Scorpio and the European Union

The EU, Scorpio and what it is facing
The European Union: Astrology
Some basic challenges
The EU: Solely European?
Some History
The United States of Europe
Monnet and misinformation
Just who was Jean Monet?
Conspiracies behind the scenes?
And then there is NATO
Election interference
Meddlesome Uncles
The Italians
The immediate future of the UK
Britain and Brexit
European personalities

Following upon our discussion of Scorpio, from the monthly letter, we move on now to a look at the European Union and what it is facing at the moment. Speculation has been rife in forums and media that the EU is doomed to break up, with dire forecasts about the rise of far right political parties and fears of fascism returning to the continent. It is quite fitting for Scorpio, really, looking at the glamours and fears that are aroused in the EU at this point in its short history. Is there any real basis for such fears, though? If so, why? And if not, then what can we realistically expect? We will examine those questions, along with some history, in this short article. From having investigated this over the past months, this is a short exposition. What has emerged in looking at the EU itself and the discussions I have seen about it, there are no pat answers, a lot of wishful thinking – and much of that negative toward the EU – overblown expectations and little knowledge of the Europeans’ views on the matter outside of the EU. So, we’ll start with the astrology of the entity itself and then move on from there…Continue to article HERE.

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