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What follows are excerpts from several full moon letters that I wrote in the period of 2004/5 regarding the Grand Quintile configurations that took place in that time [Oct ‘04] and about quintiles in general. Quintiles offer a fascinating insight into unrealized capacities and gifts in people, especially where geometric patterns of said aspect series are found. They are also a unique study in the way that crises in people’s lives have a way of drawing out unrealized capacities, as the mettle of one’s true nature is tested and shows itself in times of difficulty. For those people who are more spiritually inclined, quintiles are marks of something quite special being present in one’s makeup. In lesser-evolved souls they can and often do indicate calamitous events, obsessive/compulsive thinking and sometimes even emotional/mental imbalance. With these points in mind, let’s have a look at this little-known, but powerfully spiritual aspect. [Read more at Download button above]

Overview of the quintile
Dane Rhudyar and the quintile
What is a Grand Quintile?
Esoteric meanings of the number five and Venus
Quintiles and crisis: the release of creativity
Quintiles and writers
Quintiles, Uranus and Pluto: a history
Quintiles and science