22 APR 16

© Malvin Artley

"...Given recent world events, I want to take a different approach to Taurus with this letter and point out a few things that are not so obvious, but which relate directly to Taurus and also to the increasingly clear light of the path ahead for humanity. Taurus is the natural second house of the zodiac, which is connected with self-esteem, individual finances, desire and the like. It is one of the main ‘money signs’ of the zodiac, along with Scorpio and Libra. We will get to the desire aspect of Taurus and money in the latter part of this letter. Aside from those points, though, Taurus transmits the light of the path, and this has a particular meaning for Buddhism—hence the emphasis with the Taurus full moon on the Buddha and his message. Buddhism itself lays out the steady, graded steps on the path to enlightenment. The Taurus festival, or interval, each year emphasizes this. The way forward for Taureans is a steady plodding forward that nothing can arrest once that way forward is made clear. However, there is one group of people for whom Taurus has a special relation,..." [read full article at 'Download' button]

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