The verdict is in: It was divine intervention.

The Mueller report is finally out. The long-awaited results of the two-year-long special investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russian entities to influence the outcome of the 2016 election has revealed……not that much so far. Except that Trump is innocent of any criminal wrongdoing. That does not mean he is off the hook for other matters, and the Democrats are still likely to pursue those other matters relentlessly.

It puts one in mind of the flip side of the coin in the Obama years, with all the carry-on about his ‘Muslim background’ and various perceived scandals (video later). But at long last, the report has stated that the Kremlin did not seek to interfere with the results of the 2016 election. Note well the distinction. Both Trump and the Kremlin were vindicated. So, if it wasn’t the Russians, then how did we end up with Trump as President!? That’s the million-dollar (excuse me, the 25 million-dollar) question on the minds of Democrats and ‘liberals’ in the US. According to Mike Pompeo, it might have actually been God who put Trump in the White House. It’s actually not too far from the truth. More on that later, too.

There are so many reasons why Americans of every persuasion should be offended/outraged/disappointed and so on with the Mueller investigation. This includes people on all asides of the political aisle, religious persuasion or not, and so forth. Not only was it a big waste of time and money, but it also distracted the nation for the better part of two years from matters that both Trump and the general public should have/could have been addressing, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the Russian government – not on the surface, anyway. It was all a big con. We’ll get to that a little later, too. But we should add at this point that it wasn’t just Democrats who were behind this. In the beginning the investigation had bipartisan backing. But as usual, there was something more behind this than partisan politics. Call it conspiracy if you like, but ask the question: Who has benefitted most from the Mueller investigation? First, to some astrology.

The Mueller investigation was launched on 17 May 2017 by order of Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General of the Justice Department. The scope of the investigation:

…included the allegation that there were links or coordination between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government as well as “any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation”. The scope of the investigation also included potential obstruction of justice by Trump and others.

Both the Russians and the Trump team denied the allegations all along. The chart of directions to the US chart is quite revealing regarding the motives behind the investigations. The chart is below (bigger):

The special investigation was initiated eight days after Trump’s firing of then FBI director James Comey. That was a poorly timed move on his part, as Comey by rights should have been fired from the first day Trump was in office. His firing brought up questions of obstruction of justice, as there was no investigation at the time of Trump’s inauguration. It was Comey’s firing that prompted the investigation, with people naturally asking questions as to why. So, the investigation was underway. As a result of the investigation there were eight confessions or convictions for lesser charges. Plus the investigation garnered 48 million dollars in asset forfeitures, which more than covered for the cost of the investigation, a fact conveniently left out of reporting on the result by Trump supporters.

With these points in mind, what do the directions to the US chart at the start of the investigation show, then? The immediate factor that shows is the progressed/directed Sun to both the Ascendant and Pluto. Pluto thus forms the midpoint of the structure of the direction by the Sun. It is made the more powerful by virtue of Pluto being semisquare the US Ascendant natally, from the 2nd house (banking and finance). Therein lies a clue behind the purpose of the investigation. That semisquare says quite a lot about American character, especially when it comes to its banking practices, re: sanctions and the strong-arm influence exerted on other nations through financial means, when used negatively. In this case, the structure should be more accurately read as Sun=Pluto/Ascendant, since it is the motion of the Sun that completes the picture. That points to, “A ruthless conduct with regard to people in one’s environment”.

The directed Sun was in the 3rd house at the time (still is) and the media coverage of the investigation (3rd house) was relentless, even ruthless we could say. The Sun and Moon were both directed to the Ascendant, which is one of the ‘marriage indicators’. In general it points to the formation of associations, which is what the investigation became, involving not simply the Justice Department, but the media, ex-intelligence officials and an entire echo chamber in social media as well. The media and half the nation was in an uproar over the election of Trump and his firing of Comey. The hysteria and hyperbole was almost palpable. But perhaps the more revealing direction was that of an entire midpoint structure to the US Jupiter, the latter ruling the Sagittarian US Ascendant. That midpoint structure is Node=Mars/Neptune, meaning, “Undermining of associations through lack of stability, unreliability. Weakness of will or negative attitude. Association with weak or sick persons.” We could read many interpretations into that.

Of particular interest regarding the preceding midpoint structure is what Jupiter actually does to it, in that it will tend to magnify the effects of the structure. Since the start of the investigation negative attitudes on both sides of politics have certainly increased. It has also certainly greatly contributed to the undermining of relations with Russia, as well as with Iran and other nations. That is quite aside from the investigation and not a result of it.  Americans suffer from a terrible negative glamour about Russia in general, anyway, and the Mueller investigation has only made that view much worse. It is also very dangerous, given that the US and Russia are the world’s two nuclear superpowers. But, therein lies another clue as to the purpose behind the investigation. On a last point, that midpoint structure has been active for several years, becoming activated especially during the second Obama term, but that’s another story. Suffice it to say that relations with Russia have been in decline really since the “W” Bush years, accelerated under Obama and rendered quite toxic now. More clues emerge.

Where do these clues lead, then? To Russia? To Trump? There are several areas from which the Mueller investigation has served as a distraction:

    • Trillions of dollars every year, both in terms of US military spending and rapidly increasing levels of US debt
    • Corruption in the Democratic party and meddling in the electoral process there, re: Bernie Sanders, for instance and now their response to the newer members of Congress in that Party.
    • The corporate media as a propaganda machine. In fact the investigation showed the use of the media as a propaganda machine rather clearly. The corporate media defrauded the American public and made it about Trump, for and against, instead of the real issues
    • Censorship and surveillance of American citizens and the rising affronts to press freedom
    • The unity and plight of what really exists for American citizens in terms of ‘the 99%’ of us
    • From the ongoing efforts by politicians and special interests in the US to take the wrecking ball to any hint of social protections in the US, referring to the preceding point.
    • The leadership at the upper levels of the FBI, the defrauding of the FISA court
    • Corruption in the government
    • Taking the focus away from the real foreign entities who directly influence US policy –Israel and Saudi Arabia, for instance
    • Taking the focus away from our ongoing foreign wars and efforts toward starting new ones, namely with Iran. This goes back to the other foreign entities.
    • Driving a wedge between us and nations with whom we need to make peace, like North Korea, Iran again, Russia especially, Syria. Instead, the media waxes poetic when Trump goes to war, calling him ‘Presidential’.

  • That’s a lot of distraction, and the media played a pivotal role in it. The areas upon which the media should have been focused, for instance – on US interference in foreign affairs, feigning outrage about a foreign government interfering in our own democracy; Israeli interference in American politics; how government policies are taking money increasingly out of the pockets of American citizens; health care, pollution, non-fulfillment of campaign promises; examining policies within the Democratic Party; what are the reasons why so many people in the US are angry enough at governance in the US that they will vote for ‘anyone but…’; who is responsible for the declining standard of living in the US – have received scant attention in the midst of the investigation. The list of items the media in the US should be examining is long. They do get examined in independent media, but that leads to the next reason why the corporate media gave the coverage that it did – it’s about the ratings (money) and about pushing the narratives of the people and factions who are behind the corporations that own them. Here’s a sample of how those ratings are pushed:

    And lest we forget, the same sort of media campaign was launched against Obama from the other side of the political divide, which reveals a pattern of the media sowing division among Americans:

  • One thing that should be receiving the utmost attention is the dangerous state of affairs between the US and Russia. Trump wanted rapprochement with Russia. So what? We need it. Does that mean he colluded? We need to be dialoging with the Russians on a host of matters, matters essential to world security. Maybe the Russians did try to influence the election. If they did, they did a terrible job of it. And the hypocrisy of claiming such by interests in Washington is over the top. The US is currently trying to influence the election in Israel, interfered directly in Russian elections in the past, and is actively interfering in the internal politics of Venezuela now. The US has a long history of meddling in the political affairs of other nations. So OK, we get it. No one particularly wanted to see Trump get elected – except the people who want to see real change come to the US, meaning the raising of living standards, an end to foreign wars, rebuilding infrastructure and so forth. This investigation has directly interfered with those things, if Trump really intended to do anything about them. At this point we just don’t know, because of all that has happened since he took office.

    And here we get to the real crux of why the media, the corporate sector and unelected government in the US (the so-called ‘deep state’) want to see Trump gone or at least hobbled: He shows the true face of American media, corporate culture and politics, whether or not he intends to do so. Trump has called the investigation a ‘witch hunt’. In our current usage of the term, he is correct. There are so many other things he is less than accurate about, shall we say, but about that one thing he is right. The investigation was brought on to weaken him, and to possibly remove him from office.

    The ulterior motive behind the investigation, the one pushed by corporate Democrats, relates exactly to Russia, but not for the reasons stated in the investigation. In reality it goes back to the trillions of dollars mentioned previously. Ten percent of American manufacturing – meaning American jobs, especially the better paying ones – is directly related to the defense industry. If there is no threat, those jobs go. It’s a sobering truth. Washington has pledged to spend a trillion dollars over the next ten years to upgrade its nuclear arsenal, for example. Without Russia and China, without a manufactured threat from anywhere, there is no need for such manufacturing. It bears some thought. That is why Trump is ‘presidential’ when he orders a strike in Syria.

    There is so much here, we could go on and on. We need to see the full report by Mueller. We are probably not likely to, but we should demand it. But the reason we will probably not see everything is because it would open many investigations that vested interests would rather we do not see. That is another sobering truth. So, with all the preceding, it’s finally Mueller time, but the report has deeply disappointed the people who thought it would lead to the removal of Trump. The chart for the release of the report to Barr also tells a story. The chart is below (bigger):

    The Sun on the day (22 Mar) was transiting across the IC of the US chart, highlighting the opposition to the administration and their much-anticipated result. It was deeply disappointing. Saturn was transiting square to Chiron, a heartbreaking transit, and one which lays old wounds bare. The transiting node was on another midpoint structure in the US chart, comprising the following: Node=Mercury/Uranus/Ceres. This is a sort of ‘October surprise’ setup, but points to the change in the political climate news of the report’s contents brought out. It was a real disappointment, as well as a surprise. It also marks a turning point – the end to this investigation, and the probable launching of new ones. Trump is far from being out of hot water. New Yorkers do not like him and the Justice Dept. for NY State likely wants to know a few things, for instance. The heat on Trump is not going to go away, but it will shift focus.

    On their side, the Russians are having a good laugh about it all. And for all the talk of collusion, Trump has been no friend to Russia. There is a long list of actions Trump has taken against Russia, which goes unreported in the ‘liberal media’ in the US. His actions are hardly what one would call those of a ‘Russian asset’. The media pundits who endlessly went on about the collusion story will keep their jobs and will move on. The 2020 election cycle will see the endless talk about the need for a strong military in order to counter the threats to the US and our way of life. Nothing much will probably change. If this sounds cynical, it is only because it has been the way of things in the past. We hold the thought for a different outcome.

    Who won from the investigation, then? No one. We all lost. Even Trump. Even the military-industrial-corporate complex has won only a brief victory, the only ones who did gain from the investigation. But times are changing quickly. Alliances are changing. Washington’s influence in Europe and the Middle East is waning. And now it is being challenged just south of the border. The media in the US will slowly recover, but trust in them by the American public has been ruined. The people who lose the most, though, are the ones who refuse to believe they have been fooled, who still cling to the hope that Trump will be unseated. Someday, he will be. Presidents come and go.

    The saddest part about this saga is what it will mean for the future. The next truly progressive President will face the same sort of scrutiny and hounding as has Trump, and probably worse. The ground is already being laid, and in part already has through the Mueller investigation. We are already hearing things like, “The United States will never be a socialist country!” – not realizing it has been since Roosevelt was in office. And then we have the media dutifully busy manufacturing consent for the next war, maybe in Iran, maybe in Venezuela. It doesn’t seem to stop.

    Mention was made at the start of this article that it may have been divine intervention that put Trump into office. In a way, it was. Without the support of the ‘Christian right’ in the 2016 election in the US we would probably have a Clinton White House now. The Christian right and Trump’s supporters may be feeling vindicated now, but this is another group that has been fooled, which clings to the hope that Trump will deliver, thinking somehow he can bring down ‘the system’. His mask will come off, too, at some point. Unless we can all see behind what was really behind the Mueller investigation, nothing much will change for the US, except ‘business as usual’ in Washington. Yes, presidents come and go, but policy remains. So if we are raising a cold one to Trump now or crying in our beer, we miss the point. It’s not about the man. It’s about us. We need to see the full report. We need and deserve answers to some very serious questions from some key people. We need to seize this moment for just such answers, about a great many things.

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    1. Hi Thea. It’s a combination of factors. I am in process of writing about this very thing for the next Aries letter, out later this week. Primarily it is due to a combination of deregulation of financial institutions, the reversal of Roosevelt era policies, like the separation of commercial and investment banks, cutting taxes on the wealthy and corporations, the roll-out of the dollar as a fiat currency instead of one based in the gold standard, a bloated military budget for which the need is constantly harped on in the media, and on and on. All administrations since Johnson have promoted this system (neo-liberal economics) and it has been done in stages over the past four decades. Industry has moved overseas, health care costs have skyrocketed, media has been concentrated in a few corporate hands, wages have stagnated and dropped comparatively, etc. It’s too much to go into here, but perhaps the idea emerges. It has been bipartisan. No one person can be blamed, but it is largely a corporate-banking project. If it sounds conspiratorial, that is what the powers-that-be would have us believe, but it is not hard to see once one investigates it a little.

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