A storm coming for Israel?

Israel is finding itself in an increasingly difficult position as the years pass. On 3 Mar 2019 Israel’s Attorney General decided to move forward with Netanyahu’s indictment on fraud charges. In election mode and under increasing pressure, his latest move is to talk of blocking Iranian oil shipments with the Israeli navy, not explaining how. Many people will no doubt cheer his indictment. But then, it becomes a case of being careful for what one wishes. Whoever takes his place if he is removed from office may well be worse, i.e. even more hawkish. Even that could take several years. But that is not the thing that is of interest so much. Rather more to the point, what do we see happening with Israel in general in the next years? This indictment (or moves toward it) may well signal the evolution of larger events. It will also have large effects, probably, on peace or moves toward war in the Middle East.

I periodically come back to the chart of Israel to see what might be taking place, and to find a proper working chart. Finding a working chart for Israel is probably one of the more important ones in mundane astrology. Israel has been a sticking point for peace in the region for decades. But whatever happens in Israel also has carry-on effects, such as:

    • US foreign policy in the Middle East
    • Energy dominance
    • Trump’s “Deal of the Century”
    • Chinese and Russian initiatives, such as China’s B&R Initiative. Syria and Iran are key states in that one.
    • Arab relations in general, as Israel tends to align itself with Sunni states.
    • US domestic politics, as Israel is a key supporter of many members of Congress
    • UK domestic politics, for the same reasons as that of the US. The UK was key to Israel’s founding.

There are two main charts that are cited in reference to the Israeli nation, one set for 4:00 PM and another for 4:15 PM, both on 14 May 1948. The date is not in question. That was the day when a meeting was called by David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first PM, to finalize the independence declaration. This was in the midst of a civil war in Palestine. The meeting was convened precisely at 4:00 PM, hence the 4:00 PM chart. The 4:15 chart is a rectification. There is another chart, though, one set for 4:32 PM, the minute the meeting was concluded. That moment is also significant, because at that time Ben-Gurion proclaimed, “The nation of Israel is born!” Finding a good working chart for a nation is never easy and always open to question.

Looking at the transits and directions to the three charts, then, what do we see? The 4:00 PM chart is below (bigger):

The 4:00 PM chart is certainly a contender. It shows transiting Pluto squaring the horizon from the 3rd house (the national discourse, the press and commerce, from whence the scandal arose). And there is a solar arc of Saturn square the meridian axis, having been on the Ascendant for the past year. Netanyahu’s fortunes have certainly been in question during that time, as has the worsening of public opinion toward him within Israel. The Israelis have also been feeling increasingly insecure, too, given the gains made by the Syrian government and the increasing influence of Iran in the region. That insecurity can also be seen reflected in the ramping up of accusations of anti-Semitism against Western leaders, especially in the UK and US, in an effort to shore up support for the state. And the angles are the prime concern in any rectification.

The 4:15 chart is shown below (bigger):

There is not so much activity to the horizon or meridian. However, the Ascendant is directed to oppose Venus, the latter ruling both the Ascendant and the 8th house. In addition, directed Venus squares the Vertex axis. Venus is strongly indicated in matters of the judiciary and banking, due to its natural rulership. The Chinese also saw Venus as being the arbiter of justice.

And then, we have the 4:32 PM chart, below (bigger):

In the 4:32 chart Neptune is very prominent. Will he go or won’t he? How long will the trial take? Will the case even go to trial? Uncertainty is the key there, and there is quite a bit of uncertainty and intrigue in Israel at the moment, as well as a fair amount of smoke and mirrors about Israeli intentions and capabilities. But then, with the announcement of the indictment, transiting Uranus was within minutes of the Israeli Descendant, the latter ruling legal matters and litigation.

Each of these charts gives a differing perspective on the situation in Israel at the moment. But there is a key that unlocks the Israeli chart, and it goes to the conflicts in which Israel has been involved over the years. Most wars incited by or against Israel have involved territory. And in fact, Israel was founded as a result of a civil war between the indigenous Palestinian population at the time and the Zionist immigrants. That in itself should show in the natal chart of the nation. Indeed, we do see a natal Sun/Mars square in the independence chart, showing both the high tensions at the date and the warlike tendencies of the nation, and which applies in all three charts. But what of the meridian axis in particular and also the horizon?

The MC will show the attitudes of the Israeli leadership both within the nation and toward other nations. By reflex, any aspect to the MC also affects the 4th house (infrastructure and opposition parties). There is one chart in particular that shows the attitude of successive Israeli administrations through the years, and that is the 4:15 chart (below, bigger). This is especially true regarding the midpoints. There is one in particular that stands out: Node=Mars/MC, which among other indicators gives a tendency to want to impose one’s will onto others and the desire to take a position of leadership within one’s community. This is evident, for instance, in the efforts of the Israeli lobbies especially in the US and UK, brought to its fullest extent in the recent moves in the US Congress to pass a law conflating any criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. It also shows in the apartheid state that now exists in Israel.

The full text of the proposed law can easily be misconstrued if one is not clear on definitions. It is a very dangerous precedent and reflects the undue influence of a foreign power in the affairs of US politics. It is also a move aimed at eventually outlawing the BDS Movement in the US and stifling debate about Israel and other foreign players. This has been strongly pushed for by the Israeli lobby, by AIPAC and by Christian Zionists on the US. We can see similar moves in the UK and France, where the Israeli lobby is also very strong. We cannot go into all that here, but the points are offered for demonstration. But to be clear, there are far more Christian Zionists than there are Jewish Zionists, and not all Jews are Zionists. And it is the Christian Zionists causing the biggest uproar in the US regarding recent statements by Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Returning to the chart, there is much we could say, but our aim here is a proving to see what might eventuate in the next few years for Israel, especially given present world tensions and the very fluid situation in the Middle East. The wars in which Israel has been involved show very clearly in the 4:15 chart, and not so much in the others. We might list them here, along with the outcomes and directions to the 4:15 chart. Excluding the war for independence (1948), we have:

      • The Suez Crisis (29 Oct 1956), victory, increase in territory: chart
      • The Six-Day war (5 Jun 1967), victory, increase in territory: chart
      • The War of Attrition (1 Jul 1967 – 7 Aug 1970), ceasefire, loss of territory: chart and chart
      • Yom Kippur war (6 Oct 1973), victory: chart
      • 1982 Lebanon war (6 Jun 1982), strategic failure, although a victory: chart
      • South Lebanon conflict (16 Feb 1985), Hezbollah victory: chart
      • First Intifada (8 Dec 1987), uprising suppressed: chart
      • Second Intifada (28 Sep 2000), uprising suppressed: chart
      • 2006 Lebanon war (12 Jul 2006), stalemate: chart
      • Gaza war (27 Dec 2008), victory: chart
      • Operation Pillar of Defense (14 Nov 2012), ceasefire: chart
      • Operation Protective Edge (8 Jul 2014), ceasefire: chart

Just a few points of interest before we have a look at what is unfolding and the possible timing. In all of the charts there is a curious phenomenon we see, and it involves direction either to or from Jupiter and Pluto. Those two planets form an exact sesquisquare in the charts and form several important midpoint trees, as shown on the chart. Those are using a 45° modulus. Those midpoints are all this activate when there are directions to and from Jupiter and Pluto, and they show the changing fortunes in Arab/Israeli relations. From Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences:

  • +The leading of or the participation in uprisings, the attainment of leadership.
  • – Loss of social standing and of one’s wealth, conflicts with the authorities and the executors of governmental power (arrest). The misfortune to lose everything.

As an example, Netanyahu assumed office in 2009 when the directed MC of the 4:15 chart was aspecting Jupiter and Pluto. The directed Moon was exact on Pluto during the Suez crisis, and there were big gains in territory then. Israel had to evacuate the Sinai when the Jupiter/Pluto was applying to Chiron and separating from the Moon, noting here that Chiron forms the center of midpoint trees with the Israeli death axis (Mars/Saturn) and Mars/Pluto. Chiron forms a very painful point in the Israeli chart.

There are clear turning points in Israel’s fortunes indicated from now through the next few years. Directed Ceres is on the Israeli Saturn (ruling the 4th house – territory and opposition parties) now and was almost exact when the indictment announcements came out against Netanyahu. The elections are next month and the centrists in Israel are starting to pull ahead of Likud (Netanyahu’s Party). Bibi will have to pull something out of the hat if he wants to win the election. Is there a change in government indicated? Possibly. There will be a direction of Neptune to the Israeli Moon (ruling the 10th) starting in June, showing possibly a contested election, or if Bibi wins, maybe removal from office. At the very least that direction shows growing instability with the government over the next year, culminating in Jun 2020. At that point Saturn will have made its first transit over the IC and will be in retrograde back to it. Earlier in the year Uranus makes its first transit square the Israeli Moon. So, there will be quite a bit happening in Israeli politics during that period, likely with many upsets, really from now through mid-2020.

Also starting in June this year, Saturn begins a solar arc to Mercury, which rules the Israeli 9th and 11th house (foreign relations, judiciary; public wishes and allies, resp.) and then in May of next year begins its approach to the 4:15 Ascendant, at the same time the Neptune direction to the Moon is becoming exact. That Saturn direction will be a major proving point. It came within orb of the Ascendant of the 4:00 chart when Trump took office, being exact in Jan 2018. Of interest to note in that chart is that it triggers a Venus/Pluto midpoint, representing “a tragic love”. That is certainly an interesting statement where the Trump and Netanyahu administrations are concerned. But as yet, not much has come of that direction.

Saturn will be exact on the Ascendant in the 4:15 chart in May 2021, when we will likely see a new US administration. If that chart is the active one, Saturn activates a Mars/Pluto midpoint, which is quite a violent structure and destructive. At the same time the directed Ascendant of the 4:15 chart will be approaching a semisquare to the Israeli Chiron, keeping in mind the midpoint trees earlier. And then in August of 2021 we see our Jupiter/Pluto configurations coming within orb of their directions to Ceres, indicating another turning point for the Israeli nation.

What does all this indicate, then? It shows increasing political instability over the next year or so, coupled with darkening foreign relations and public mood. The war in Syria is nearing its end, marking the end of the Greater Israel dream, for any Zionist who may have believed it. The Americans will likely abandon Syria over time, will be facing increasing troubles in Iraq as well as financial troubles at home. Turkey is increasing its ties with Iran and Russia, and they will be leaving Syria, too, over time. The Iranians aren’t going anywhere. There are voices rising among younger members of Congress in the US against Israeli policy and influence. Public opinion in favor of Israel among Americans is declining. The Axis of Resistance looks to only be solidifying. Since the 2006 war the Israelis have not dared attack Lebanon. It is not difficult given these factors that Israeli insecurity is on the rise. Their best bet is to make peace with their neighbors instead of agitating them with air strikes, suppression and threats of violence. Perhaps we would see such moves under a new administration. But Netanyahu will do his best to try to stay in power.

Update (8 Mar 19): [And there are signs of an impending conflict. The US has just deployed two THAAD missile systems to southern Israel as part of month-long ‘exercises’ with the IDF. We emphasize the word ‘exercises’ here because they may be something more. The Israeli elections are due for 9 April this year – a month away – and Bibi is slipping in the polls. A military action would cause a delay or even suspension of the elections. The Syrians and their allies are readying all of their missile systems in response, getting ready for a worst-case scenario. From a well-informed source:

“It all depends on the direction the Israeli elections will take. If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu estimates his chances are high enough to win a second term, then he will not venture any time soon into a new confrontation with Syria and its allies. The date of the next battle will be postponed. But, if he believes he will lose the election, then the possibility of his initiating a battle becomes very high. A serious battle between Israel on one hand and Syria and Iran on the other would be sufficient enough to postpone the elections. Netanyahu doesn’t have many choices: either he wins the election and postpones the corruption court case against him, or he goes to jail.”

If Bibi tries war, it will be his undoing in the long term, as well as bringing destruction onto Israel. It would also trigger a larger regional war. If the 4:15 chart proves itself, then a larger conflict could well be on the cards. The directed MC and Vertex are applying to full activation of the Chiron midpoints – Mars/Saturn and Mars/Uranus – both potentially very violent and destructive midpoints, with the MC direction exact in less than a month. Transiting Mars will cross the Israeli Chiron on the 18th of March. On election day (9 Apr), transiting Ceres will be aspecting the Israeli MC, marking a possible turning point. Anything is possible. But recently Trump has also decided to leave troops in Syria, and it is probably no coincidence that the military exercises are planned for the run-up to the election. Just in case, you know?]

If we look further into mid-2023 – only a short time, really – the indicators are for even more strife unless common sense prevails. Directed Saturn will be almost exact to the MC/Vertex axes. Directed Ceres will be applying to a square of Chiron – yet another turning point. And our Jupiter/Pluto? Applying to Mercury along with the other factors just mentioned, along with the MC/Vertex directed to Neptune. Your guess is as good as mine, but Israel does not look to be a happy place in the coming years, regardless of what happens with Bibi Netanyahu in the interim. But such an examination, if nothing else, will be a good proving for the chart, or not. All we are saying is give peace a chance.

Featured pic from The Jerusalem Post

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