The 1963 American Coup

© Malvin Artley

This is otherwise known as the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, which took place on 22 Nov 1963 in Dallas Texas at Dealey Plaza. It is not my intention here to go through all the theories about why the assassination took place or who was behind it. Rather, it will be a look at the astrology, who stood to gain from it, what was happening leading up to the event and what happened afterward. More than that, it will be a look at how that event affected the United States itself in the decades to follow, because much more happened as a result of that fateful day than simply the assassination of the President...[To read the full article, go to the download button above]

The event chart
Implications of the chart
Kennedy's enemies
Background history
Why a coup?
The event chart on the US chart
Who benefited?