Why war with Iran is off the table (probably)

On the 13th of Jun 2019 there were attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. The first took place at 2:12 UT against the ship, Front Altair, followed at 3:00 UT by an attack on the ship Kokuka Courageous. There were no fatalities. Neither ship sank, and all crew members were safely evacuated. The attack was immediately blamed by US authorities on Iran, with no evidence, amid what Iranian authorities claimed were highly suspicious circumstances. Continue reading “Why war with Iran is off the table (probably)”

World Invocation Day/full moon of Gemini

This is simply a notification for subscribers who may have missed the mail-out, and for others who may be interested. The monthly letter, this month for Gemini, is now up on the site. You can see it HERE. It has been quite a full news cycle since the Wesak full moon last month, with some seminal events having taken place, especially with Russia and China, and with tensions rising in the Gulf of Oman. There will be a post on the latter in the next days. In the topics covered, there is the usual look at the sign itself, but then at three important meetings, what the Italians are getting up to, a very brief but different take on Brexit and what it might mean in the longer term, the attitude we should be taking toward the Orient in the West, and more. Have a look!

What next for the UK?

With the recent announcement by Theresa May that she will be stepping down on June 7th, speculation is rife about who will take her place, and more to the point: What will happen with Brexit? From the last article, there is a forecast that very great changes are coming for the UK. And though that might sound ominous to some readers, it need not be so. There is a wider question, however, which is, what is to happen with the UK? A lot depends of how things go with Brexit. Halloween may be more trick than treat for the UK. Continue reading “What next for the UK?”

Brief analysis of the EU Parliamentary elections

Europe went to the polls over the weekend to cast its votes for the European Parliament. In our preview of the elections, upsets were in the wind, and that is exactly what took place. But it was not in the way that many commentators expected – with a surge of the far-right that seeks to break up the EU. As expected, the populist/nationalists in the UK, Italy and Hungary did well. But the real upsets came from other nations. We’ll get to all that in a bit. Continue reading “Brief analysis of the EU Parliamentary elections”

Mars, a train wreck and Orion

Astrologers will be quite familiar with the concept of lunar mansions, most likely through some knowledge of Vedic astrology, or perhaps Arabic astrology. There is a lesser known system of lunar mansions associated with Chinese astrology, too. The Vedic system uses 27 mansions, sometimes 28, whereas the Arabic and Chinese systems use 28.  The Chinese call their lunar mansions ‘xiù’, from pinyin transliteration. The word simply means ‘lodging’, from èrshí bā xiù. With the Chinese xiù there is a major difference between their system and the others, in that the Chinese xiù are of unequal length. And there is one in particular that is being strongly activated by Mars at the moment, and is signaling important changes in the geopolitical landscape. Continue reading “Mars, a train wreck and Orion”

The EU Parliamentary elections, an overview

Europe goes to the polls starting tomorrow, and continuing through the 26th, to elect a new EU Parliament. These elections are going to be closely watched. Change is in the air, and the European establishment is ill-at-ease. Europe has taken a turn toward conservative/reactionary parties in recent years. Fears of the return of fascism to Europe are being whipped up. The mainstream media calls the emerging parties ‘far-right’, hoping to marginalize them. It’s not working. People are fed up with ‘politics as usual’ in Europe. Big changes are coming to the EU. But, is the future for Europe as dystopic as the fear mongers are saying? Continue reading “The EU Parliamentary elections, an overview”

Fujairah: Sabotage or manufacturing consent?

On the 12th of May 2019 at 4:00 am, loud explosions were reportedly heard at the port of Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). All sorts of information started flying around the internet as to who would do such a thing. There were reports of American and French jets flying overhead at the time. There were reports of raging fires at the port. In Washington, the fingers were almost immediately pointed at Iran, without any evidence. For their part, the Iranians immediately called for a thorough investigation, before Washington could even make accusations. Since that time, tensions around the Persian Gulf are at a fever pitch. So, the question on everyone’s mind, then, is are we going to war with Iran, or is this a version of Iraq re-fabricated? Continue reading “Fujairah: Sabotage or manufacturing consent?”


Do we choose the times for events, or is everything decided for us beforehand, and we just need to enjoy the ride? It’s a question worth pondering. Every event, whether a birth, a major event or the smallest happenstance – is it all a matter of fate, kismet, karma, destiny or simply a chance collision of molecules? Heaven only knows. Fifty years ago there was a happening. What was supposed to be a cozy gathering of 200,000 turned into “half a million strong”. Before we get into what it was, have a listen to these dudes, who were there… Continue reading “Woodstock”