Who is Zelenskyy? – hero or tragic actor?

Since the Russian Special Military Operation began in Ukraine, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been thrust into the limelight. Depending on who one asks, Zelenskyy is variously seen as a hero of democracy, a puppet leader, a coke-head (and that is not Coca Cola) or a grifter. He started his career as a stand-up comedian and actor, most famous for his role in the Ukrainian TV series, Servant of the People, where he played a teacher who was thrust into the position of the president of the country – a case of life imitating art. And now he is thrust into the role of his life. Just who is Zelenskyy, though? Astrology gives us some clues.

Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy was born to Jewish parents on 25 January 1978 in Kryvyi Rih, then in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, at 14:00 local time. The fact of his Jewish heritage has some bearing, as will be outlined later in this piece. His chart is below (bigger):

This chart has all the hallmarks of a personality in the entertainment industry – or a politician, as there is often a blurring of boundaries between the two. Here we distinguish between a politician and a statesman. Statesmen have different astrology to that of politicians. We see Jupiter on the ascendant in the first house, and in a ‘Gauquelin sector’, with Jupiter in such a placement indicating a tendency toward employment in the entertainment industry. Politics is often seen in the same light, as being all for show and about personalities rather than substance and issues. Regarding Gauquelin’s sectors, we have:

“One of the Gauquelin plus zones straddles what astrologers call the ascendant or rising sign on the birth chart’s eastern horizon. Another hugs what astronomers call the meridian plane and astrologers refer to as the midheaven. Traditionally, planets posited near these “angles” in a birth chart are believed to express their influence more powerfully in the individual’s life. Gauquelin had similar success correlating other professions with the planets traditionally identified with them. For example, Mars turned up in the plus zones for elite athletes, Saturn was there for scientists, the Moon for writers and Jupiter for actors and politicians. The significance level for some of these correlations was also in the millions to one chance level. However, this result applied only to eminent professionals and elite athletes and was not present in the birth charts of ordinary athletes or professionals who were not eminent in their fields, which gave critics some contentious talking points.”

Obviously, Zelenskyy is eminent in his field, having now become an internationally recognized figure. The other indications of acting and public appeal in his chart are the Sun/Venus conjunction in Aquarius in the 9th house (universal and international status), Neptune conjunct the Descendant in the 6th house and Gemini rising, giving his ease in communicating, his speaking skills and his ability as a mouthpiece for his culture. Jupiter is sextile to Saturn, a wealth-building aspect, and he has managed to amass quite a fortune, albeit under questionable means (to be addressed shortly).

Neptune deserves more of a mention here, too, regarding entertainment and politics. Neptune figures very strongly in politics, as electoral politics is all about public opinion (normally emotionally motivated), the image a politician projects, the image the public has of the politician, the lies often associated with politicians and the allure the candidate is able to project. To have Neptune on an angle is a powerful placement for anyone in political life. In Zelenskyy’s case his Neptune is sextile Pluto and trine his Leo Moon, the latter also giving him the self-confidence he needs to be on the stage, whether political or in media. All the preceding marks him as a magnetic personality with public appeal.

If we were to examine the ‘standard’ planets only (the Sun through Pluto), then the chart on the surface points to a very likeable figure and as one able to garner great public acclaim, which he has done. That said, we have yet to examine the midpoints and outer (dwarf) planets.

There are a couple of midpoints worth mentioning, and in any public figure the aspects and midpoints to the angles are most important. The midpoint Asc=Jup/Nep can work one of two ways and often both ways – as a very fertile imagination, or as a person who lives in a perpetual state of unreality. It can also point to speculators, depending on other factors present:

    • “The inclination to live in an unreal world, sharing great hopes with others, speculating.”

That is the closest midpoint. He also has the following midpoints to his Ascendant:

    • Asc=Sat/Plu: Being placed in cumbersome and difficult circumstances. – Separation, mourning and bereavement.
    • Asc=Mars/Ura: An excitable person with the inclination to commit acts of violence. – An upsetting event, accident, physical injury, (arrest).

The midpoints to his Midheaven are few. One in particular stands out:

    • MC=Jup/Plu: Ambition, assiduity and industriousness, the desire to succeed as manager. – Advantages in one’s occupation, advancement and promotion, great luck.

Finally regarding midpoints, there is one in particular to his Sun/Venus conjunction, Sun/Ven=Mer/Sat, described as follows:

    • a love of travelling, changes, separations. – Repeated changes of residence, unstableness or instability

The preceding is further amplified by the sesquisquare between Mercury and Saturn, and goes a ways toward describing his approach to creativity – on the one hand giving him the ability to focus deeply when something captures his interest, and on the other hand lending a note of suspicion and depression in his approach to everything. The natal sextile to Uranus offsets that somewhat and lends an original flair to his work.

Directions and transits to those angles and the Sun will activate those midpoints, which we will address shortly. But then, when it comes to public figures, the dwarf planets have to be examined, too, as they represent the person’s influence on the collective and vice-versa. Zelenskyy has some dwarf planet activity worth noting.

To start, Zelenskyy has the Sun square to Sedna, a Sun/Mars opposition and thus a t-square with the Sun/Mars base and Sedna as the apex planet. This is a very volatile combination and can contribute to self-destructive behavior. The Sun/Mars opposition gives a high nervous tension anyway and makes him more unpredictable when under stress. It is one of the aspects that points to burnout from overwork and the need for physical exercise to release nervous tension. It can also contribute to substance abuse.

For people who respond to Sedna, the square to the Sun indicates a person who will have to endure upsets in life, often at the hands of men, and who will at some point have to endure the ‘bottom experience’, as in the depths of despair in order to release their fuller creative potential. It is a great aspect to have if one is self-aware enough to go on shamanic journeys or explore depth psychology. It is an aspect that can indicate problems with drugs, too, if one is not so self-aware. With the added Mars square to Sedna this can indicate violent experiences and the threat of violence. It is here certain facts come into play, given Zelenskyy’s present circumstances.

As stated above, Zelenskyy started out as a comedian. In 1997 he began to assemble the team that would go on to become the Kvartal 95 Studio (directed Mars was on his IC) and production company in 2003 (directed Neptune to his Mercury). In 2015 he and his team launched the series Servant of the People (directed Jupiter opposite his Sun), which propelled him to stardom in Ukraine. Directions of Jupiter to the Sun can bring fame to public figures. Then, the picture of Zelenskyy starts to get murky.

Servant of the People aired on Ukrainian Ch. 1, a TV station owned by a notorious Ukrainian oligarch, Ihor Kolomoisky, the richest oligarch in Ukraine – and one of the nastiest. Kolomoisky and Zelenskyy are said to have grown apart since Zelenskyy became president, but Kolomoisky bankrolled Zelenskyy’s campaign. Of interest to Americans is that Kolomoisky laundered huge amounts of money stolen from Ukrainian investors through the United States, through cities like Cleveland – all perfectly legal in the US. By doing so, Kolomoisky became one of the biggest real estate landlords in the American Midwest. And Americans saw no benefit from it.

Also of interest regarding Kolomoisky is that he financed the Azov Battalion initially, the one now holed up in the Azovstal iron and steel works, being slowly starved out by the Russians. The Azov crowd started out as soccer hooligans and were recruited by oligarchs like Kolomoisky as enforcers, very similar to Mafia ‘soldiers’. They were thereafter integrated into the Ukrainian regular armed forces in order to ‘stiffen’ the Ukrainian military.

Western media used to report on these extremist and neo-Nazi groups. Now they try to whitewash them, telling the Western public there are no Nazis in Ukraine, citing Zelenskyy’s Jewish heritage on top of that. Groups like Azov have committed a long litany of war crimes and crimes against humanity since 2014. They own the streets and act with impunity throughout Ukraine. This will all come out after the military operations cease in Ukraine and the war crimes tribunals start in the Donbas and Russia.

Zelenskyy ran for office on a peace platform, pledging to fight corruption and to end the civil war in the Donbas that had ground on since 2014. He was elected with a 73% approval rating. It is not hard to see how he garnered such a rating, given his astrology. However, not all was as it seemed. No sooner had he taken the oath of office, he then proceeded to abandon his promises and he began to institute a raft of unpopular policies. His ratings had plummeted to 23% in January of this year.

It turns out the smooth-talking and likable Zelenskyy is a neoliberal wolf in populist sheep’s clothing. He has duped the Ukrainian people and is part of the corruption, rather than fighting against it. His government is populated with members of his old production company, nepotism by any standard. He has gone on to amass a fortune since his election approaching $1 billion by some estimates, with overseas mansions and offshore accounts.

Members of the Dutch Parliament recently refused to hear a speech by Zelenskyy, citing his dubious financial dealings. Zelenskyy’s fortune is estimated to be around $815 million by their estimate, while his salary as president of Ukraine is $12,000/yr. However, the corruption goes deeper and is tied in with American interests.

Returning to Kolomoisky, he has ties with Hillary Clinton and Victoria ‘Cookies’ Nuland, as well as with Christine Legarde of the IMF. Money from the IMF has poured into Ukraine for years, laundered through Kolomoisky’s PrivatBank. This illegal activity was used from time to time to leverage various Ukrainian administrations through threats of prosecution by the US. Curiously, nothing ever comes of the prosecutions, or very little, so long as the administration in power toes the line. The latest such action occurred after Zelenskyy was elected via a court case in Delaware (home state of Joe Biden):

“…reviving the old charges against Kolomoisky is convenient for US officials seeking leverage of threatened prosecutions in the US to bend the newly elected Ukrainian government and Kolomoisky himself, deterring them from seeking a negotiated end to the civil war with the Kremlin. Identical US Government schemes have been run against former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko and oligarch Dmitry Firtash; for those stories read this and this.”

Basically, the IMF (controlled by Washington) gives loans to Ukraine, which are laundered by Ukrainian oligarchs with full knowledge of the US and EU, and then such activities are used as kompromat to leverage the Ukrainian government, for whatever reason. The average Ukrainian citizen sees little if any benefit from those loans, and then the loans only saddle Ukraine with more debt. This leveraging is what happened to Zelenskyy just after he was elected, along with something else.

Not reported in the Western media was an interview with Dmitry Yarosh, co-founder of the Right Sector, another neo-Nazi militia, where he stated the following regarding Zelenskyy’s peace initiative:

“He [Zelenskyy] just needs to understand one truth: Ukrainians cannot be humiliated. Ukrainians, after seven hundred years of colonial slavery, may not yet have fully learned how to build a state. But we learned how to make an uprising very well and remove all those “eagles” who are trying to parasitize on the sweat and blood of Ukrainians. Zelensky said in his inaugural speech that he was ready to lose ratings, popularity, position… No, he would lose his life. He will hang on some tree on Khreshchatyk – if he betrays Ukraine and those people who died in the Revolution and the War.

Khreshchatyk is the main street of Kiev. The above and other threats to Zelensky certainly helped to convert him from peacemaker to warmonger and friend of the various ‘ultranational’ militia formations…”

Zelenskyy made a trip to the front lines shortly after that interview where he told the soldiers there to pull back the heavy weapons from the line of contact. He was immediately stonewalled by the troops, his visit provoking an angry backlash toward him on social media. The talk of peace in the Donbas was no more. We see the action of Sedna in his chart in these episodes, being victimized by the very people he is supposed to command. With the gun to his head, the road to war with Russia continued apace and in the spring of last year Zelenskyy announced that Ukraine would take Crimea by force. Zelenskyy has little if any control over the armed forces of Ukraine.

In November of last year, in preparation for Ukrainian storming of the Donbas, Yarosh was appointed Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The presence of such ultra-nationalist forces in government and the military make it impossible for any politician to implement peace agreements. Leaders are only as effective as the coterie of people around them. With Zelenskyy surrounded by such people as Yarosh there was never any hope of peace in Ukraine. That brings us to the next dwarf planet in consideration with Zelenskyy, Ixion.

Zelenskyy has Ixion on his Vertex. Ixion is great for comedians, because it gives insights into the failings of human nature and allows one to laugh at oneself when positively expressed. However, when one’s mood is dark, as would be the case with Zelenskyy now, Ixion expresses as self-defeat, as in “What’s the use!?” In the mythology for Ixion, Ixion murdered his father-in-law and tried to seduce the wife of Zeus. He drove himself mad because of the guilt over his misdeeds and saw no path to redemption.

We see Ixion working through Zelenskyy now. The military situation in Ukraine is increasingly hopeless and the narrative in the Western press has shifted toward foreboding messages about Ukraine’s fortunes and with word of soldiers in the Ukrainian forces texting home about the hopelessness of their plight. It is clear the US wants to prolong the war and Zelenskyy is on tap to make repeated requests for weapons to pour into Ukraine wherever and whenever possible. Negotiations and surrender are out of the question.

Zelenskyy literally and figuratively has a gun to his head. We can see this in the preceding comments, in that he is not allowed to negotiate or surrender, and in his astrology. Zelenskyy’s transits and directions for the start of the Special Military Operation are below (bigger):

There is in fact a midpoint that is descriptive of the ‘gun to the head’ and that is the Uranus/Pluto midpoint in its more stressful configurations. Zelenskyy has Mars at that midpoint natally by 45° modulus:

    • Mars=Ura/Plu: Fanaticism, an act of violence, the mania of destruction, a state of precipitation. – “The stage of bending or breaking”. – Injury, accident.

In the chart, above, we note a double activation of that combination, with transiting Pluto nearly opposite Zelenskyy’s natal Mars. In addition, transiting Saturn was at his MC and opposite his Moon, and his directed Ascendant was opposite his Sun/Venus conjunction. It was Zelenskyy’s fated moment and his time to shine. Note also that the Uranus/Pluto midpoint causes its outer events 2 – 3 years before exactitude, which would have been around the time he was elected and when he was told there would be no peace. He was threatened with his life then.

Transiting Saturn over the MC marks the culminating point in one’s career. Zelenskyy is now playing the role of his life – as the servant of his people. Aquarius is the sign of the world server and his natal Sun is in Aquarius. It is worth noting he is playing a role here, not being ‘presidential’. He does not have the astrology of a statesman. His role in life is that of a communicator and actor – a figurehead.

Zelenskyy has been called a puppet president. If he had been a statesman he would have surrounded himself with people who could get the job done that he actually campaigned on – cleaning up corruption and making peace for Ukraine. Instead, it is clear he is playing to someone else’s tune – to the Washington hawks and for the American military-industrial complex, as well as the extreme nationalist factions in Ukraine. The Ukrainian military is on its way to total ruin. No amount of weaponry can save it now. The troops who need those weapons most will never see them. Every military expert who knows the truth of the matter echoes that refrain.

Given Zelenskyy’s connection with Kolomoisky, the financing of his campaign by the latter, Kolomoisky’s connections with Washington and the US, the fact Zelenskyy has amassed a sizeable fortune since being in office – this all points to his having been installed as president to fulfil a role rather than having been duly elected, as in being paid off to do exactly as he is told and is doing now. And at present there are rumors he, his family and close associates have all been handed golden British passports. Perhaps his next role will be as ‘president in exile’ while Ukraine burns and gets dismembered. There are rumoured plans for that, too, by the Americans and the Poles.

For over 75 years the CIA has been cultivating fascism and nationalism in Ukraine with the expressed purpose of fighting against Russia. The conflict in Ukraine today is the end result of that initiative. The cultivation of fascism since WWII has happened across Eastern Europe, not simply in Ukraine. But because of Ukraine’s geographical position, its resources and the fact the culture is so similar to Russia in the east of Ukraine, it was chosen as the wedge to be driven into Russia. It was an initiative that will have serious blowback against the US, UK and France especially, along with Germany, Poland and the Baltics by extension.

Returning to Sedna in Zelenskyy’s chart, his presidency of Ukraine marks the end of any effective CIA involvement in Ukraine, along with Ukraine’s fascism. In what is a true irony, Zelenskyy’s campaign to end corruption and to bring peace to Ukraine is now in process, but it is being prosecuted by the Russians. Zelenskyy will likely be the last president of what is now known as Ukraine.

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