Valentine’s Day in Ukraine

That evil Vlad is up to his old tricks again, weaponizing the Western media to stir up hopes for a Russian invasion of Ukraine. See how he does it? Uncle Joe is having a little chat with him about it today. But Vlad was a little careless this time. He left the detailed battle plans he had so meticulously worked on for the invasion in his desk drawer – unlocked – while he was out for a dinner. The Kremlin cleaning staff (a.k.a. spies), noticing the unlocked drawer, found the plans and promptly turned them over to the German news outlet, Bild. Truth is stranger than fiction. Fantasy aside, there is one fiction that is stranger than truth in this case – a pending Russian invasion of Ukraine. Alas, it is not to be, and the factions in the West and EU itching for such a war will find coal in their boxes of chocolate for Valentine’s Day instead of a massacre in the Donbass. For more, read on.

In a recent post on Moon of Alabama, Bernhard was speculating there was to be an attack on the Donbass by the Ukrainian armed forces while Putin was in Beijing for the Winter Olympics. Western ambassadors were not invited, to the Olympics, that is. They decided not to attend anyway, due to ‘human rights concerns’, you know? It may happen – the attack, that is – such is the lack of good sense in Kiev and the neocons in Washington. But if so, it would all be over by Valentine’s Day. We will look at the astrology for Ukraine in a moment.

For this post, however, we will make this short and sweet and state from the outset;

Russia has zero desire to invade Ukraine. Zero.

Instead, Russia would be quite happy to sit back and let the folks in Kiev and their Western minders destroy Ukraine from within by death from a thousand cuts. Ukraine is a basket case, and has been for years, fomented by Western interests, culminating in the 2014 Maidan coup. Now the aim is to let the oligarchs carve up Ukraine and sell it off to Western interests, leaving the Ukrainian public to languish in a state similar to what Russia experienced in the 1990s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

So, what has happened thus far in Ukraine is the West and factions in Kiev have robbed Ukraine of its wealth, have rendered it into a failed state and caused the collapse in hopes they would be able to get their hands on the Black Sea naval base in Crimea. Thwarted in the attempt at Crimea by the evil Vlad, they now want to use Ukraine as a wedge to separate the EU from Russia.

To be blunt, if there is to be an attack by Ukraine in the Donbass at any time, the Ukrainian army will be used as cannon fodder just so Washington can have a political victory. Neither NATO forces nor Washington will come to the aid of Ukraine in such an event. Such a victory for Washington would be to keep the EU as vassal states of Washington and dependent on American energy supplies – much more expensive energy supplies. In that vein and as an aside, I would be speculating myself, but it would not surprise me at all to find the neocons in Washington secretly aided and supported the Brexit vote precisely to weaken Europe. Someday the whole sad truth will be revealed.

If you think the preceding is all just wild imagination and conspiratorial tinfoil hat stuff, there are people who know far more about the situation than this author, people who are stating the very facts mentioned above. And yes, they are facts. Alastair Crooke recently posted his analysis and had the following to say:

“And so it becomes clearer … Obama couldn’t bear a Russian President that was smarter than him (he prided himself on being the smartest man in the room). Obama was an interventionist (though effaced, through ‘leading from behind’), but he was no out-and-out, neo-con. There were (and are) those in Washington, whose hatred for all things Russian reaches back to Trotskyist times, and who were then turbo-charged by the U.S. reversal following Yeltsin’s fall.

These U.S. hawks believe that a Ukraine war would finally achieve their long-standing objective to disrupt, and sever the energy corridor linking Russia to a gas-dependent European Union – leaving Russia weakened and vulnerable [which would not be for long, only a bump in the road for Russia]. In short, for this foreign policy constituency (and please note, it is but one faction, albeit an influential one), hurting Russia trumps any hurt to the EU (who they believe have no choice but to remain beholden to Washington).”

If all that was to come to pass the neocons may well be reassessing the latter belief. The quote above is from one of the world’s most experienced ambassadors. What we are told in our news instead are the following fictions constantly repeated across the West:

          • Fiction: Russia must conform to the Minsk agreements (Fact: Russia is not a party to Minsk. It was one of the facilitators, one of the Normandy Four, for dialog between the Donbass and Kiev, but Kiev refuses.)
          • Fiction: Russia is amassing troops on Ukraine’s borders (Fact: Russia is conducting training exercises, as all militaries do, within their own borders.)
          • Fiction: Russia is increasing its aggressive actions against Ukraine (Fact: Kiev is begging Washington for weapons and NATO support and NATO is giving it as it seeks to take back the Donbass). Zelensky’s political life is on the line.
        • Fiction: Russia is seeking to regain its old Soviet empire. (Fact: Russians have better things to do with their time, like developing the far east of the nation and the arctic regions.) Most of the old Soviet republics are quite happy on their own and Russia has no desire to support them or take them back.
        • Fiction: Russia would be greatly weakened if it were to be cut off from the EU (Fact: Russia is quite prepared to be cut off from the EU and is actively cultivating its contacts outside of Europe for just such an eventuality.) This goes along with the fantasy that Russia is always about to collapse and is in a state of financial ruin.
      • Fiction: NATO provides a strong defense against any Russian aggression (Fact: NATO is in a poor state of repair, behind Russia and China in its weapons systems and has inadequate troop numbers – even fewer trained troops – to adequately prosecute a major war. In addition, NATO is brain dead.) But a little war in Ukraine may give NATO the appearance of some legitimacy.

      What does the astrology say about the situation and a possible Russian invasion? The chart for Feb 4 of next year with transits and directions is below (bigger):

      About the time ‘B’ at MoA mentioned the possibility of invasion, we see a transit of Mars in Ukraine’s 12th house (hidden enemies) approaching the natal Uranus/Neptune junction, giving Mars=Ura/Nep: “Lack of stamina, instability, inspirations. – Misdirected energy, the state of lameness or paralysis, also of sadness.” That hardly looks like a successful attack on the Donbass by the Ukrainian military. It does look like an act of desperation, though. And if there is no invasion by the Russians? – there will be sadness in NATO.

      For an invasion, we would have to see activity involving Mars (military) and the IC (land and infrastructure). There is a lone direction by the Sat/Ura midpoint to the IC, keeping in mind that same midpoint also involves the MC and the points square to that axis. It reads: “Making the highest demands upon one’s own strength, rebellion, provocation. – The act of separating oneself from others.” Read by itself, we might assume that would indicate an invasion or breakout by a rebellious province. But it could also mean the MC, which represents the sitting government. To be certain as to which pole the direction activates, we have to look at the rulers for those houses. For the MC, the rulers are Mars and Pluto. For the IC the ruler is Venus.

      Venus is not activated in February of next year. The pretty much rules out factors involving infrastructure and land – and invasion. Instead, Saturn squares Pluto by transit on the 12th of that month, just before Zelensky’s box of chocolates coal on Valentine’s, activating the directed Ascendant/Node conjunction, also square to Pluto, and at the same time making a semisquare with the natal Ascendant. The natal Ascendant receives a direction from the Neptune/Pluto axis, in turn activated by Saturn’s transit: “Dark forebodings, pessimism, self-torment. – Grievous emotional suffering, the gradual decline of one’s powers and faculties.” It will not be happy camping in Ukraine come Valentine’s Day.

      Directed Saturn is opposite the natal Sun, further adding to restrictions in Ukraine. It is also not a good look for leadership at that time. In addition, and finally, directed Uranus aspects the natal Mars, showing a shake-up or reckless decision. In all, then, it is the government in Kiev that will be facing difficulties, and probably because they saw the light and chose not to attack the Donbass. Or, if Zelensky does decide to do so, it will be the end of his government anyway.

      Russia has been very clear about what would happen if Donbass is attacked, or if NATO establishes bases in Ukraine or tries to draw Ukraine into NATO. Ukraine would cease to be a state. And Russian troops would not even have to set foot in the nation. The Ukrainian military knows this. Much of what we are hearing is for domestic political consumption, both in Ukraine and across the West.

      If Kiev attacks the Donbass, Russia will rain missiles down on Ukrainian supply lines, command centers and key infrastructure. It would be quick, devastating and leave no question as to Russian capabilities. It would be embarrassing for the West and devastating for Ukrainians. Washington might get its political victory, but Ukraine would break into pieces and the eastern half would be in ruins. Donbass would be a Russian outpost, along with most of the coal and energy reserves.

      Joe Biden has stated he does not accept anyone’s red lines, referring to Ukraine and Russia, further stating he could make it very, very difficult for Russia to invade. Tough talk, but given what was just outlined, it is empty talk, again for domestic consumption. But it sets Putin up. If Russia doesn’t invade, Biden can claim Putin backed down do to his tough talk and threats of sanctions. There are voices in Russia who would like to see Putin deal the death blow to Ukraine as well. So, Putin is not in an enviable position, either.Something will have to be done soon, though, or Putin will lose face in Russia, which is the other side to Biden’s statements.

      Russia is not going to cave in, however. At the same time Washington is preparing heavy sanctions against Russia, an act of war in itself, given the Russians have no intention of interfering in Ukraine. But those sanctions will be primarily directed at Russian energy interests, Putin’s inner circle and cutting Russia off from SWIFT (the comments under that post are interesting, too), which will leave Europe with some very uncomfortable choices. It is the West being aggressive with such actions, not the Russians.

      The Russians are taking actions, however, and are prepared for any eventuality. If Kiev attacks the Donbass, they will be talking with Shoigu. Russia has just issued their version of R2P for the Donbass, and Russian supplies are steadily flowing into the Donbass. Since Putin issued his decree a military aspect has been added to those shipments in case they are ever attacked. And this brings us to the only reason Russia would enter into a war with Ukraine:

      “…For Russia to go to war with Ukraine, Ukraine must take military action against civilians. There is no other reason to start a war that would force Russia to enter it. Understanding all the negative consequences of such a development (Western sanctions, isolation of Russia, collapse of the Nord Steam 2 project), the Russian leadership will not allow Russia to go to war, even following the usual provocations by Ukrainian military units. The war on the part of Ukraine must then begin in earnest, with a mass extermination of the population. This is the only way to force Russia to use its armed forces to defend the Donbass.”

      Do we really think that will happen? So, Joe Biden wants to talk tough with Putin. As Alastair Crooke has mentioned elsewhere, good luck with that. Meanwhile Russia has shipped two million barrels of diesel fuel to the US to help the US with its fuel price crisis, while Washington seeks to cut off Russian supply to the EU and ships its own LNG to Asia (including China) instead of Europe. One wonders when the leaders in the EU will finally wake up and see their kind old Uncle Sam across the pond, who supposedly has their back, in fact ain’t such a nice guy when his own interests are at stake. So, here is the whole point to all the rhetoric and fantasy about a supposed Russian plan to invade Ukraine:

      It is Washington – albeit a small but influential faction within Washington – that desperately wants a Russian intervention in Ukraine, and they are doing everything in their power to try to provoke one. Washington wants Russia isolated from the EU and for both the EU and Russia to be weakened as a result. Washington further wants all Russian energy supply to be cut to the EU. Who, then, is being aggressive?

      The aim with the media saturation on this topic is to prepare the people of the West for the sanctions Washington wants to level on Russian energy. Ukraine is the fall guy here and the EU and Russia are the ultimate victims. The point is, the EU would suffer far more than Russia. Russia would quickly move on and open other markets for its energy. The EU would be left to clean up the mess that has been labelled ‘country 404’ (as in the computer error) along with all the Nazis there and Washington would just wash its hands of the situation and walk away. It is a dangerous, if not stupid game the factions who are barracking for war are playing.

      From the astrology, war is not indicated in early 2022, not in Ukraine anyway. What looks more likely is fracturing in Kiev and the end of Zelensky’s political career, if not his life. What Washington is proposing and EU leaders are blindly following should be raising loud alarm bells in the EU and the US. And the UK is also stupidly going along with this nonsense, yet its military is not in the best of shape either. It would seem we just need to throw more money at defense, then. Yes, that was sarcasm.

      The need for educating oneself on these matters could not be more apparent. We in the West are too heavily propagandized against Russia and have been for many decades. The folks in Washington along with their obedient presstitutes (as Paul Craig Roberts likes to call them) want the EU to commit economic self-harm if not suicide, and the Ukrainian army and public to commit actual suicide. No good will come of these actions.

      The reporting on Ukraine and the ‘pending Russian invasion’ is evident warmongering on the part of the Western press. And what is behind it has the appearance of being the last grand effort by the neocons and hapless EU leaders (some of them) to try and hobble Russia and prevent its pending full alliance with China. It is also a plan that would cause great harm to Europe if successful. Over the long term it would hurt Europe worse than it would Russia.

      For the past 20 years Russia has shown remarkable resilience in the face of sanctions and other Western mischief and has gone on to excel in many areas. It would be a great loss to Europe to lose Russian business. The reciprocal loss would only be temporary for Russia. Frankly, having had a quick look at Russia’s chart, I see them going forward rather strongly in the immediate future, the indication being the neocons in Washington are not going to get their little war.

      But the statement will be made one last time: Russia has zero intention of invading Ukraine. The best outcome for Ukraine would be to purge Kiev of its Russophobes and Nazis, tell Washington to take a hike, along with solving its oligarchy problem and then start taking the Minsk Accords seriously. But then, the chances of that happening appear to be at absolute zero.

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