia
      • Once the fighting in Ukraine is finished and the Biden administration can no longer cover its other problems with ‘standing with Ukraine’, growing instability within the United States.
    • All of those points would appear to be clear enough and they are supported in the ingress figure. Let’s just say this is going to be a very interesting quarter. Our old world order is being swept away. A brave new world awaits!

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