The Russian R2P decree

On 15 Nov 2021 Vladimir Putin signed what amounts to a Russian version of the American R2P doctrine – the Right to Protect. The situation in Ukraine is about to get very interesting. The gist of the decree is that Russia will protect certain goods going in and out of the Donbass region, as well as the people there. The people of Donbass are essentially of Russian ancestry and many people throughout Russia have relatives there. That is not the case with the remainder of the Ukraine. NATO leaders may just get their wish for more relevance, and sooner than they think, but what is arising is an event, pushed by the US and EU, that will have ill effects for the EU, and ultimately, for NATO. We will have a look at the decree, Ukraine and NATO here.

Putin’s decree was dated the 15th of November this year, effective as of the date of its signing. The long name of the decree (machine translated) is, “DECREE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION OF NOVEMBER 15, 2021 N 657 “ON THE PROVISION OF HUMANITARIAN SUPPORT TO THE POPULATION OF CERTAIN AREAS OF DONETSK AND LUGANSK REGIONS OF UKRAINE”.

The essentials of the decree are as follows:

Goods from the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine will be admitted to state purchases on equal terms with the Russian ones.

The President has provided for a number of measures of humanitarian support for the population of certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, including:

– certificates of origin of goods issued by bodies operating in these territories are recognized as valid in Russia;

– goods from these regions are admitted to government and corporate purchases on a par with Russian goods;

– for goods transported across the Russian border to or from the specified areas, quantitative restrictions on exports and imports are not applied.

The decree comes into force on the day of its signing.

Emphasis added. The time, effective at the date of signing, would have been the 15th at midnight in Moscow. The chart is below (bigger):

Several features stand out immediately from the chart. The first is the bowl nature of the figure with Mars leading, already indicating a martial tone. The second feature is the Mercury/Mars conjunction opposite Uranus, which also happens to form the midpoint of the conjunction:

To act with lightning speed, to make a decision during a state of emotional upset, the loss of self-control (frenzy, delirium or violent insanity). – An exciting surprise, a decision made in haste, action without deliberation. – The danger of catastrophes.”

Stopping here for a moment, the bolded points above indicate the Russian side of the equation. They know the situation very well, and their intelligence services have no doubt indicated something is afoot in the region. Such a state of affairs has just been indicated by the Foreign Intelligence Office (SVR) of the Russian Federation in a press release. That said, it is also obvious the West is happily sending weapons to Ukraine and is egging the folks in Kiev toward an active confrontation with Russia over the Donbass. The Russians are seeking to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe for their kin in the Donbass should the situation there suddenly escalate. The evolving scene there is certainly causing emotional upset to all involved and the decision had to be made post-haste. We can probably have little doubt the Russians are already acting with ‘lightning speed’ and have all contingencies covered, seeing the Donbass is right on Russia’s border.

The third item is the hidden midpoint, Mars=Saturn/Uranus (45° modulus), reading as follows:

“An act of violence, the occasionally wrong use of extraordinary energy, undergoing great efforts and toil. – A violent or forced release from tensions or strains, the stage of challenging others for a decisive contest or fight. – Injury, accident, deprivation of freedom.

The bolded points again indicate the Russian position in the matter. They are acting in response to the ‘occasionally wrong use of extraordinary energy’ by Kiev, are challenging Kiev in the event the neo-Nazis ìn charge there get any crazy ideas, and the Russians are forcing a release from tensions.

Lastly, we see the Sun for the decree chart sitting on the IC, squaring Jupiter in the 6th house (military services and services in general) and sextile Pluto in the 5th (children, schools, public commodities). The Sun is also trine Neptune in the 8th house, fulfilling the Russian ideal of protecting their own. The decree, aside from being a humanitarian effort (in line with UN principles and the Virgo/Pisces Horizon axis) and backed by the Russian military, is also politically expedient for Putin.

Just to be clear, the Russians are doing their best to avoid any conflict with NATO in Ukraine, which is basically what a war there would be. They also want to avoid getting caught up in the disaster that is present-day Ukraine. That brings us to Ukraine’s chart with transits and directions, below (bigger):

The one thing to watch in that chart is the directed Ascendant square to Pluto, with Mars having just moved to activate the square as of this writing, after which it will cross the MC at the start of December. The combination of Mars/Pluto/Ascendant speaks to, “Foolhardiness and daring, the tendency to expose oneself to danger. – Injury, accident.” We certainly could see that with Kiev, hence we see the haste in Putin’s decree. But should we really expect such a thing? There is a clue.

A summit is being arranged between Putin and Biden, to defuse tensions in Ukraine, and this within the next few weeks. That should tell us quite a bit. Recent visits to Russia by Victoria Nuland and CIA director Burns tell a different tale than the beating of war drums we hear in the media. The long and the short of this story? – Russia has things well in hand. We can realistically expect this situation to blow over. Biden wants to focus on China. If we hear noting out of Ukraine in the next couple of weeks, we can probably be assured Biden and Putin have struck some kind of bargain.

As for the NATO crowd in the EU, it looks less and less likely they will get their little war with Russia, and that is good for all of us. What we see with Putin’s decree is a very strong message to keep foreign hands and Kiev away from the Donbass. How do we know it was a message? – the placement of the Mars and Mercury in the 3rd house (media and correspondence) of the decree chart, Mars being the leading member of the bowl pattern.

Further than the Mars transit, however, we see the transit of Saturn activating the same Pluto/Ascendant square in early February next year. It is not a happy transit. Saturn will go on to square the MC at the Ides of March (15th), activating the Pluto/MC midpoint just prior. What we see looking forward is a darker period for Ukraine, starting next year. The Saturn=Pluto/Ascendant is described thus:

“The suffering from forcible suppression, being subjected to coercive measures. Emotional suffering caused through the sickness of other people.”

More likely than a Russian attack will be the collective West, especially Biden, telling Ukraine they will have to essentially cede the Donbass to Russian control. NATO membership is a pipe dream for Kiev. There is too much corruption in Ukraine, among other factors. The period from now through the first quarter of next year will be a good proving for the Ukrainian national chart. Either way – whether by war or through reality hitting home – and whether or not the chart is correct, it is clear the situation in Ukraine is on a rapidly declining slope, with the suffering of its people only set to increase. We can look for more pronounced emigration from Ukraine in the immediate future due to worsening economic and social conditions.

What we hear in the media about the dangerous situation in Ukraine and ‘Russian aggression’ there is contrived hysteria for ratings and for weapons sales to Ukraine. But there is actually a little more to it than that. Ukraine is seen as a linchpin in US policy against Russia. There is currently a battle between Congress and the Biden administration over Nordstream 2, recently outlined in an oratory by Ted Cruz, representing Texan Big Oil in Congress, where he calls the pipeline the ‘Biden-Putin pipeline’. The real reason why the certification of Nordstream 2 has been suspended are outlined by Cruz in the video, showing the continued meddling of the US in European affairs. He calls Nordstream ‘a bad deal for America’, undermining ‘American security’ and jobs, most revealing statements. He also calls it a bad idea for ‘America’s allies’, as if Congress really cared about the welfare of Europeans. Let’s pause and consider the last statement for a moment.

The 2014 coup in Ukraine was an American effort to secure the naval base in Crimea at Sevastopol, thereby shutting the Russian Black Sea Fleet out of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, or so was the plan. But now, with Ukraine a basket case and the failed effort to secure Crimea, the US still seeks to use Ukraine as an encirclement of Russia, much as was the attempt at a coup in Belarus. But the efforts have also produced a failed state on the border of the EU and a real problem for Brussels, one which the Russians are happy to leave to the EU. In the effort to keep at least part of Ukraine solvent and from fracturing still further, Congress sends weapons to Ukraine, but moreover wants to see more gas pumped through Ukraine instead of directly to Germany, the latter boosting the economic prospects of Germany.

But the biggest prize for Congress and the likes of Ted Cruz would be for Russian gas to be cut off altogether to Europe, with plans similar to one outlined in the Scorpio letter (‘The EU and the Arab Spring’), making the EU dependent on local sources, but overall on American LNG, which would revive the fracking industry in the US. This would serve two purposes: It would weaken Europe, keeping the EU firmly in the clutches of Washington and it would isolate the remainder of Europe from Russia. Europeans would suffer from escalating energy prices and decreased living standards. The latter is the ultimate plan at play behind all that we see happening in Ukraine and against Nordstream 2.

There is one more reason why Kiev is keen to return the Donbass region to the fold – it is the main coal and gas-bearing region of Ukraine and was once in the industrial heartland of Ukraine. The featured pic at the start of this post illustrates the point. If Russian gas were to be cut off from Ukraine (unlikely unless Kiev has it cut) that coal and gas-bearing region would be essential to keep the nation warm and lit. Ukraine is a much poorer nation without the Donbass and would thereafter be largely agricultural and rural.

Getting back to the current astrology of Ukraine, how likely is it US plans for Ukraine will succeed? – not very, from the look of things. The chart for Ukraine appears to be holding true, based in past analyses here. When Saturn crossed the Ukraine Ascendant in 2019 we saw the election of Zelensky, a ‘hope and change’ candidate for Ukrainians, with promises of ending corruption and so forth. He was Ukraine’s version of Trump – a TV star as president. Things haven’t worked out so well, with Zelensky now in for the fight of his life politically.

These transits of Mars and Saturn just described will indicate Ukraine’s fortunes for the immediate future. We also note the direction of Saturn to the Ukrainian Sun, which will activated by a transit of Mars in mid-December, when the direction will be exact, an indicator of great loneliness and inhibitions in general. If we do not see any conflict in Ukraine in the next two to three weeks, then we can all relax for Christmas and a Happy(er) New Year, at least outside of Ukraine and the halls of the US Congress. Astrological indications are war will be avoided. The message has been sent to Ukraine and Washington via Putin’s decree. The ball is now in their court.

Featured pic from Russia Beyond

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