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Just ‘cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.

A look at the Year of the Mountain Monkey 2016 thus far. In light of the recent Brexit, publication of the Chilcot Report, recent spikes in terrorist acts and the like, this letter is a look at this momentous year thus far. It's a long read, but there is so much going on this year that it is difficult to cover it all. However, there effects of this year will stretch into the years to come. If any of this interests you, read on!...

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Topics covered:
Coming changes to the US Congress
The coming end or a great lessening of US hegemony as it is practised in economic and military affairs
A restructuring of the leadership within the EU.
A recognition by Europe that NATO is more trouble than it is worth, or unnecessary
A more cooperative era in world economic affairs
Rapprochement between Europe and Russia