"...On election day I was sitting  at home (I had already voted) watching the rain and, like everyone else, wondering who would win. The race was very tight as we saw from the popular vote and it was a cliffhanger until the very end. About halfway through the morning it started to snow, admixed with the rain, and I thought it to be quite symbolic of what was taking place in the US – beauty amidst il brutto tempo – and that something out of the ordinary was taking place, shades of Uranus, Eris and Ceres working on the collective consciousness. Then, my computer crashed and I spent the next three days replacing the hard drive and getting it updated. Two machines crashed that day – mine and the Democratic Party machine. The election has indeed placed us at a crossroads and threw a new dynamic in the middle of our normal expectations..."


The prescience of The Simpsons
The vote, precedents and opportunities
The people have spoken! (?)
Biases of various media and their influence
The power of political incorrectness
Why Presidents cannot deliver on promises
The deep state and presidencies
Planetary indicators in the election
Trump and illusion
Undeliverable promises
Trump's first year in office: the astrology
Concerns about Trump and Pence
Trump and his leadership (?)
A progressive president in 4 years?
The power of choice, or disempowering by bad choices?
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