© Malvin Artley
What follows is a compilation of excerpts from letters between 2005-2009 regarding Neptune and its relation to Pluto.

"...Linked with Neptune, Pluto breaks our bondage to attachments and shatters our illusions. Pluto is the hand-servant of Neptune, as I have stated in past letters. Pluto, put simply, is purification. Whenever Pluto is active in one’s chart either through natal placement, transit, progression or direction, then one can be certain that some process of purification is active in one’s life. Pluto is very active in the world at this time, especially from now through the next few decades..."


Jupiter, Neptune and Pisces
Pisces and the kalyana mitra
Neptune: a malefic or a help?
Pluto,: the servant of Neptune
Pluto and its actions
Dwarf planets and orbital resonance with Neptune
The 'Neptune crossings" and history
People born during the Neptune crossings and their expression
Pluto and the burning ground
Pluto and the solar plexus
Pluto's rulership of Pisces
Pluto, Neptune, healing and longevity
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