Who is Zelenskyy? – hero or tragic actor?

Since the Russian Special Military Operation began in Ukraine, the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been thrust into the limelight. Depending on who one asks, Zelenskyy is variously seen as a hero of democracy, a puppet leader, a coke-head (and that is not Coca Cola) or a grifter. He started his career as a stand-up comedian and actor, most famous for his role in the Ukrainian TV series, Servant of the People, where he played a teacher who was thrust into the position of the president of the country – a case of life imitating art. And now he is thrust into the role of his life. Just who is Zelenskyy, though? Astrology gives us some clues. Continue reading “Who is Zelenskyy? – hero or tragic actor?”

The Cancer ingress and two eclipses bring interesting times

The June solstice takes place on 21 June 19 at 3:54 UT. This will be the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere and winter for the southern hemisphere. I do not normally do posts for ingress figures, but this northern summer looks to be out of the ordinary for reasons we will get to. There are also two eclipses this three-month period which we will also cover in this post. Continue reading “The Cancer ingress and two eclipses bring interesting times”

Ixion: divine comedy, Greek tragedy or just plain madness?

Part of my work in recent years has involved tracking the newly-discovered dwarf planets through the horoscope and seeing what meanings they carry for us. The last article on Ceres follows on from that work. All of the other dwarf planets, at least to our current understanding of them, lie outside the orbit of Neptune. And as it turns out, a great many of them are related to Neptune via their orbits by their orbital resonance with Neptune.

Pluto is one such dwarf planet that ‘resonates’ with Neptune, and Ixion is another. In fact, there are at least eight planets of the small variety (some people don’t like the term ‘dwarf’) that fall into the same category as Pluto. I call them ‘plutinos’. Continue reading “Ixion: divine comedy, Greek tragedy or just plain madness?”

Midterm wrap-up: What to expect

Well, finally, the nail-biter of a midterm election is over. The world at large will breathe a sigh of relief for those quarters that have been appalled at the Trump administration, while there will be disappointment in the farther right-leaning and business sectors internationally. The election was touted as a referendum about Trump. And there you have it: As many pundits predicted for the US midterm elections, the Democrats have won the majority in the House of Representatives and the GOP has retained the Senate. However, there was no ‘blue wave’. The Dems only gained enough seats in the House for a simple majority. The GOP gained at least three seats in the Senate. But, it has been a setback for the Trump administration. Continue reading “Midterm wrap-up: What to expect”