21–28 DEC 2012

© Malvin Artley

Hi All,

Thank you, Mayans, for placing the end of the world date on a Friday, so we have the entire weekend to do this whole ascension/destruction thing.[1] Then again, the Mayans didn’t have a Friday. Oh well. Do you have your end-of-the-world parties all organized? Drinks chilled? (or favorite substances at hand? CVS cares. [2]) Inheritance spent? Are your loved ones gathered around? Have you turned loose the pets so they can have their own celebration of their liberation? Do you know the song lyric “‘Cause tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999…”?[3] Oh, but 2000 rolled around and we are still here.[4] Darn. Well, if we party hard enough on Friday night (this evening for Aussies and Kiwis) then tomorrow we may just feel as though we want the world to end, or at least put us out of our misery.

Kidding aside, this short note is a reminder and a multi-purpose note in some ways. It is to remind us that Friday December 21st marks the start of a truly Uranian event, because every seven years on the dates of 21-28 December marks the festival week of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS). Just who is in this group, one might ask? Basically, it is any person who is motivated in their life to serve not just humanity, but any and every sentient being of this world. It is a subjective, planetary organism whose sole purpose is the evolution of planetary consciousness.[5] These are people whose overriding concern is the betterment of the welfare of all sentient life, which means the fostering of spiritual evolution for all of those lives, and which in the end means the eventual spiritual awakening of all life on this planet. This is no small task, and the one for which human life on Earth is actually intended. There is no organization of the NGWS, and its members are free to do their part as they see fit. Indeed, in most cases they are not even aware that they are a part of this group. If this is indeed a ‘solar system of love’, then there is no greater love than the enabling of the spiritual well-being of all beings, and this regardless of any religious, philosophical, species, gender or, indeed, any belief that separates us from one another.

Uranus is the bringer of the new and confers the ‘urge to better conditions’. Any seven year cycle carries Uranian force, for seven years is the subjective cycle of that planet. No, the world is not going to end any time soon, at least we hope, though there will be some rough times and a lot of shifting and changing over the next few years, but we – both individually and collectively – can do much to ensure that we all move into the coming years in a much better situation, free of many of the tyrannies that have held us in thrall over the past many centuries. What this new Mayan cycle actually represents is the gradual movement into the Aquarian Age: the age of humanism and of unity of life. Many of the old structures that have been in place will crumble, to be replaced by new ones better suited to us. No, we will not automatically be ushered into a Golden Age or magically ascend into the Light, whatever that means. We have to work for that. We have to make effort. It is this work precisely that the festival week of the NGWS represents. United in the task of fostering spiritual unity, we shall all achieve and ascend, and together. So, I would urge all who read this to make extra effort this week (and at any future such week) to subjectively connect with all fellow servers, in every walk of life, and renew our outer efforts in the great Task. This particular week will end with the full moon of Capricorn.

So, to other matters, the full moon letter will come out in a few days. As for the 21st (tomorrow), the solstice takes place with the ingress of the Sun into Capricorn at around 6:30 AM EST – summer in the Southern Hemisphere and winter in the North. I do not normally look at ingress figures unless a lunation or especially an eclipse takes place at the same time, but the week of the NGWS falling on this date is an exceptional theme, and to have a full moon at the end of that week is rare indeed. It is a most potent week of meditative enterprise, so please do take full advantage of it. So, to end, I will have a lot more to say on these points in the full moon letter, but for now, see the 21st as a turning point – when the old gradually begins to give way to the new. There is much to do, and we are all so very fortunate in every way to have been incarnated during these times. We are here for purpose. Enjoy the celebrations, but even more so, celebrate the divine in every being this week. We are all in this together. May grace and strength forge your path ahead.

Blessings and Merry Christmas,


20 Dec 2012

The festival weeks of the NGWS have been and will be on the following years:[6]

1942, 1949, 1956, 1963, 1970, 1977, 1984, 1991, 1998, 2005, 2012, 2019, 2026, 2033, 2040, 2047

The NGWS weeks of 1942, 1977 and 1991 all had full moons in those periods. As such they were powerful times, as can be attested through historical studies. They marked turning points in human consciousness. The week of 2026 will have a full moon on 24 December, and will yet again mark a turning point in human consciousness. What that will be is anyone’s guess, but it comes around the start of the forecast next dispensation of occult wisdom to the world, starting in 2025.  


[1] The Mayans did not actually forecast the end of the world on 21 Dec 2012. It was simply the end of one of their larger astrological cycles. The idea that it portended the end of the world was of a modern derivation—a silly one at that.

[2] CVS is a pharmacy chain in the US, the second-largest chain in the nation after Walgreens. Its use in this article is pun, taken from a line frequently used by Craig Ferguson on his The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson—his sarcastic line, “CBS cares.” His show was broadcast on the CBS network.

[3] 1999, the title track from the album of the same name, by Prince. (1982)

[4] 2000 was another supposed ‘end of the world’ date, as has been the case for the past millennium roll-arounds. It was also the date when supposedly all the computers in the world were to crash due to a bug in the programming, thus plunging the world into chaos. On the whole it was a most uneventful night, and the wheels of the world were still turning afterwards.

[5] Alice A. Bailey, Esoteric Psychology II, p. 667.

[6] Ibid, p. 196.