9 Mar 16

America, the Middle East and Beyond

"...Although I do not normally send out letters at the new moon, I will have to make an exception for the new moon on the 8th or 9th of this month, the date depending on where you live. The coming new moon will be a total solar eclipse, the only one for this year, and it will activate quite a lot with its subsequent activations—hence its importance. We will have a total of five eclipses this year—two in the next few weeks and then three, each of the latter separated by two weeks starting in August. Of the five, this one will be the most powerful, especially in terms of geopolitics, not least of which is because it will activate another eclipse..."


The significance of the eclipse
Super Tuesday, anyone?
Mars, eclipses and bad news (violent events)
Description of the eclipse
History of the eclipse series
Forecast from this eclipse
Nations, people and this eclipse
Lyndon Johnson, Saudi Arabia and Ixion
The US and this eclipse
Similarities in the US with the '60s eclipse of this series
The dividing of the Republican Party: history repeating
The candidates: Cruz, Rubio, Trump, Clinton and Sanders
A week is a long time in politics
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