9/11 revisited

Eighteen years ago today the Twin Towers and World Trade Center #7 came crashing down, the result of terrorist attacks. Who the terrorists were remains a matter of debate among some people who have investigated the events of that day. It is a date that will be remembered on par with Pearl Harbor, the assassination of the Kennedys and many others. Most people remember vividly where they were on 11 Sep 01. I was living in Australia at the time and I remember how the world was gripped by the event, and the events that followed afterward. Our lives have not been the same since. And many quite disturbing facts have emerged since then, as well as an emerging path into the future which is much more hopeful. On this day we reflect on all that and look at where we are headed, along with the astrology and the deeper significance of 9/11 for the world.

The chart for the start of events that day is below (bigger). Before we start, it is helpful to note that any event chart in and of itself means little unless it is placed in the context of the people it affects, which we will examine later. In that respect, though, an interesting field of investigation would emerge if the 9/11 chart were placed in relation to other nations who were affected by the event. We won’t cover that here, instead focusing on the US Sibley chart and what 9/11 has meant for the US. The first impact on the World Trade towers took place in 8:46 am.

Being a terrorist attack, it was meant to cause the maximum of fear, destruction and pain. That is reflected by the midpoints to Chiron, outlined on the chart – Mars/Saturn, Mars/Pluto, Saturn/Node, etc. Chiron marks the major underlying wound, the one that refuses to be healed. As an event, 9/11 has left a festering wound in the minds of the US public, and one that refuses to be resolved, as much because of obfuscation and cover-up as to the results it has had on public life in the US. More on the latter in a bit.

The other indicators in the chart are the Moon/Mars opposition, with Mars ruling the 7th house (the attackers) and the Moon ruling the 10th house (the national standing, income from foreign trade, national integrity). Jupiter was in the 9th house (foreign actors, air travel) conjunct the Cancerian MC and square Mercury, the latter ruling the 12th house (secret enemies of the state)  and the 9th house (foreign trade – as in World Trade Centers – and foreign affairs in general). Cancer, ruling the masses, along with Jupiter, showed the intent of the attacks – to give a massive show of force against the forces of the West. But there is something more.

There are many people who now believe there were factions in the US government who were complicit in the attacks and perhaps even planned them, maybe going all the way to the top of the Bush administration. Is that shown in the chart? The Moon, ruling the sitting government, is in a biquintile aspect with Neptune, the latter ruling obfuscation, initial confusion and deception. That in turn forms a midpoint with the MC, from Ebertin: “A refined, sensitive and inspired character, artistic talent and disposition. – The experience of being gripped by forebodings”. That in turn is conjunct the Uranus/Pluto midpoint: “The process of transformation. (The collapse of the old order of things, the construction of the new). Revolution.” 9/11 certainly fomented the latter. We will stop briefly and address a couple of points before proceeding.

If the events of 9/11 were planned in conjunction with foreign actors and the Bush administration, it certainly had the desired effect – a revolution in world affairs – up to a point. There are now serious doubts that a group of foreign terrorists who could not have performed the maneuvers in the airplanes needed to produce the attacks actually were the ones who planned them and pulled them off (see also previous link). Cell phone communication from planes at those altitudes was impossible in those days. These attacks took sophisticated planning and long preparation, for reasons to emerge shortly.

The aspects and midpoints to the MC give us still more information. Mercury, the ruler of the 9th and 12th houses, was square the MC on the day, pitting the populace against the government. It was also trine to Saturn (planning, and long-range and careful at that), sextile Pluto and formed a t-square with Ceres and Jupiter at the base. Saturn and Pluto were in opposition, an indication of hard work on the one hand and mass murder on the other extreme, along with fanaticism and reactionaries. The overall picture from the aspects is one of a well-planned event, and involving foreign actors and secret enemies/secret services.

The midpoints to the MC further support the planning aspect of the attacks. Uranus/Pluto to the Midheaven shows vision, the desire for reforms, and the exploitation of every situation. The Saturn/Uranus shows the provocation of the event and the desire for rebellion. And that takes us to the real purpose of the events of that day – the desire to reshape the Middle East on the part of the neocons then embedded in the Bush administration, as well as Israeli interests in a desire for a greater Israel. The former revolves around the PNAC initiative and now infamous ‘seven countries in five years’.

One of the reasons for reflecting on this event today was the firing yesterday of John Bolton, Trump’s ex-National Security Advisor, and one of the architects of PNAC. Bolton is about as hawkish on Iran and the Middle East as one can get, and it was he, along with Rumsfeld, Cheney and other neocons, who had envisioned going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan years before the 9/11 attacks.  Bolton is also a hawkish supporter of Israel. The aim with the attacks and with PNAC was to force full spectrum dominance on the world’s energy supplies, and thus control over the world at large.

But the 9/11 attacks were not just about the Middle East. What emerged immediately after 9/11 were vastly increased security measures in the US, ‘for our protection’. I remember it well. Prior to 9/11 going to airports was a joy, visions of travel abroad, greeting friends and so forth. One had only to walk through a metal detector and searches were minimal. Now going through airport security can take hours, with invasive searches, full body scanners and so on. The TSA in the US has  become a police  force unto itself.

Then there was the Patriot Act. US administrations do love to throw in the ‘patriot’ card to get people onboard.  If you take the time to read through the Act itself, take a note of the double-speak in it. Since the enactment of the Act, Americans have been subjected to invasive surveillance like never before. This, again, is to ‘keep us safe’. Americans are now subjected to searches and seizures as never before, too. If anything, the US is less secure than before 9/11 and people live in greater fear for their safety, whipped up by the fear of terrorist attacks. And that takes us to the War on Terror. America does like its wars, as in poverty, drugs and so on.

The War on Terror began after the 9/11 attacks. It essentially focused on radical Sunni Muslim groups, such as Al Qaida, the Taliban, and which is now a long list. Bush first used the term ‘war on terror’ five days after the attacks, talking about ‘a new kind of evil’ and having to go on a ‘crusade’, a term that was later dropped. But the War on Terror unleased military operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen. Then came the Arab Spring, which started in Morocco, then spread across North Africa and into Syria, all in 2011. Those are essentially all oil-producing regions. The Syrian War was the end result, and there it was stopped.

2014 was a key year for the aftermath and evolution of the initiatives behind 9/11. That was basically a half-Saturn cycle from the start, which is always a period of reassessment and often challenges. The War in Iraq had turned out to be a disaster and Americans wanted out. Afghanistan was going in kind. And then the CIA brought on the Maidan coup in the Ukraine, with the result that Crimeans voted to return to mother Russia. the Russian Bear was awakened, and their intervention in Syria brought Western, Turkish, Arab and Israeli interventions in the region to a screeching halt the year after. Iran and Hezbollah were key in that, too.

As the old PNAC now stands, it is not standing – it is dead. The world is now a safer place. Israel is now hemmed in. Iran has emerged as a strong regional power and is able to sell its oil to China. The Saudis and UAE are looking to the East. Turkey is in dire straits with its finances and is mired in northern Syria, probably soon to be expelled. In all, the people who have lost the most in terms of freedoms are those of the West. American taxpayers have forked out trillions for useless and endless wars. The only people who have benefited are the arms manufacturers and security firms. Russia is stronger than ever. China is doing well, too, in spite of the trade war. What was the point of it all, then?

If we look at 9/11 on the US chart, the scene becomes clear. The chart with transits and directions is below (bigger):

We see Mars just past the 1st degree of Capricorn, squaring the US Meridian axis, pointing to the destruction of infrastructure (4th house) and the affairs of the nation (10th house). 9/11 occurred after the Mars activation of the Aries point eclipse of 21 Jun 01 at 0° Cancer, which was a total solar eclipse. But the factor that really stands out is transiting Pluto on the US Ascendant, opposite transiting Saturn in the 7th house. Three months later there was a solar arc of Pluto within orb of a square the US Horizon, showing the Patriot Act

We won’t go into all the conspiracies and facts about the Twin Towers except for a couple. The Twin Towers were designed to withstand the impact of large airplanes, which they did. Then the story goes that burning jet fuel brought them down an hour or so later. Jet fuel only burns at 800 degrees or thereabouts. Large explosions were heard just before the building collapsed, as in timed explosions. And then they came down in free-fall. That is not the way a building like that would behave with crashed airplanes and jet fuel. The columns in the building would have to be severed all at once and sequentially. Have a look at this video and see for yourself how skyscrapers are demolished:

Then, compare it to the Twin Towers coming down:

It looks like a demolition, rather than ‘airplane fuel’. And then there was the aftermath, with boiling steel for a few months in the pit after the fact, along with traces of nano-thermite, and then people dying of strange cancers months and years later, still to this day. Those cancers are consistent with radiation poisoning, which suggests something even more sinister, but which would also fit with the Pluto transit and solar arc to the US Horizon.

Regardless of how it was done and who did it, what emerges with even a little study is that Americans were subjected to a very sophisticated, well-planned attack on the nation that day and their liberties, and not by a few hapless Muslim terrorists, who would have not had the wherewithal and doubtless the knowledge to pull off such a feat. It was something much bigger and people in key places knew about it. There was fierce insider trading going on in the days prior to the event, trading in stocks that were related to the event, and there was a cover-up after. The FBI knew about it, too, and aided in the cover-up. But as the saying goes, the best-laid schemes of mice and men often go awry. All lies eventually come to light.

The ambitions of the neocons were shown in the attacks, with the US Sun/Saturn square then activated by the Ascendant and Midheaven of the event on the US Sun and Saturn, respectively. Then, there was the Neptune transit to the US south node, and a direction of Neptune to the bending of the nodes (square the nodal axis), reflecting going it alone, blurring of alliances and international relations, a lack of judgement and the desire to deceive people.

The solar total eclipse, mentioned earlier, was on the US Venus, the latter ruling the 6th (emergency services, but also military involvement), 10th (government) and 11th (Congress and alliances) houses. 9/11 strongly affected all of those areas. It drew the world to the side of the US in solidarity, initially, but the sense of comradery quickly soured after the US and its coalition invaded Iraq a couple of years later.

Americans need to remember 9/11, certainly for the lives lost on that day, for the first responders who sacrificed their lives later due to illness, caused by the performance of their duties in hazardous conditions, but also because we need to reminded until we get to the truth of what really happened that Tuesday. 9/11 was the crime that started the American century. It also, without knowing, would begin to knock America off its hegemonic pedestal years later due to the disastrous foreign and domestic policies that would follow in its wake.

It is quite fitting, even symbolic, that John Bolton was fired the day before this year’s anniversary of the event. He had a hand in 9/11, either directly through the policies of the PNAC or otherwise. And he has tried to further those same geopolitical aims in the years since. Most of the world knows that 9/11 was not done by hijackers and that there was inside involvement. It is high time that the truth either comes out more strongly or is recognized by more Americans. Those who perpetrated that travesty and inhumanity need to be outed and brought to justice. And the surveillance state that has sprung from it needs to be sharply scaled back. We honor the innocent dead this day, and continue to press for the truth.

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  1. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This certainly points us in the right direction. Thank you!

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