Prigozhin’s last Ride of the Valkyries

On 23 August 2023 the private plane said to be carrying Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Wagner group crashed in the Tver region of Russia just north of Moscow. There were 10 people in total aboard the plane, including the top three leaders of Wagner PMC. Investigations are ongoing. Also ongoing are all the rumors circulating in the media and social media regarding the man, the organization, the reasons for the crash and so on. We’ll see what the astrology says about the event as well as going into some of the theories here. For more, read on…

But first, a little mood music to set the scene…

So, Prigozhin’s plane went down. The airplane in question was a Russian Legacy 600 with the call letters RA–02795. The plane was manufactured by the Embraer Company out of Brazil. The plane was on its way from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The time of the crash was around 6:20 PM local time. The chart is below (bigger):

The FlightRadar24 site gives a detailed accounting of the flight and notes that the first signs of trouble occurred at 6:19 PM local time, pointing to the event that led to the crash. FlightRadar has the following accounting of the flight at the time of the incident:

“Parsing RA-02795 Extended Mode S data

After leveling off at 28,000 feet at 15:10 UTC, the aircraft continued in level flight at consistent speed until 15:19 UTC at which point the vertical rate decreases dramatically and the aircraft descends briefly before climbing to a maximum altitude of 30,100 feet before descending back to roughly 27,500 feet. It again climbs, reaching 29,300 feet before leveling off once again. It then descends, with the final data received at 15:20:14 UTC at an altitude of 19,725 feet. The altitude graph below shows the final 32 seconds of received altitude data.”

Looking at the astrological chart, with this being an air disaster we look to the placement of Uranus, which in this case is in the third house, that house governing short journeys and close to the fourth house cusp of the chart. Uranus is opposed by the Moon from the 9th house in Scorpio. Uranus is in Taurus, involved in a Grand Trine with Mars and Pluto as well as being trine to Mercury. In all, the chart doesn’t look much like that of a disaster, especially given the Grand Trine. But then, we look at the midpoints and the story becomes a little clearer.

With a 45° modulus we see the Ascendant and Midheaven are semi-squared to each other and along with them we see several midpoints indicated often in accidents, violence and disasters, as follows:

    • Asc/MC=Mars/Pluto: An accident, The misfortune to face overwhelming force without power, danger through the intervention of Higher Power
    • Asc/MC=Sat/Ura: Being placed in difficult circumstances, the fate of standing alone in the world. – The suffering of difficulties caused by others, experiencing emotional suffering together with others, mourning and bereavement. Making the highest demands upon one’s own strength, rebellion, provocation. – The act of separating oneself from others.
    • Asc=Sun/Ura: Sudden experiences
    • MC=Nep/Plu: obsession, confusion, a grievous loss

The last midpoint is of interest here because, if what we are told is true, spare parts for the plane in question were not readily available because of the sanctions against Russia. That particular midpoint has one of the following interpretations: Disturbances or troubles of slow or lingering development. That said, it is pretty universally agreed this crash was not due to lack of maintenance. The plane had recently been inspected and was found to be sound.

All of the midpoints just listed clicked in at the time of the incident. There are many theories about what really happened. We’ll list a few of them here, shall we?:

  • Putin had Prigozhin whacked: Why? – because Putin is a brutal dictator and has a habit of ‘disposing’ of people he doesn’t like. Sure. Actually, that is very unlikely. Prigozhin was useful in Africa, and it’s just not Putin’s style, this ‘offing’ business, believe it or not. Plus it would have been terrible optics, what with the BRICS summit, a gala for awarding medals and all. Putin would instead leave Eugene to the tender mercies of the Russian courts, if need be. Putin was a lawyer, after all. Just look at Navalny. (But didn’t Vlad have him poisoned?)
  • Shoigu had Prigozhin whacked. They weren’t exactly BFFs.
  • Rogue elements in the Ministry of Defense dusted him, payback for Wagner killing 14 of their pilots during the mutiny-fest in June.
  • Disgruntled Wagner PMCs offed him, either for personal gain, revenge, they disagreed with the mutiny, and so on. Wagner is full of criminals, you know?
  • Some oligarchs paid someone off to do the deed. Progozhin made a lot of enemies in his day – ‘mistakes’, as the British tabloid press fondly reported.
  • The CIA did the dirty deed on him. Payback for not delivering the coup on Putin. Rumors are floating around the CIA/MI6 people paid Eugene big bucks to ‘move Putin aside’. Grifters being grifters, Eugene kept the dough and laughed all the way to Africa. Prigozhin did have a way of messing with their heads.
  • It was due to mechanical failure, Act of God. ‘Unfortunate accident’. Sure, Thor threw a lightning bolt at the plane and tore off the wing and the tail.
  • Prigozhin faked his own death. The bodies were mangled and burned beyond recognition. There are people who will refuse to believe any official report the DNA result from the investigation proves Prigozhin was on that plane.
  • The Ukrainians dunnit. And why not? Eugene stole Bakhmut from them. It was the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ who shot down that plane. Or perhaps they paid off a poor babushka to hurl a jar of pickled tomatoes at the plane.
  • Prigozhin was never in Moscow and is very much alive and retired with no one looking for him. This event was yet another Russian maskirovka. “I’m sure the funeral will be quite superb.” From this last link:

“Obviously, we take all reports from Russian media through the prism of Suspicious Cat. Complicating matters, we take any/all reports from Western Media through the folded and mirrored prism of multiple Suspicious Cats. So don’t look for CTH [commentary] to provide definitive analysis on this multi-geopolitical storyline…”

Exactly. To add to the last point Lukashenko said he had received info about the planned assassination, relayed it to Putin, who then told Prigozhin, who later confirmed to Lukashenko Putin had told him. So, if Eugene knew about the plan, he was probably on the other airplane (there were two planes). Believe it or not. Theories aside, we get back to the main issue.

Then what was it, exactly, that took down that plane, regardless of who was on it, keeping in mind (again) there were two Wagner planes that left Moscow that day? MANPADS are out, because the range of even the more powerful versions is only about 4 miles up, and the first sign of trouble was at 28,000 feet, or 5.3 miles. The only antiaircraft systems that will reach that far are large and very noticeable, plus they generally fire two missiles for every target and leave a vapor trail. No vapor trails were recorded.

If one steps through the frames of the video of the plane coming down it is plain to see the plane has only one wing (pic at 10s in video) and is missing the tail (rudder) section. The wing and landing gear were found a few kilometers from the crash site. The engines are still attached in the photo. The one wing was either blown or torn off. Two loud ‘pops’ (explosions) were heard prior to the uncontrolled descent of the plane. Analysis from authorities shows there was no antiaircraft fire on the day. The lack of the latter, combined with the two loud explosions implies there was at least one bomb on the plane, causing the severed wing. The wheel well was the likely placement, perhaps either timed or triggered by altitude.

Bombs and explosions are ruled primarily by Uranus, but also by Mars. The Uranian components of the midpoints described above point more toward intervention rather than explosions. However, when we look at the Mars midpoints the story gets a little clearer – or murkier, depending on the approach to the chart and event.

We note Mars is at the Uranus/Pluto midpoint, the ‘putting the gun to someone’s head’ midpoint:

Fanaticism, an act of violence, the mania of destruction, a state of precipitation. – “The stage of bending or breaking”. – Injury, accident.”

We note also Mercury is at the cusp of the 8th house (‘news of death’, or death in transit). Neptune was at the above midpoint, too, showing weakness or deception in the event. Therein lies the ‘murkiness’ just mentioned, and lending itself to the theory Prigozhin faked his own death. The Neptune could also point to weakness within the aircraft itself, though that is in doubt. To know for certain we will have to wait for the official report to come out.

Now the Neptune factor gets a little more interesting, regarding Prigozhin possibly faking his death: Progozhin was killed in a plane crash in 2019, supposedly, only to turn up a few days later.

However, the Investigative Committee has released its report on its DNA testing of the victims, and all 10 victims have been positively identified. Their continuing investigations will focus on the cause of the crash, including that  a bomb placed near the landing gear of the plane, which severed the wing and the stabilizer assembly. Officially, then, Prigozhin and his top commanders are dead.

As to who had an interest in offing Prigozhin, it is a long line. But one of the prime suspects is Prigozhin’s personal pilot, Artem Stepanov: he had access to the jet before takeoff. He has also gone missing and fled to Kamchatka, (that video gives a good roundup) where he is now off-radar. Perhaps dead men tell no tales.

There are some ‘curious’ items coinciding with the downing of the plane, too. Firstly there is the date – two months to the day of the Wagner uprising. This is probably actually coincidental. It was probably more importantly timed to the BRICS summit in Johannesburg and coming just after the coup in Niger, where Wagner had been spotted at the border in Mali and the CAR, both bordering Niger. Russian commanders also arrived in Algeria for talks, possibly about supporting Russian logistics in the region. Thirdly, Putin gave a video conference to the summit on the day. A couple of factors stand out.

The timing suggests a message was being sent to Africans regarding Russia, in that Wagner may no longer be acting as savior. It was also meant as a spoiler against Putin and Russia because the Western press was quick off the mark to finger Putin for offing Prigozhin. If so, the Africans didn’t bite, and BRICS will become BRICS+6 on 1 Jan 2024, just a few months away. And Wagner, along with the Russian MoD will remain active in Africa. The attendees at the summit probably already had suspicions about who really wanted Prigozhin gone.

The other factor in the time was for propaganda value in Russia, meant to bring suspicion on the Kremlin and the MoD for whacking Prigozhin. I have not seen any evidence public opinion has soured on either the Russian leadership or the MoD, for the same reason the Africans didn’t bite – the Russian people likely suspect the usual suspects – CIA, MI6, SBU.

As is usual for anything concerning Russia, the Western media and on social media in the West is firmly of the opinion that Putin had Prigozhin killed – good riddance to a criminal and terrorist. The Grey Lady wasted no time and labeled Prigozhin a ‘dissident’, painting him with the same brush as Navalny. The two were hardly similar. All sorts of nonsense is being put forward, and sadly predictable. It is not worth mentioning here.

The hope in Washington is that now this one guy is gone, there will be civil war in Russia, leading to Putin’s ouster and everything will now just be wine and roses. They appear to have no understanding of Russia. With Prigozhin out of the way, their hopes will come to naught. Washington has a serious case of ‘just this one guy’ syndrome, not seeing the rest of the world does seem to put contingency plans in place for just such events as these. Russia is not weakened in any way by this event, and probably quite the opposite.

What happens now, now the heads of Wagner are gone? Probably not much will change. Contingency plans had been in place for some time. The Russians will be staying in Africa. Wagner is being absorbed into the MoD, to form another private/covert army. Some of the old Wagner fighters are already signing contracts with the Russian MoD. The Wagner camps in Belarus are allegedly already being dismantled. In fact, the tent camps were dismantled since mid-August. There were reports Wagner fighters there are flying back to Russia. Or maybe they have disappeared into the thick forests of Belarus. Tented camps are easy targets for aerial bombardment. There was also a propaganda piece that appeared in social media about Wagner graves being descrated and erased. The crosses were removed – to be replaced with the ‘dragon teeth’ stone monuments to the fighters. The Russians honor their war dead.

What happens next is the era of ‘Wagner’ is over, as in Utkin’s call sign. The group may still survive under new leadership but it will be more firmly under scrutiny now by the MoD and the government. The ‘old Wagner’ is gone. But there is one question left unanswered here: Does Eugene’s chart show his death? Unfortunately it is difficult to say for certain because we do not have a birth time for him. However, the directed Pluto in his chart was just within 2° of orb of his natal death axis (Mars/Saturn midpoint). Some astrologers allow that orb. As a general rule I like to keep the orb to 1.5°. But the reading of the Plu=Mars/Sat is of interest:

Brutality, the rage or fury of destruction. – The intervening of Higher Power, bodily injury or harm (murder, the death of a great many people).”

We’ll see. But if he is dead, Prigozhin made his last Ride of the Valkyries;

“Last night, many people on both sides of the ocean breathed a sigh of relief and some opened champagne. Others sincerely mourned and refused to believe what had happened. The death of Yevgeny Prigozhin became a predictable and expected event – he was a desirable target for all intelligence agencies in the world, as well as for many personal enemies. He constantly tested death for strength even where it was unnecessary for people of his status: he recorded stand-ups under shelling, traveled to the red zone, and personally negotiated with representatives of the darkest organizations and structures, from which he could easily not return alive…

The exact sequence of events will be established by the investigation, but for now, it is known that the fatal flight completed the chain of movements of Prigozhin after a week-long and very successful business trip to Africa, in which he traveled with his team to several countries, held a series of negotiations and was very optimistic. However, he always retained irony, considering himself capable of recovering from any fall…

In the event of his death, which Prigozhin was firmly convinced of, he had long ago prepared a plan of action for both his military business and political assets. The businessman, in his own words, broke up with his wife a couple of years ago, although he maintained normal relations with her, and Pavel Prigozhin was supposed to take over his father’s affairs. As for the “musicians”, Dmitry Utkin was supposed to lead them. “Plan C” was also envisaged, according to which events developed in reality – “Wagner” [Utkin’s call sign] also died. In this case, power should pass to the council of PMC commanders under the leadership of Anton Elizarov, Lotus. According to some reports, he is now in Africa. According to sources in the company, no decisions have been made yet, and all areas continue to work as usual. A well-built system is waiting for its new leader – or the announcement of dissolution.”

For his part Putin gave a rather cool and bureaucratic eulogy to Prigozhin’s demise, expressing “sincere condolences to the families of all those who died”, saying Eugene was ‘complicated’, had ‘made some serious mistakes’, but was a talented businessman and had done well for himself, but also for the greater good when asked. Putin also added the Wagner group, “made a significant contribution to the fight against Nazism in Ukraine. We remember this, know this, and won’t forget it,” True enough.

Whatever one thinks or thought of Yevgeny Prigozhin, his was a classic rags-to-riches American-style success story – coming from a troubled youth, having done time in prison for fraud, pulling himself up by his bootstraps from having nothing to becoming a successful and very rich entrepreneur – a Russian oligarch – whatever what one might think of his methods. He was not what we would call a ‘model of ethical behavior’, more like a mafioso.  To many others he was that mafioso. But to his followers and fans he was a hero.

So, Prigozhin is dead. So we are told. War does take its toll. But for those who refuse to believe Prigozhin is dead, then again, there are times when a man has to get away from the rush of it all and the spotlights and clear his head. I hear the fishing in Lake Baikal is quite good…

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