The Capricorn ingress 2022

The ingress of the Sun into Capricorn takes place every year on 21 December, marking the end of the calendar year and the start of the northern winter. Normally this ingress inaugurates a period of introspection, as in the year that is finishing. This year is different, however: This Capricorn ingress shows a real turning point in world events and a changed world order. It therefore shows an opportunity for fresh starts across the world. We will have a look at some of the major points here, with a wider exposition to come in the Chinese New Year letter – the Year of the Black Rabbit. For more, read on…

There are two distinct poles internationally where historic change is occurring, and those changes are clearly divided between the East and the West. The West is facing what could be called an existential crisis, with old alliances fracturing, economies in recession amidst high inflation, an energy crisis – self-induced, we might add – with creeping fascism raising its ugly head again and even embraced, or whitewashed at the very least. This is across the West, and no Western nation is immune from it, including Japan.

The Orient, on the other hand and across Asia is emerging from a long period of being in 2nd place to the West, with China and Russia leading the way. The Asian bloc is consolidating quickly, and it is largely economic and peaceful. This in turn is gaining traction in South America and Africa, with nations on those continents lining up to join organizations like BRICS and the SCO. The Western nations, most notably the United States, are waning in influence in the Global South. Hence, we see efforts overt and covert by the US and other Western powers to prevent an emerging multipolar world from happening. With these preliminary points in mind we turn to the ingress chart.

The chart for the solar ingress into Capricorn is below (bigger):


The biggest standout in the chart above is the partile t-square at 0° of cardinal signs, formed with the Sun at the apex and Jupiter and Ceres in opposition as the base. The fact it is at three of the four Aries points indicates a distinct change in the world view. Sun/Jupiter squares point to excesses, over-optimism (often unfounded), spending money like water through one’s fingers, pretentiousness, negligence, heedlessness, extravagance, squandering and ostentatiousness. It is a very imperious aspect. Coupled with Ceres the t-square indicates carelessness with supplies and overt materialism. Note particularly the US has just passed its largest-ever defense budget, now approaching one trillion dollars/year. Jupiter at 0° Aries indicates heedlessness, in this case because it receives only hard aspects, thus amplifying its more materialistic and pompous qualities.

Then, we take note of Uranus at the apex of a ‘Finger of the World’ configuration with the Sun/Ceres square as the base of that hard sesquisquare triangle. That aspect set and planetary combination points to great uncertainty this quarter and unexpected turns of events. Ceres in hard aspect, especially to outer planets, has a Pluto-like quality and indicates crossroads or turning points. And with Ceres at 0° Libra we see difficult decisions being made, in line with unexpected turns of events (Uranus). Suffice it to say, ambitions (Capricorn) will be called to account this quarter.

Then, we see the Moon, Mercury and Venus all parallel, but out-of-bounds (thus increasing their potency) and Mars out-of-bounds as well. To top that off, the Sun is parallel Pluto. Mars is retrograde in Gemini, which gives the sense of ‘loud, deafening silence’ (in reality, extreme internal chatter), and it opposes the Moon. Mars/Moon oppositions can give a very prickly character and explosive temper, if not tempered by other factors. And in this case, the opposition receives no major amelioration. When we add up all the preceding factors in the ingress chart for this northern winter, we will have a very ‘exciting’ and ‘interesting’ quarter ahead of us.

What are we looking at going forward, then, given what has just been described? Europe faces its first real energy crisis in decades. The petroleum reserves in the US are at their lowest level in years. Energy bills in the US and Europe are sky-high. The price cap the EU and US have sought to slap on Russian oil will backfire. Russia will just cut supply to the West and send it to the East. It’s no problem for them, and the Asians love getting their Russian hydrocarbons at a discount, as they have been throughout the Ukraine crisis. What the price cap will likely do instead is to destabilize the markets and send oil prices even higher.

Then, continuing with what to expect, Ukraine’s dark winter is quickly becoming a reality. Surovikin is taking out any civilian infrastructure in Ukraine that could possibly support Ukraine’s war effort. The Patriot AA systems allegedly being sent to Ukraine will be visible to Russian radars and destroyed. But Washington knows this. Sending those AA batteries is simply a PR move and a handout to Lockheed Martin. But NATO is determined to escalate the war.

Strange red squares are beginning to appear painted on Russo-Belarus military vehicles, in a repeat of what we saw with the ‘Z’ and ‘V’ symbols painted on Russian vehicles just before Feb 24th this year. A large winter offensive by the Russians appears to be in the works once Ukraine has been rendered powerless (without oil and electricity). The power grid there is teetering on the edge of collapse. We had the following forecast from a previous post here:

“Saturn turns direct on 23 October, square to Ukraine’s Pluto. It will again square that nation’s Meridian axis on 7 December, with Ceres having transited to Ukraine’s Mars. Directed Saturn will be semisquared to Ukraine’s Ascendant, with the directed Ascendant squared to Ukraine’s Pluto. That combination of factors looks like a capitulation…”

Did anything of moment happen on anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor this year, then, seeing as the 7th of December has already passed and Ukraine still stands, however wobbly? There was Merkel’s admission (translate from German) that Minsk was a delaying tactic so Ukraine would have time to arm itself. In a sense, this sealed Ukraine’s fate. After her remarks, the Russians have decided only unconditional surrender by Ukraine will do. The only other thing of note was an article that appeared saying Ukraine’s power grid could collapse by Christmas. But that in itself is forcing decisions to be made regarding Ukraine’s future, and the Ceres transit to Ukraine’s Mars shows the turning point with regard to Ukraine’s power grid.

To get an idea of what to possibly expect going forward, we need to look at the last quarter and see what has transpired as a basis going into this quarter. Here is what was forecast for the Libra quarter of 2022, with a few developments in links and brackets after:

Moving now to what we can possibly expect, based on the chart above and the preceding points, we have the following:

  • A major and decisive Russian winter offensive in Ukraine. Surovikin has made his list and is checking it twice. Once his list is checked off, the Russians will move. Word through the Telegram grapevine is the Russians want the war finished before the spring thaw.
  • Rapidly increasing tensions between Europe and the US as economic realities bite.
  • Rapidly increasing financial instability in the West due to money-printing, massive bailouts in an attempt to keep the Western publics from revolting and moves by Asian states to bypass the US dollar.
  • A collapse of the ‘Ukraine is winning’ narrative and the inevitable rush to bury NATO’s and Washington’s loss. The copium coming from US and UK media is already high. It will be a case of, “Move along. Nothing to see here.” Then ‘the next big thing’ will appear, whatever that might be. Serbia, perhaps?

Expect a sudden and large change this quarter, as in a change of direction, a change in ‘The Narrative’ and divisions within Europe. This is arising as a result as the various nations seek to shore up their domestic political capital in the face of the fact their narratives about unity, Russia, the economy, immigration – you get the idea – and so forth have no clothes. It is a long list and creates long faces in governments.

The ‘blue courtier elites’ in Europe and the US, as they were recently called, will fight tooth and nail to convince the public of the necessity to tighten belts, of the rightness and even righteousness of the cause, why unity must be maintained in the face of the many and varied threats we face – climate, ‘aggression’, health, fascism – and so on.

Concluding, in the second month of this quarter we will have the start of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Black Rabbit, or “The Rabbit Leaving the Forest”. One might be given to think next year will be much calmer and kinder, given the Rabbit symbolism, but appearances are often deceiving. We might think, “Oh, what a cute little black bunny!” But that is one Rabbit we will probably be glad to see the back of. Next year will be a nail-biter! Colors aside, the following video might give some clues as to what to expect in 2023 from the Black Rabbit!

Featured pic from The Soul’s Atlas

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