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"Given recent past and upcoming events, as well as certain information I have run across, it might  be useful for us to have a look at certain aspects of the recent US election, even though I thought I had written my last article for the year. The victory of Donald Trump in the recent election has certainly raised eyebrows across the world, and reactions have ranged from shock and horror to jubilation, depending on one’s political persuasion. During his campaign, Trump made allegations that the voting system in the US was rigged, that the media was biased against him and is dishonest, and that ‘the system’ needs to have a grand shakeup. Many people reading this would agree with the points he made. Now, as of this writing, further questions are arising about the election and whether or not it was indeed rigged. But the real question is, in whose favor was it rigged, and by whom? And if so, how did interference in the election take place?..." [To read more, click on the 'Download' button above]


Who leaked or hacked the DNC documents?
Why is Russia implicated?
Hatred of Clinton and Trump's double talk about the Clintons
Forecast of geopolitics and Trump's election
The Clinton concession chart
The quintile pattern in the concession chart and what it means
What the chart says about who influenced the election
Foreign influence? Subversion?
Deflection of blame and keeping an enemy
A solar eclipse and the victory chart
A major test of our national resolve
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