19/20 JUL 2016

© Malvin Artley

We can see this letter, therefore, as an extension of the mid-year letter I sent out just over a week ago. Within the space of a week we have seen some amazing events, given past trends in world affairs. Aside from the Brexit vote last month, we have seen a reversal of direction regarding Syria and the Middle East by the US with Kerry’s recent trip to Moscow, Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey with his reversal of direction in apologizing to the Russians for the downing of their jet and paying restitution to the family of the pilot, as well as his overtures to Israel and Syria for normalization of relations between Turkey and those two countries. And then there was the latest disgusting attack in Nice, France. It is no accident or coincidence that all these events have happened so closely together, and we will have a look at why...[Read more at 'Download PDF' above]

Topics covered:
Focus on Turkey and coup attempt
Cancer and family
Esoteric Cancer
Cancer, Neptune, alpha and omega
The full moon and septiles
Turkey's chart, and Turkey's relation to greater Asia
Pluto, Turkey and the coup
Turkey's future role in the world