1 OCT 17

© Malvin Artley

...I will be taking a different tack in this article than what I have seen in many posts, given the fallout from such events. I have named this piece “A Call to Awareness” because when it comes down to outcomes, we need to be aware of what is taking place under our noses and where this event and others like it might lead us as a country. There is much to consider, especially given the tone of the present administration, the polarization of the country and the wider world. This is not meant in any way to take away from the grief and anger suffered by the friends and family of those who were taken from them. My concern here is the actions that might be taken as a result of what happened, because those actions could, in theory, result in many more deaths. Why I say that will become clear later on in this article when we look at the event in relation to the US itself. I will not be focusing on the perpetrator here, except to make a couple of points, partly because there is mounting evidence that he did not act alone...

A different look at the shootings
The perpetrator?
The astrology of the event – the event itself
The mundane considerations
Uranus, Congress and US gun violence
In the heart of gun country
False flag, conspiracy or the official story?
Subterfuge in the event?
Synastry of the event and the US
Neptune, the event and the US
Mars and the US
Congress, Trump and distraction
Cui Bono?
Trump and the event
A call to awareness
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